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How to track a hashtag on Twitter

This question is very common when analyzing information on Twitter. Since every campaign or event has its own hashtag, it is important to learn to track them properly. Tweet Binder offers a FREE Twitter hashtag tracker that helps users to know how many tweets the hashtag has or what users are the most active or popular. In this post we will explain how to track a hashtag properly using Tweet Binder. To start creating your own Twitter hashtag tracker, type yours in the next search box. This will give you a free report of up to 500 tweets from the past 7 days. Try, for example, typing Marketing:

Diving into the world of Social Media can be a little bit scary. But swimming in the depth of its analytics and insights is a great thing. Social Media mentions are a source of real and live insights on your product, brand or company. Doing an analysis on a hashtag or account whether it’s yours or of a competitor can help you gain knowledge about the market and the clients. If you combine the power of the Twitter advanced search with a good hashtag tracking you will become a master of Twitter analytics. For example, you can analyze the most retweeted tweet.

You can come along with lots of questions such as: How can I obtain all the Twitter hashtag stats? How can I track Instagram mentions? Are Social Media mentions as important as they seem? Well, the truth is that Tweet Binder and its Twitter hashtag tracker can help answer all those questions and much more. Our Social Media monitoring tool allows you to track social media hashtags in real time and run historical historical reports to analyze Twitter hashtags.

How to use the Twitter hashtag tracker tool

Let’s see how you can do a hashtag measurement on Twitter just by following three simple steps. These steps will create a Twitter report using the free Twitter hashtag tracker of Tweet Binder and it will give us some stats about the hashtag. The three steps are:

  1. Access and log in with your Twitter account (mandatory by Twitter).
  2. Type the hashtag/term/keyword you need to track into the big search box.
  3. Click on the “Create Twitter report!” button and you will go to the report.

After that, you will arrive at your Twitter report. Tweet Binder offers several statistics when using the Twitter hashtag tracker, basically they are:

  • General Twitter hashtag stats: number of tweets, Twitter impressions, reach, hashtag economic value and more.
  • Activity chart: a chart indicating the moments of more activity. This chart is great to see when people are tweeting the most.
  • Users rankings: up to 15 rankings that show information about the people tweeting in the hashtag.

Those stats are served by the FREE Twitter hashtag tracker of Tweet Binder, if you use the PRO one you will receive many more stats in different formats (Excel, PDF and web) but we will leave that for a different post.

Types of Twitter trackers

When analyzing a hashtag on Twitter there are several types of tweet trackers we can create and, although the Twitter hashtag stats will look the same, they are very different. The type of Twitter report that we choose will depend on the timeframe we want to analyze. Twitter analytics is a complete new world and there are basically two types of reports:

  • Historical Twitter reports: they gather information (tweets) from the past. Imagine having an historical report for analyzing Bitcoin on Twitter.
  • Real Time Twitter reports: they gather information (tweets) as they are tweeted, live.

Let’s see in detail the details of these types of hashtag tracking. All of them are relevant for your Twitter marketing strategy.

Historical Twitter tracker

The Historical Twitter reports collect information from the past. Twitter establishes different “time access” to their API so when tracking a hashtag we have four types of historical reports (Wow, so many types):

  • 7-day reports: contain tweets from the last 7 days.
  • Twitter account analysis: a Twitter analysis based on the performance of a Twitter user
  • 30-day reports: contain tweets from the last 30 days.
  • One year report: this one lets you tracks from the last 365 days
  • Full historical reports: contain tweets without time limit.

The only difference between these reports is basically the price. An old tool called Topsy com used to give access to stats without time limitation but it closed down.

Real time Twitter tracker

Real time tweet trackers collect tweets as they are posted. This type of analysis is great for analyzing Twitter campaigns, Twitter chats or for when we need stats right now like a TV Show or a live campaign or event. The report will update by itself and will show the latest stats. The look and feel of it will be the same as a historical report, the only difference is that it will update the stats in real time.

Create a tweet tracker

Twitter hashtag tracker
This is how the users rankings look like in any report: historical or real time ones.

Extra features of a Twitter tracker

However, if you want to go deeper and learn more about the hashtag you should go to our advanced report and also check its Excel exportation. The online advanced report gives you an analysis on not only the hashtag but also on the users that have participated as well as on the content of their tweets. You will find user rankings, hashtag rankings, most mentioned accounts and much more. All these Twitter hashtag stats are later exported to an excel document that lets you to “play” with the stats and organize the Twitter dataset as you need to.

One of the most expected features which was demanded by almost every Tweet Binder user is now a fact. From now on, any user is able to generate reports up to 500 tweets for free. Our free version includes the basic report and the advanced report with the main stats and rankings up to 500 tweets. If you need more tweets, the complete stats or the Excel exportation you can purchase the PRO version of up to 10,000 tweets for the last 7 days. For a bigger analysis, remember that you can also get the Live Campaign or the Historical Report.

If, after reading this post, you still have doubts about what insights you can obtain with  Twitter or Instagram reports, please feel free to contact us at any moment. Tweet Binder’s doors are open 24/7 and our team will gladly help you with any inquiries you may have.