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  • Last 30 days
  • Up to 35,000 tweets/report
  • Data exportation
  • Bulk purchase available

1 year



  • Last 365 days
  • Up to 100,000 tweets/report
  • Data exportation
  • Bulk purchase available




  • Any date range analysis
  • Up to 140,000 tweets/report
  • Data exportation
  • Bulk purchase available
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In-depth Twitter reports

General stats

Get your Twitter analytics report and obtain all your campaigns’ data: impact, reach, user rankings and much more. Compare the results with other campaigns you may have in real time or that took place in the past. Create your own Instagram hashtag reports.

User rankings

With our user rankings you will be able to easily detect the most active and popular accounts. You can also identify your brand’s ambassadors as well as the most mentioned and retweeted users. Evaluate your influencers activity.

Classify your tweets

Thanks to our exclusive technology you will be able to sort your tweets by any criteria you need to. The system will create binders based on the parameters you decide. These categories can include accounts, hashtags or anything relevant to your analysis.

Sentiment analytics

Analyze your Twitter hashtags and keywords. Discover how positive, negative or neutral the messages in your tweet reports are. With a unique metric, finding out the sentiment analytics of the tweets will be easier than ever.


Not only you get the online version of your reports but you can also download Twitter and Instagram data. Twitter reports include Excel and PDF exportation. Instagram reports are also available on Excel file. Just with one click, you get your social media data on a file with the information in tabs.

Twitter hashtag

When talking about Twitter analytics and Twitter data, Tweet Binder allows you to analyze anything you need with no limit of tweets nor time.

There are endless ways of using Tweet Binder for Twitter tracking. We have complete access to Twitter data, so you can ask us about any date range and the hashtags, accounts or links that you need to track. Our tweet reports can be easily shared with the sharing option included in the analysis. We can also give you access to the tweets to include them in an event with a social wall or through our API into a custom website.

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Frequently asked

These are some of the main questions
you may have when purchasing Twitter reports.

1 Can I analyze old tweets and keep the report analyzing tweets in real time?

Yes, that’s possible with Tweet Binder. First, you would need to analyze the tweets from the past. If you need tweets from the last 30 days o tweets from over a month, you should choose between our two different reports. Then, you would need to purchase the real time report. We will help you have all the tweets within one report.

2 How does the Twitter Historical report work?

With this report you will get Twitter stats on any hashtag, term, KW or account during any time period. So, if you need tweets from a campaign that happened two years ago , you can analyze it!

3 Are private Instagram accounts also analyzed?

No, the content the Instagram private accounts share is not possible to track. Thus, although Instagram’s search option shows up a result, by creating a hashtag report it won’t include private content. That’s why the results may not match.

4 How can I access Twitter or Instagram API?

To access API data of any of the social networks you have to contact our team. Through any of the channels available on our website. Please, indicate the subject and aim of use of the raw data.

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