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Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder: Social Media Analytics and display solutions for events

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Tweet Binder: Upcoming changes

Change is the only constant. There is no doubt about it. We try to apply it to the maximum at Tweet Binder. We have presented many improvements and new products over the years but we have always kept our essence. Offering the most complete reports in Social Media Analytics is our motto. Also, we try to innovate and create the best custom solutions for events and campaigns. We have changed our appearance, we have added new features and we have also perfected our services. Let’s check the main parts of Tweet Binder.

Tweet Binder is renewed
New Tweet Binder

Social Media Analytics

The statistics are the starting point of everything. At Tweet Binder, we know the importance of creating fast and complete reports to know the Social Media Analytics. Now, it is much easier to create reports through our dashboard. We offer four kinds of Twitter reports and one for Instagram. It doesn’t matter what campaign or event you are tracking. We have the best report to cover your needs.

Types of reports

Free report: Tweet Binder offers the most complete free reports. Our free version includes the main stats and rankings up to 2,000 tweets from the last 7 days per report. If you need more tweets or the excel it is possible to purchase the following report.  Remember that you can take the most out of your free report by following this tips.

7 -days report: The 7 days report is the best option to have a quick report. If you are a PRO user, you will enjoy unlimited 7-days reports. If you want to purchase a single report, remember that it includes up to 6,000 tweets from the last 7 days. It also includes the excel exportation. It is important to know that you can also make this report live too by upgrading it.

30-days report: It includes tweets from the last 30 days and it can be done directly from your user’s panel. If you are a PRO user, you can use as many tweets as you need. If you purchase the single report, it includes up to 35,000 tweets although you can always purchase extra tweets.

Historical report: With Tweet Binder you can obtain Twitter historical stats with no time limit. We can go back to 2006!

– Turn any of them into a LIVE report: It is super easy! You can make any of the previous report live or create a live report that starts now. You will be able to create or purchase it for more than one month.

And last but not at least: The Instagram report. It analyzes any hashtag on Instagram. You only have to request your own report and we will create it.

Custom solutions for events and campaigns

We can not forget our services for events and campaigns. Nowadays, it is really difficult to catch and maintain the attendees and users attention. For that reason, we work really hard on creating the best social experience for the community. On the one hand, we offer the most complete catalogue of Social Walls for events.

Tweet Binder for events
Our walls inspire attendees to see the possibilities

It is possible to customize 100% the design and content. Do you want to go one step further? Sure! We can help you. Tweet Binder is focused on custom projects. We can display Twitter and Instagram content in a very unbelievable way to surprise the users. Our custom projects can include as many modules as you need: Live stats, interactive map, rankings, pics and tweets, hashtag battles… 100 % personalized custom solutions for events!

Creating your Social Media analysis is really easy with Tweet Binder. You don’t believe us? Visit