Twitter and Instagram Walls for events

You know how important the Social Media Walls for events are. We have written a lot about how Tweet Binder can help you to take your event to the next level but… Here you have our 6 highlights (in case you are not convinced yet).

1 – Real Time Analysis

The main point of an event is the power of real time. That’s why we offer the option to collect and show all the tweets/pics in streaming. You will be immediately updated about your campaign so you could make an informed decision anytime you need.

2 – Twitter and Instagram content 

Each event is unique and thanks to Tweet Binder Events you will choose between showing tweets, Instagram pics or both content. Obviously it’s the best option to amaze your audience and clients depending on their target or kind of event.

3 – 100% personalized social media walls for events

We provide complete solutions to display tweets, rankings and pics pretty amazingly. You will be able to choose the template (or propose your own idea), the background image, colours, logo… The best way to amaze your audience!

4 – Ranking of users and speakers

Audience and speakers are the essence at your event. Listening it’s really important to know your audience’s opinion, realize if the speakers you work with are really making a difference and reward your supporters by showing your stats in the Twitter Wall for events.

5 – Moderation

Tweet Binder allows you to show real time data and pics on big screens through our Tweet Walls and Photo Walls. But, you can even go further because you can validate all the content shared and choose what you want to show or not. It’s really useful (and easy) if you want to take control over the haters and trolls.

6 – Total support

Tweet Binder team is here to help you with your Twitter and Instagram wall so you will have a dedicated agent before, during and after the event. Do you want to talk to us? We are listening at