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Twitter real time monitoring and analytics

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Understanding Twitter analytics

In a world full of hashtags it is important for brands and marketing agencies to keep track of what is being said on Social Networks. Finding a good social media monitoring tool is key for this aim. Nowadays it is very easy to run a quick report on any hashtag, term or keyword. By running these Twitter analytics reports, any company can get insights on the terms that need to be tracked. There are different types of Twitter tracking: historical Twitter reports, which analyze old tweets; and real time Twitter analytics which analyze tweets in streaming.

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Therefore, Twitter analytics can be obtained from any time and for any Twitter trending hashtag, term, keyword or account. In this post we will be focusing on how to analyze Twitter data in real time. However, before diving into this, let’s see the type of reports that our Social Media hashtag tracking tool, Tweet Binder, offers.

Twitter real time analytics with Tweet Binder

Besides offering Twitter monitoring reports, Tweet Binder also has Instagram hashtag analytics; but we talk about that on a different post. For now, let’s see which Twitter analytics reports Tweet Binder has. Historical Twitter analytics are for those hashtags or data that need to be tracked backwards. This means that if we need to track a term, keyword or account from today until some days, months or years ago; we will need Twitter historical data. It is very useful to compare data. For example, if we have data from the Oscars 2019, with a 2018 Oscar Twitter historical report we can compare stats and data. There are different reports which analyze tweets from the past.

However, if we have just launched a campaign on Twitter, then what we need is to get Twitter real time data. This is the case when live Twitter analytics come in handy. But not only for campaigns but also for events. For example, to tweet and share stats as they go at an event.  In fact, by starting a real time Twitter analytics report we will be able to check stats as tweets are being published. This way, it is easier to react to all the Twitter buzz. Let’s have a deeper look at this type of Twitter analysis.

real time tweets
Tweet Binder’s Twitter reports for hashtags, terms or keywords.

Real time Twitter analytics

Our live analytics tool allows you to analyze any hashtag, term, account or account on Twitter and real time Twitter hashtag tracking reports are not going to be any less! If you want to run a campaign in real time, the Live Campaign is the best option to cover your needs. It allows you to track any term or combination of terms for a month up to 35,000 tweets.  In fact, thanks to Tweet Binder you will be able to check immediately how your campaign is going.

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The real time hashtag tracking tool will give back useful insights that can be used to move your campaign in one direction or another. As a result, we will cover the whole conversation in just one Twitter hashtag report. You will have access to the complete list of users who have tweeted and to all the tweets they have sent. All this information will help you to make quicker decisions.

The live reports collects all the information and displays it in the report you have created. This is done at the exact moment that the content is published on Twitter. What this means is that the report is constantly being updated and the content is added in real time. It’s easy to understand, isn’t it? The best of it is being able to see the statistics anytime. We have already said that the report is updated every now and then. That is why, every time we open the stats tab, all the rankings, metrics and data from Twitter will be updated.

Learning to track hashtags in real time is a very important duty for community managers and social media managers. Nowadays, every campaign is associated with a hashtag on Twitter where users and clients comment about the product, the image or whatever aspect of the campaign they want. We need to have immediate access to a dashboard or report in order for it to throw some light on what’s going on with our campaign or event.

Tweet Binder real time Twitter analytics

Tracking Twitter in real time is really useful for campaigns because it will let you execute smarter and quicker decisions according to its evolution. Also, as every Tweet Binder report, these stats can be exported to an Excel and PDF document. You can ask for this document at any moment of the campaign. This way, you can follow the evolution of what you are tracking. By being a Pro User, you can create the report by yourself following a few simple steps. However, if you want a single report, you can purchase it straight from Tweet Binder’s website.

If Twitter is about something it is about what’s happening now. Here at Tweet Binder we work hard to help you analyze and create reports for all the tweets shared regarding a hashtag, a topic or a trend. Real time tracking is really easy with our services for reporting and also for displaying content on screens or websites.

So, what about “now”? It’s important to know what was tweeted about a campaign or event that took place a while ago. Nowadays, the present is also determinant. That’s why we offer the option to collect the tweets and data in real time too. We offer complete solutions to display the tweets and data pretty amazingly.

How to create a real time Twitter analytics report

Creating a real time Twitter report is very easy. You only have to go to the search box in order to create your live reports. Actually, to get the Twitter real time analytics report you just need to select the option “Live Campaign”. At the Advanced search tab you can introduce the settings of your report such as the starting and ending dates, the words that must and must not appear… Narrowing down your search is important in order to get the exact data from Twitter that you need. Therefore once you’ve done this, you will be taken to the payment page and, after introducing you card details your report will start. 

Tweet Binder report

If you have purchased the real time report, welcome to Tweet Binder. Welcome to a world full of statistics and Twitter data. The live report will include all the information that you need to analyze and evaluate your Twitter chats or events. Later we will go deeper into the stats included but now we will give a quick overview. First of all, you will find all the main stats. Total number of tweets, users, Twitter impressions and tweetreach, followers per contributor and tweets per contributor. Besides, you will be able to play with the activity chart. You can adjust the period of time to figure out the highlights of the Twitter chat. If you adjust the timeline, the types of tweets will be updated as well.

Finally, you will receive extra information like the sources, the volume of followers per user, images, transcripts… And all of this will also appear in the Excel and PDF document. These Excel documents can be used as Twitter follower trackers. We say so because each Excel sheet comes with a list of users and the number of followers they have. This way, you can compare several Excel reports to see if the number of followers of an account has increased or decreased.

