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Twitter sentiment analysis with Tweet Binder

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What is Twitter sentiment analysis?

Tweet sentiment analysis shows if the analyzed tweets have been positive, negative or neutral.

Imagine, you run a Twitter marketing campaign and you got 1,000 tweets. Twitter sentiment score will tell you whether the mood of tweets was positive, negative or neutral. In other words, you will understand whether users participating in a campaign liked it or not.

Alternatively, it is possible to analyse Twitter mentions of a brand to see whether they are positive or negative, or just neutral.

Find out the Twitter sentiment score, for your particular Twitter handle, brand or campaign. Use the search bar below to get the Twitter sentiment score for up to 200 tweets from the last 7 days for free.

How to get tweets sentiment analysis with Tweet Binder

To have positive tweets in your campaign is great, but it is more important to have more positive impressions.

This is exactly how Tweet Binder analyses a twitter sentiment score.

Let’s put it simple. Imagine, you’re running a campaign. What would you prefer? 10 positive tweets from 1 person with 5 followers or 1 positive tweet sent by @LadyGaga? We got you! We would prefer Lady Gaga too! The Twitter impressions generated by Lady Gaga will be huge.

Analyse the sentiment score for your Twitter handle. Use the search bar below (example: @tweetbinder):

As an example, let’s analyze how Twitter feels about the Women World Cup. We search for #FIFAWWC  to run the twitter sentiment analysis and check the Sentiment score tab. There, we can see how the Twitter sentiment is really positive for the football tournament. This is how it looks:

FIFA World Cup and Twitter
This is how people see the world cup. More than 70 points in the Sentiment Score is pretty good.

In the next picture you can see also the twitter sentiment analysis on the search for the president of Mexico: (why? why not)

Twitter sentiment analytics
We calculate the sentiment score based on impacts, tweets and users (not only tweets)

The Sentiment Score tells us how positive or negative a hashtag or campaign has been. Twitter sentiment analysis is not only about number of positive and negative tweets. That’s how we feel. It is about knowing the general feeling of the users.

Sentiment analysis tools analyze many aspects. However, many just focus on the number of tweets. At Tweet Binder take into consideration more aspects that give you a more accurate evaluation of reality happening on X. Start analysis now. Use the search bar below.

How is Twitter sentiment score calculated?

Tweet Binder hashtags analytics platform provides the Twitter sentiment amalysis.

You can type any mention, keyword, hashtag or cashtag in the search bar below. You will get a report with stats on all the tweets containing a term you put into the search box.

Thus, the aim of the Sentiment Score is to calculate how positive or negative an analysed report is in general. This is calculated by considering  a greater number of variables than just the number of positive and negative tweets. For Tweet Binder it is important to consider the number of Twitter impressions and users that have tweeted in a positive, negative or neutral way.

Therefore, the Sentiment Score takes into consideration, in general lines, the following variables:

  • Number of positive, negative or neutral tweets
  • Amount of users that have participated and the number of their followers
  • Number of positive, negative or neutral Twitter impressions

Tweet Binder Twitter sentiment analytics considers more users tweet in a positive way rather than just one as “more positive”. In other words, if 500 users have tweeted positively about our hashtag, it is better than if just 1 user sends 500 tweets. Same thing happens with negative tweets.

In addition, Tweet Binder considers the influence of an account, which is measured by the number of followers. Accounts with more followers have a greater impact on the Sentiment Score than accounts with a smaller number of followers. This way, if a user with tons of followers tweets in a positive way, it will have a greater impact on the Sentiment Score.

For example:

  • Positive tweet sent by a user with 10 followers = little impact
  • Positive tweet sent by a user with 30,000 followers = greater impact

Try Tweet Binder sentiment analysis

How to interpret Twitter sentiment score?

Tweet Binder has created an equation that normalizes the values of the Twitter sentiment analysis. Reports can be classified in five different ways depending on their Sentiment Score:

  • From 0 to 20 points: Very negative report
  • Out of 21 to 40 points: Negative report
  • From 41 to 60 points: Neutral report
  • Starting from 61 to 80 points: Positive report
  • From 81 to 100 points: Very positive reports

Every Tweet Binder report shows this score next to the main stats. This score, as mentioned above, will be from 0 to 100. Start for free now.

Positive and negative Twitter sentiment about Pepsi and Coca Cola

We are Tweet Binder and we love examples, what can we do?

In this case we have chosen two of the major soda brands in the world: Coca Cola and Pepsi. We calculated their Twitter mentions in the same period.

Twitter sentiment analytics are very interesting when analyzing top twitter accounts such as these ones. Surprisingly, they have almost the same number of mentions, around 6.000. Now we will see how users think about them, if positively or not. For that we will use the Sentiment score that combines number of tweets (positive, negative and neutral) impressions and users.

Brand Number of tweets Sentiment score
Coca Cola 6,371 61.48
Pepsi 6,138 80.77

Pepsi won in this case with almost 20 points difference. We have run the sentiment analysis for these accounts but you can have it for anything that you need to analyze.

Can you imagine having a Twitter sentiment report for all the bitcoin buzz that was generated on Twitter some years ago? Well, with Tweet Binder you can! Discover the sentiment of the tweets that were sent during 2015 by requesting a Twitter historical analysis.

Sentiment analysis tool: Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is a tool for advanced Twitter search and analytics. Apart from analysing the sentiment score of tweets you can get many other actionable insights for your Twitter marketing performance. You can use Tweet Binder as an X listening and monitoring tool that is more affordable to a more complex platforms out there.

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