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Analyze recent Twitter
Hashtags and Users

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  • 7day Hashtags and Cashtags Yes  unlimited reports
  • Follower Tracking Yes 8 accounts
  • Excel & PDF exportation Yes
  • Twitter 1-year reports No
  • Twitter Live reports No
  • Twitter 30-day reports No
  • Twitter Historical reports No
  • Twitter account reports No


Real Time and Historical
Twitter Analytics

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  • Twitter 7-day reports Yes unlimited reports
  • Twitter User Tracker Yes 60 accounts
  • Excel & PDF exportation Yes
  • Twitter 1-year reports Yes 5 reports/month
  • Live reports Yes 10 reports/month
  • 30-day reports Yes 7 reports/month
  • Historical reports Yes 3 reports/month
  • Twitter account analysis Yes 10 reports/month

All Access

Limitless Twitter
analytics with our team

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  • Twitter 7-day reports Yes unlimited
  • Twitter User Tracker Yes flexible
  • Excel & PDF exportation Yes
  • Twitter 1-year reports Yes flexible
  • Live reports Yes flexible
  • 30-day reports Yes flexible
  • Historical reports Yes flexible
  • Twitter account analysis Yes flexible
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  • BBDO
  • Uci
  • Havas Media
  • Desigual
  • Disney
  • Onu
  • Imex
  • NBC

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Twitter reports

If you don’t need a PRO plan,
these are our individual reports.




  • Last 30 days
  • Up to 35,000 tweets/report
  • Data exportation

1 year



  • Last 365 days
  • Up to 100,000 tweets/report
  • Data exportation




  • Any date range analysis
  • Up to 140,000 tweets/report
  • Data exportation


  • Next 30 days streaming
  • Up to 35,000 tweets/report
  • Data exportation

asked questions

Answers to the main questions
about our plans and reports.

1 Trial Why do I have to authorize Tweet Binder to access my Twitter account?

We need to access your Twitter account so we can make requests to Twitter API in your behalf. It is mandatory for us to ask you for access, it is not something that we like but something we must do. We use this to get the tweets matching your request and build the analytics for you.

We will never post any tweet or make any modification to your account without you explicit approval. We do not do “not good” stuff, we do not force you to follow us, we do not tweet in your behalf, we do not send you DMs… we just want you to enjoy.

2 Trial What kind of Twitter statistics can I obtain with a Tweet Binder report?

You will be able to collect the total number of tweets that your hashtag or keyword received. In addition, you can see the total number of tweets text, number of responses and retweets.

Another statistical data of Twitter that you can obtain will be the economic value, an own metric developed by Tweet Binder. It will allow you to detect the money asked in the market to achieve such a volume of impacts.

Tweet Binder reports have a 100% professional visual aspect that you can use in any meeting, and that will save you time. In addition, you can see at a glance all the Twitter statistics you need to make decisions.

3 Trial How to analyze Twitter with Tweet Binder?

Twitter Binder Twitter analytics reports are created very easily. You just need to go to the home page and type the term, hashtag or keyword you need to track. We have a wide range of Twitter impact reports: free report (it gives up to 500 tweets from the last 7 days), 30-day report (it gives up to 35,000 tweets from the last 30 days), historical reports (it can go as back in time as needed) and real time reports. All our reports can be later exported to an Excel sheet to do a in-depth analysis.

4 Monthly/Yearly Can I cancel my plan whenever I want?

Yes, you can; and also you will be able to use it until your renewal date. There is no minimum time you have to be with us, you can come and go whenever you want.

5 Monthly/Yearly When is my report or tweet balance renewed?

Your balance of reports is renewed when your plan is reset. So, if you purchased your plan on the 26th, your balance will be renewed on the 26th of the next month.

6 Monthly/Yearly If I delete a report, Do I recover those tweets in my balance?

No, once the tweets have been used, deleting a report won’t restore those tweets. If you need more tweets to add to your balance, you can purchase extra tweets by contacting our team.

7 Monthly/Yearly Can I create unlimited Twitter reports with my PRO plan?

Yes, you can. You will be able to create as many 7-day reports as you want.

8 Monthly/Yearly If I don’t consume all the tweets one month, do they pass onto the next month?

No, your tweets and reports balance is restored once your plan is renewed. Either you have used up all your tweets or not, your balance will be restored to your plan’s number of tweets and reports.

9 Monthly/Yearly How do I contact my plan manager?

To contact your plan manager you can send an email to with your inquiry. They will take care of your request and your plan manager will personally contact you.

10 Monthly/Yearly Can I switch my plan to a different Twitter account?

Yes, you will need to contact us and we will take care of it. Just let us know the current Twitter account you are using and the new account you want to use.

11 Monthly/Yearly If I purchase an annual plan, are my limits renewed every month?

Yes, your limits will be renewed each month.


There are several payment methods that we accept such as Mastercard, AMEX or PayPal. If you want to see them all just go to and continue through to the checkout page to see which methods are available in your country or region. You won’t be charged until you submit any payment info. The currency in which the price is displayed is the one of your country.

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