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Tweet Binder

Classify tweets with Tweet Binder

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Tweet Binder and its unique features

Tweet Binder, as a monitoring tool, is the only one to give the option of classifying tweets in binders (folders). This feature is available for every single type of users. It doesn’t matter if you have a free or a PRO account. The best thing about this panel is its potential, which is huge. It’s not just about working with the Twitter information found inside our Twitter report, we can go further. That way, Tweet Binder is offering a unique chance to manage the information and take a huge advantage of it. The Classify Panel is a key component of our monitoring tool. Let’s see why!

Analyze anything with Tweet Binder

What is the Classify Panel?

You can find the Classify Panel at the top of your report. As we have just said, the Classify Panel is a unique feature from Tweet Binder. This section allows you to access all the information about the analyzed tweets and users that have participated. You can also create binders or folders. This means that the Classify Panel is the best place to work with our report and manage correctly all the information. We can do this through two different sources. We can use the suggested binders (terms that have repeatedly appeared) or we can create our own binders. Both of them are exclusive ways to take advantage of our report.

Classifying tweets
Tweet Binder offers a unique feature that allows you to manage the information, it is called Classify Panel

What is this Classify Panel used for?

On the one hand the panel allows us to easily put in order all the information inside our report. On the other hand, it is the best way to manage the data. So it is a perfect way to give sense to what we have analyzed. Both, free and PRO report, provide us the same Twitter information. Quantitative, complete and valuable information. It is important to say that the Classify Panel doesn’t give us qualitative information from what we have analyzed. There are many options that will be explained deeply hereBut, just for now, it is important that you know the feature of creating binders and manage as needed all the information inside your report.

Use the Classify Panel to classify the Twitter information

Accessing and using the Classify Panel is optional and it is always available. This means that you can always enter an old report and manage its Twitter information at the panel. However, we always advise you to be fearless to use it. Everything you do at the Classify Panel can be undone. This is useful if we are working with influencers for example; that way we will see which tweets they have sent and which has been their impact. The Classify Panel enables us to divide the tweets per type so that we can understand better their meaning. Tweet Binder is a very powerful monitoring tool and it has proven to be very helpful thanks to these unique features. And it’s all because obtaining information it’s not enough for us.

If you already use Tweet Binder’s Classify Panel you will see that, with our new version, it is even better. If you didn’t know it, it is the moment to dedicate a few minutes to use it. We are sure that in the future it will save you time and effort. We give you the information, it is now time to make the most out of it. Welcome to the Classify Panel!