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Social Media Management with Tweet Binder

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Tweet Binder for Social Media Managers

Welcome to our social media analytics blog. Hello to all you social media marketers out there. Welcome to the Tweet Binder social media analytics blog. Here you will be able to hone your skills to become a veritable whiz in the social media biz! We hope that you find all that you are looking for here so that you can take full advantage of the potential of your social media accounts.

If you’re not familiar with Tweet Binder, we are a tool focused on social media analytics, especially hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Our free social media tracker platform creates impact reports on hashtags and keywords so that you can see how well they are doing.

Our goal has always been to provide our clients and users with the most quantitative analytics quickly and efficiently, which we hope you can find out from experience by using our tools. While for a long time our focus has been on Twitter statistics, we have expanded our reach to other platforms, and we now also create reports for hashtags used on the Instagram platform.

Here is some of what you will be able to find on the Tweet Binder site:

  • Social media tracker
  • Twitter analytics
  • Twitter reports
  • Hashtag counters – for both Twitter and Instagram
  • Sentiment analytics
  • Instagram analytics
  • Instagram reports

We are more than a Twitter monitoring tool

Tweet Binder, what comes to mind when you hear that name? Well, of course the word tweet rings a bell. You are right, we have something to do with Twitter. We are not just a Social Media Monitoring Tool. The truth is that Tweet Binder is able to do many things, much more than you can even imagine. We have put Mr. Binder to work to explain to you what users are able to do with Tweet Binder. Our Social Media tracking tool offers its clients three major features: Analytics, Social walls for events and Custom Projects.

Social Media Analytics

The main feature of Tweet Binder is its analytics platform. Thanks to its software, this Social Media tracking tool is able to analyze anything on Twitter and hashtags on Instagram. Once the term is analyzed, the tool generates very complete and visually attractive reports.

Twitter Analytics

Our Twitter tracking tool is able to track any hashtag, term, keyword or account on Twitter and any hashtag on Instagram. Reports are made with all that information and provide all the info you need in order to have an overview of what you are analyzing. These reports offer complete stats and rankings that allow you to see who is your audience, who is talking about you and what exactly are they saying.

Twitter stats have no limits. This Social Media tracking tool can analyze anything on Twitter. A client can obtain different kind of reports. Of course, every user can access a FREE version which analyzes up to 500 from the last 7 days. But a client can obtain much more. First, Tweet Binder offers the 7-day report, with this report the client can obtain up to 20,000 tweets from the last 7 days. Second, the client will find the 30-day Twitter report with which they will be able to obtain up to 35,000 tweets from the last 30 days. Third, the Historical report, this is, in fact, the most interesting report; with it the client will be able to analyze anything on Twitter without mattering the date. This means that if the tweets are from years ago, they can be analyzed! These reports come in very handy for campaigns that we forgot to analyze or when we need to compare yearly events. And last but not least Tweet Binder offers Real Time Twitter tracking. As its name shows, with this report the client can analyze anything on Twitter in Real time.

Instagram Analytics

With Tweet Binder, the client can obtain a report on any hashtag on Instagram. These report are very complete and they offer very complete stats such as: total number of photos, of videos, number of contributors, comments, likes, potential reach, potential impacts… Same as with Twitter, Instagram reports have an Excel exportation.

If you are looking for Instagram analytics for a particular hashtag you can purchase your report form here. You will be asked to type the hashtag you need to track and after that the system will start collecting the posts for your hashtag.

Social Walls for events

Why let the event die at the venue? Extend its lifetime value! Make the experience unforgettable and give users a reason to repeat at your event and not at someone else’s. Luckily, Tweet Binder allows you to take your event to the next level! Our events’ features are one of the major reasons our clients work with us. We are able to display all the content sent via Instagram or Twitter under a certain hashtag or term. We do this trough our Tweet Walls. The design of each Tweet Wall is 100% customizable and its content can be 100% curated. Each week we work with major companies all around the world and help them make the most of their event.

There are lots of ways to have people talking about your event on Twitter or Instagram, but we can assure you that our Social Media Walls are the best option. You can get your audience to send pictures to see themselves on the big screen or you can incentivize their participation by having walls with user rankings. Chances are endless, the important thing here is showing the assistants to your event that you care about them.