Tweet Binder live report

On the other hand, if you are a Tweet Binder PRO plan owner your plan already includes live Twitter reports. That’s great, isn’t it? That’s why, in your case, we can skip one step. You don’t have to pay for your new report. Having them included in your plan enables you to create them in a very easy and fast way. The process is the same as if you were a free user; you enter the details and create the report. After creating it, all the content will start entering and being analyzed. Your report will be finished as soon as there’s no more activity around the hashtag or the time limit is over. You can also stop the collection whenever you need to.

Another way of activating a real time when you are owner of a PRO plan is by setting the streaming for a report that already exists. So, for example, if you have created a 7-day report for a hashtag and you want that report to continue being active, you just need to click on the “Start Streaming” button that is in the upper right corner of the report.

Real time Twitter stats

The most important thing to track a campaign or event in real time is knowing what to track. If we want to know everything about our campaign or event on Twitter we will need to analyze more than just the hashtag. Let’s imagine that the hashtag we want to track is #MyEvent2019 but we also have a Twitter account for the event called @MyEventRocks and some users might mention the account but not the hashtag. Also, some users will user #MyEvent19 instead of the official hashtag #MyEvent2019, so we’d need to track in real time that hashtag as well.

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The query we will need to create and track will be: #MyEvent2019 OR @MyEventRocks OR #MyEvent19. To do that we need to go to the dropdown menu and select the option “Live report”. Once there, we will type the hashtags that we need to track in the option “Tweets CAN contain ANY of these words”. After typing each term we can either hit enter or click in the “add term” button. So, after doing this, our Twitter advanced search tab will look like this:

Real time Twitter hashtag stats

Inside every Tweet Binder Twitter analytics report a user will find stats related with the hashtag, term or keyword analyzed and other stats related with the users who have shared that content. Related with the Twitter hashtag we will find the following stats:

  • Typification of Tweets
    • Text tweets
    • Replies
    • Retweets
    • Links and Pics
  • Economic value
  • Potential impacts
  • Potential real
  • Number of original tweets
  • Images with more likes
  • Images with more retweets
  • Most used languages
  • Top 10 sources
  • 10 hashtags that have been used along with the analyzed one
Twitter hashtag analytics
Real time Twitter monitoring report for #YNTCDmusicvideo.

Real time Twitter user stats

As was aforementioned, there are also stats related with the users who have shared content with the hashtag, term or keyword analyzed. These are the stats that we will find in every Real time Twitter analytics report:

  • Number of contributors
  • Average number of tweets per contributor
  • Average number of followers per contributor
  • Number of original contributors
  • Average number of original tweets per original contributor
  • Most active users
  • Users who have sent the highest number of Retweets
  • Users who have sent the highest number of original tweets
  • Most popular users
  • Users who have generated the highest impact
  • User who have sent the highest number of pictures
  • Most mentioned users
  • Top retweeted users
  • Most liked users
  • Top influencers
  • Most expensive users
  • Average number of tweets per contributor
  • Contributor influence

Most popular Twitter accounts
Most relevant accounts for Twitter analysis of #YNTCDmusicvideo.

Classify tweets in real time

We have run a sample report to track three terms: #MyEvent2019 OR @MyEventRocks OR #MyEvent19. The report will give us the aggregated stats of the 3 terms, we need to know which one of them is working better. To do that, we will go to the “classify” section and create three binders, one for each term. By doing this we will be able to know the exact stats of each one. In the next picture we show a very good example of it:

Classify tweets real time
Live Twitter data available in binders too

By creating binders during our events we will be able to know who has been the best speaker or which sponsor has received more mentions. Besides, these binders are updated in real time so we can see the information the moment it is sent.

What is a real-time hashtag tracker?

A real-time hashtag tracker is a system for collecting tweets or publications immediately after they are published. It is also a reliable source for fetching data. A real-time hashtag tracker should be part of your daily routine. It is a vital source of information in the age of the internet.

You do not have to use a real-time hashtag tracker to just track your own hashtags. You can use it for whatever hashtag you find relevant to your brand, or you can even track topics that are trending. If there’s a hashtag out there that you can capitalize on because it relates to what you do, why not give yourself the ability to take advantage of it? The best way to take advantage is to be able to track it. Without tracking tools, you may miss it—and so then miss your opportunity to use it for the betterment of your brand.


Analyzing Twitter in real time has no limits. Twitter analytics go beyond reporting, we can also display the tweets that we analyze in real time. We offer customized services to amaze your clients and your followers. We can create amazing sites to help you engage with your audience through challenges and visually attractive sites. Or we can also create a customized social wall where the tweets can be displayed under your guidance (you decide the design and the tweets that are shown on screen).

So, summing up, Using a real-time hashtag tracker will improve your marketing strategy in several ways. Through tracking hashtags as they happen, you will be able to:

  1. Check up on data as it evolves
  2. React on time and with proper data in case of a crisis
  3. Analyze your campaign or event as it happens
  4. Compare your current data with old information
  5. Easily detect the most relevant content and the top accounts sharing itTweet Binder real time Twitter stats

If you have read all this post, you are now a pro on real time Twitter stats. So, it is your turn to start trying to create live Twitter reports with Tweet Binder. And, if you don’t have a plan, you can purchase a report any time you need it.

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