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Be aware of all your Instagram content

There is no doubt that Instagram is the main social networks now. A few years ago, Facebook was the preferred network, then Twitter broke out. However, the strength of visual and images predominate over the text content. As you probably know, Tweet Binder specializes in analytics and Twitter content display. We offer very complete Twitter reports that provide all the information about any hashtag, term or account. Still, we can not forget Instagram and the growing trend this social Network is undergoing. For that reason, we have been working on the Instagram content. You should try our Instagram Analytics Tool. What is more! You can also go beyond the hashtag on Instagram and request access to the Instagram API. We will provide you the information in any kind of file. It is the best way to integrate Instagram publications into your own project. Do you want to learn more about it? Keep reading this post.

The most complete Instagram Analytics Tool

We are passionate about statistics at Tweet Binder. Obviously, we love the campaigns and clients we work with but, above all, we like to study and analyze the results. Our Instagram Analytics Tool is very complete. It will allow you to get all the data about any hashtag in minutes. There is a lot of Instagram content and thanks to Tweet Binder, you can order and analyze it. Here we are going to summarize some features so you can find out why ours it’s the Instagram Analytics Tool to bare in mind.

3 reason to use Tweet Binder

  • All the general stats at a glance: Thanks to our Instagram tool, you will have all the general metrics of your campaign in one click. In addition, they are shown with an attractive and functional design to be easily understood.

    ChiaraTakesIbiza stats
    ChiaraTakesIbiza stats via Tweet Binder
  • Every Instagram report includes up to 8 user rankings. Every ranking has its importance but we will give more importance to each of the rankings according to the campaign and the information needed for its valuation. We detail each of the user rankings and their meaning:
    – Most active users: Users who have sent the largest number of post
    – Most popular users: Most popular users according to the number of followers
    – Highest impact: Users who generate the most impacts. It is important to know the difference between impact and reach
    – The Most liked: Users who have received the largest number of likes
    – The Most commented: Users who have received the largest number of comments
    – The Photographers: Users who have shared the largest number of pics
    – The Recorders: Users who have shared the largest number of videos
  • Excel exportation: Sometimes we need to work and manage the data in an agile and fast way. Our online reports are perfect to view the general data but with the Excel file we can go further. Obtaining all the analyzed data is the key to give us a deeper and accurate idea of the results.

Instagram API access powered by Tweet Binder

The analytics and reports services are very important. However, Tweet Binder goes further and offers the option to access to the Instagram API to its customers. Thanks to this feature, you can display the Instagram content in any site or project. Developing this type of project is very simple. Moreover, it is easy to implement. Our development team is specialized in giving access to the Instagram API so you won’t have to worry. You only have to specify your hashtag and the period of time to analyze. In a couple of days, we will send you the token so you can access the Instagram API directly from your site.

Now it is your turn to make out the most of your Instagram content. Analyze, value and display Instagram stats with Tweet Binder and rock your campaign!

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