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Twitter analysis: What does the Twitter report include?

As we have seen in previous post, there are many reasons to choose Tweet Binder. One of them is accessibility. There is no need to be a big company. Even it is not necessary to launch a big campaign. There will always be a Twitter analysis that will suit your needs. Your Twitter impact report will be available on our tool. Discover all the options by reading this post.

What does a Twitter impact report offer? It will depend. There are three options. From analyzing live tweets to create a historical report with no time limit. Going through the last month’s reports, that collect the information from the last 30 days. Let’s go delve into their features.

Live Report: Real time analysis

Real-time reports are the best way to analyze something that is happening now. It analyzes up to 35,000 tweets and it is constantly updated. What is more, you can purchase extra tweets in case you need more than 35,000 tweets. That’s how you get updated and real information every minute. In addition, you will have the support of the Tweet Binder team. We are available to help you in the creation process and with any doubts that may arise. Moreover, it is possible to extend the collection for more than one month. Actually, you can decide the period you need to monitor with no time limit.

This Twitter analysis provides advanced statistics. Among them, you can also check the main languages, the sources they are using, additional rankings, related hashtags, the influence of contributors. Finally, you will receive the Excel exportation.

Last month’s report: 30 Days of analysis

This kind of Twitter analysis is very useful. It lets us know how the activity of a Twitter hashtag has been for the last 30 days. Like the Live report, it analyzes up to 35,000 tweets. But don’t worry. If you need more tweets, just contact our team. We will solve it fast!

Why do you have to choose this type of Twitter report? Because it analyzes a large period of time, enough to get data from a short-term campaign. If you need even more data, you should keep reading because it comes the perfect option for you.

Historical Twitter impact Report: A deep analysis

You may need to analyze a campaign that is having a lot of activity. Or maybe it just took place more than 30 days ago. Never mind. This kind of Twitter impact report is very useful because it can provide a lot of information. It includes a maximum of 140,000 tweets and no time limit.

Tweet Binder reports
Discover the reports that cover more than 30 days

This Twitter analysis does not need many explanations. Whatever your needs are, a historical Twitter impact report will give you what you want.

Enjoy your metrics

Although the free version offers the last 2,000 tweets of any hashtag, keyword or account, in the PRO version of Tweet Binder, there are no limits. You will be able to create collections in real time and historical reports with freedom of dates and quantity of tweets. Best of all? The data provided by the Twitter impact report can be obtained quickly and it is easy to share.

Choose the type of Twitter analysis that best suits your needs. You will get the most out of your campaign, your event or just the term you want to analyze. If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions! Thanks to good advice you will choose the best option for you.

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