Custom projects

What we can say about this feature is “The sky’s the limit”. Custom projects are where most of the magic happens. With all the info that Twitter and Instagram provide, we are able to develop huge projects. Can you imagine being able to select the roster of your football team? Or seeing your pictures alongside your favorite band web? We can do that! We have developed Twitter football leagues, music tour managers, libraries of images, Twitter contests, maps with activity geolocation…

Visit our Showroom and discover all the custom projects that we have designed and developed. Social Media Managers find it quite interesting to offer something different to their clients. If you have any idea about a project you want to developed combining Twitter and Instagram data, we are your team! We will be happy to hear the ideas that you have to share.

Tweet Binder Help

There is still much to say about what this Social Media tracking tool can do for you. You can look for tweets by date, obtain raw data through an API… Our Tweet Binder help and support team is open 24/7 (for real) to help any user and client with their reports. They will also guide you through the use of the tool so, if you want to have a demo of the tool, they are your people!

Its now your turn to decide wether you give us a chance or not. A click has never given you as many opportunities as the button below! The Tweet Binder team is eager to know you.

What do you think? Feel free to contact us if you have any project, hashtag, term or event!

Your Go-to Social Media Tracker

What’s not measured cannot be improved, so the saying goes. If you want to succeed in the world of social media, then you must measure, measure, measure. And the best way to do that is through social media analytics.

Social media analytics are a key part of any online marketing strategy. We at Tweet Binder know that this a given, especially as social media use is becoming more and more prevalent. It is for this reason that we want to help our clients by providing them with a comprehensive social tracker platform that monitors and measures all that they post on Twitter and all the hashtags they use on Instagram. With this data, you as a user of our social media tracker can then analyze how well your business’s brand is doing, if your posts are reaching enough people, and who the primary audience of your content seems to be. Over time, you may even begin to notice a trend as to which posts are doing well and which aren’t, not to mention what sort of audience reacts or engages most with which of your posts.

If it seems that you’re attracting the wrong audience, for example if you’re promoting a product geared at adults and children are the ones who engage with your posts the most, our analytics software will let you know. Using that information, you can then go back to the drawing board to reconsider your content strategy.

The key is to always keep your ultimate goal in mind, whether that be exposure or click-throughs or sales of a product or service and consistently work on improving how it is you go about it with your social media marketing.

At the moment, Tweet Binder only offers social media trackers for Twitter and hashtags on Instagram. However, in the future, we also plan to add Facebook and LinkedIn statistics to our service offering, as well as any other social media platforms that may emerge in the meantime.

Social media is ever-changing and evolving, and it’s not easy to always know what the next big thing will be, especially when it comes to marketing on the web, but what we do know for sure is that whenever and wherever there is something to track on social media, we will be there to help you do it. We are committed to staying updated with developments in the social media space, so keep checking back with us for news on new ventures.

Using Twitter Analytics to Your Advantage

Twitter analytics is what Tweet Binder is famous for, and we are continuously striving for the best. Our free Twitter hashtag analytics platform is one of the best social media trackers people use when they want to analyze anything on Twitter, ranging from regular day-to-day posts to those advertising events and campaigns.

Twitter analytics are of particular importance for brands and events. Whether you are simply promoting your brand or organizing an event, the goal is to reach as wide an audience as possible, especially when you have a large venue to fill. Through analytics tools, you can see how many people have seen your posts and whether they’re likely to attend based on a variety of factors. If the number is not as high as you’d like it to be or you seem to be reaching a different sort of audience, then you should review your approach, reworking and tweaking it until you hit upon a formula that works.

In the old days of advertising, monitoring reach wasn’t possible, at least not as instantly as it is now. Oftentimes, campaigns would fall flat but the marketing teams in charge would find out too late. Now, you can make changes quickly if and when you need to. No more waiting!

Since you already have the tools at hand thanks to Tweet Binder, why not take advantage of them!

Twitter Hashtag Counter

Hashtags are crucial to successful social media performance, which is why the Tweet Binder Twitter hashtag counter is by far the most used tool on our site. Even though hashtags have been around for a relatively long time, platforms haven’t mastered monitoring them in-app. Thankfully, third-party apps like Tweet Binder are there to pick up the slack, so to speak.

Like all the other tools in our service offering, our hashtag counter is free, and it lets you analyze any given hashtag so that you can see how many times it has been used in tweets all across the platform. It may seem like an easy task to count all the times your hashtag was used in a tweet, but when you realize that Twitter has billions of them already, then you’ll understand the importance of a hashtag counter to help you with hashtag tracking.

Twitter Reports Galore

Of course, counting the number of tweets that use a particular hashtag is important for any campaign, but it is just one of the things that Tweet Binder specializes in.

