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Our Twitter analytical reports offer complete stats for hashtags, accounts or keywords in real time and in historical searches. Besides, you can analyze any hashtag on Instagram and obtain all the metrics to analyze and evaluate your campaigns and events.

User rankings

All our reports include user rankings that easily help to detect the most active users, those most popular and most engaged with the campaign. Likewise, you can discover the real value of the influencers and get to know the accounts that generate the most impact and engagement.

Access your reports whenever you want

With your collections tab, you will be able to check your reports anytime you need to. Besides, the Twitter and Instagram statistical reports are available in three formats: advanced, infographic (perfect for presentations) and Excel exportations (perfect to work with the data easily
and everything detailed).

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Twitter analytical reports

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Instagram hashtag reports

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Twitter and Instagram impact reports

Are you looking for a Social Media monitoring tool? Do you need competitive and complete Twitter statistics? Have you been searching for an Instagram analytics platform for a while? It’s your lucky day; Tweet Binder offers you solutions to all those questions. Our reports provide complete figures about your hashtag, term or keyword and are very easy to read.

No matters if you manage big accounts or if you launch random campaigns, our Twitter and Instagram reports will let you know the main statistics and information about it. You will have all you need to know the real performance of your hashtag.

Twitter impact report

Twitter impact report

Instagram hashtag report

Instagram hashtag report

Any doubt about our analytical reports?

Tweet Binder offers quick and complete impact reports for Twitter and Instagram. Our tool has been used since the beginning by agencies, social media managers, companies... We have learnt a lot from all of them and that is why we offer different solutions to cover your needs. We work everyday to meet your requirements because we want you to make the most out of the Social Media insights you get with our reports.

By using Tweet Binder you will obtain very complete Instagram and Twitter data. All our reports include general statistics, rankings of users, most important pics and tweets. Everything you need to value your social media campaign and make smart decisions. Moreover, we offer them in three different formats and they are available forever.

Are you interested in our reports? Feel free to contact us if you need to analyze your hashtags on Twitter or Instagram. We will be more than happy to help you and schedule a Skype call to show you how Tweet Binder works and all its features. You just have to contact us and let us know your needs.

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