In addition to free hashtag tracking, we create thousands of reports a day for our clients. There are plenty of them to choose from based on what you need. They are all in the same format, but you get to choose the date range.

Here is a list of all the reports we can generate for you:

  • Snapshot report – this report offers complete Twitter stats for the previous 7 to 10 days. It’s a quick way to gauge performance week to week.
  • Real Time report -: a report that collects Twitter data in real time. It can be activated at any time and can be kept running for months or even years. Follow your hashtag throughout its lifecycle and watch out for any uptrends that you can take advantage of.
  • 30-day report – this is another complete report, and it can gather Twitter analytics for the last 30 days. Users can even select a date range from within those last 30 day for more specific views.
  • Historical report – with this report, you can collect Twitter metrics from any period in the past, whether that be for a few days ago or further back to months and years. It’s great for when you’d like to compare performance to a past event.

Sentiment Analytics

But how do your followers really feel? Do you know? If not, we can help. As of recently, Tweet Binder has also begun offering sentiment analytics in its reports. Sentiment analysis measures how social media users (and potential clients) are reacting to a particular post: positively, negatively, or neutrally. Of course, you’re always striving towards positive attitudes towards your brand, but it hasn’t been easy to gauge until now. You could run a quick hashtag search that might show some of what’s being said, but it would only scratch the surface.

With Tweet Binder’s new sentiment analysis option, you can go deeper than ever before. Whereas before you were able to only see the standard statistics such as reach and engagement, now your reports will also display how people are tweeting about your brand, what emotions they’re attaching to it.

The sentiment analytics metric is great because not only does it complete the quantitative analysis of any Twitter post or hashtag, but it provides a more qualitative analysis as well. Sentiment analytics for Twitter now makes Tweet Binder one of the most complete tools in the market.

What’s more, if you notice a lot of negativity around your brand (we genuinely hope not) or a particular post or hashtag, you can quickly jump into damage control mode and fix what needs to be fixed. Because you’ll be able to notice it quickly, you may even be able to completely eliminate any damage that may have been caused by the negativity.

Instagram Stats on Hashtags

Instagram used to be a platform just for teens, but as time went on, even the adults got into it, and quickly after that businesses also began to see the benefit of having an account on this photo sharing platform. Your business may be one of the ones who did, so do you keep track of how well your posts are doing there?

Instagram for Social Media Manager

Tweet Binder started its life as a free Twitter analytics platform, but since its launch, Instagram has grown exponentially in popularity. We saw that many Social Media managers moved from Twitter to Instagram or at least added Instagram as another “leg” in their Social Media strategy. It is one of the most used social media networks and has become very important for marketers. These days, some brands almost exclusively use Instagram for their campaigns. It’s that powerful of a tool.

So, of course, we at Tweet Binder could not miss the opportunity to offer our users yet another social media tracker. Which is why we began providing metrics and stats on any hashtag used on Instagram. What’s great is that there are a couple of approaches to our free hashtag tracking on Instagram.

The first approach is looking at hashtags you’ve used in the past, going back to the very first one you’ve created. This approach is more for a look back at what worked for your brand in the past and how you can improve on what you’ve already done. You may even be thinking of “resurrecting” an old hashtag for a new campaign, and this will be a great way to see how well it did the first time around.

The second approach involves following your current hashtags via real-time Instagram reports. You can now know how far your brand’s message is reaching as it happens.

Types of Instagram Analytics Reports

We said above that what’s not measured cannot be improved, and we weren’t joking. Just like with Twitter, keeping up with your Instagram analytics will help you to become better and better at marketing on the platform.

Along with Instagram hashtag tracking, you can also generate various reports to monitor your Instagram analytics. These reports include:

  • Historical Instagram report – this report collects Instagram data from anytime in the past. It includes impressions, reach, rankings, and more, just like a traditional Tweet Binder Twitter report.
  • Real Time Instagram report – this report is generated every time a person posts a photo or video on Instagram using one of your unique hashtags.

Tweet Binder is your new Social Media Manager

Now that you know what we have on offer, we hope that you will be able to up your social media marketing game by using our social media trackers and other tools.

In this new age of advertising, we have something we never had before: data at the touch of a finger. No more waiting until a campaign is completed to see how well it performed. Now you can watch as it happens.

So, whether you use Twitter or Instagram (or both even!) for your social media communication with your audience, Twitter Binder has you covered with our free social media trackers. Never be left in the dark about the performance of your posts and hashtags.