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Tracking followers on Twitter

If you have clients who have a presence on Twitter (your own company is also valid), you will need to know how they are doing and what’s the evolution of their main KPIs (followers, following, list, etc). We like to start our posts like that, with an obvious or impactful sentence, in this case we will add another obvious one: you need to track your client’s information on Twitter. Have you presented any report to your client/boss showing Twitter analytics and followers’ growth was the most important KPI? In this post we will talk about Twitter follower tracking and how you can use a Twitter follower tracker to present the info to your client and compare it with its competitors.

Track Twitter Users

Disclaimer: Followers are important, there is now doubt about it, but we will also talk about other metrics that are very important too, for example the number of mentions the account received. Tracking Twitter users is as important as tracking and creating Twitter hashtag trackers, but it has its peculiarities.

How follower grow on Twitter
Evolution of Twitter Followers

Tracking Twitter users and having a clear Twitter follower history is one of the most important things on Twitter. By that we don’t only mean “followers” but other metrics that are important as well (Had we said that already?). Many times our client/boss thinks that the most important thing is to grow followers on Twitter, our job will be to explain why followers growth is not the only metric. And yes, again, we have news for you, followers are not the most important metric. Do not get obsessed with the Twitter follower count.

But since clients consider it important we must learn how to track Twitter followers too in this post. Clients look especially at the number of followers of its competitors, so when its Twitter followers are lower than its competitors you will surely receive a call. Followers analysis is something that every social media manager should be doing, it seems obvious as well. As well as you perform a followers analysis you should be doing the same for other important metrics.

What is a follower tracker?

Ok, now you are convinced (hopefully) that the number of Twitter followers is not the most important metric. But setting a Twitter follower tracker is important as well. We will now see other stats that we have considered important here at Tweet Binder. All these stats will help us see how the user is doing on Twitter. Of course, these dynamic metrics change everyday and we need to track them everyday then: the number of Twitter followers will (hopefully) increase, as well as other metrics.

We need to control these everyday and check the evolution being able to compare it with the competitors of the user. Now you will have to convince your client that these other metrics are also important. As important as Twitter followers. Tracking Twitter accounts is important, remember, we consider it important but we also consider other metrics as important. Follower analysis is important, but not that important (Have we said that already?)

How to use the Twitter follower count

The Twitter User Tracker system is a unique tool included in Tweet Binder. This new system allows users to get Twitter accounts’ information, to compare data between users and to keep data records about many key metrics. It is a complement to the Twitter analytics that Tweet Binder offers for hashtags. You may have found yourself more than once wondering about a twitter follower tracker app or, why not, about how to track my Twitter followers.

Well, now thanks to Tweet Binder Tracking Twitter Users is possible and easy. The are three aspects we have to clear before we continue:

  1.  Trackers: these are the accounts we want to analyze. Setting up trackers is easy and each Tweet Binder plan includes a certain number of trackers.
  2. Tags: also known as labels. Any tracker can be put into a tag in order to have data collected easily and with
  3. The moment we set up a tracker is when we start collecting data. It is not retroactive. And our trackers are updated every hour.

What is a tracker?

As we have aforementioned, a tracker is the name we give to each Twitter user we want to analyze. To set up a tracker we must follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “New Tracker” button placed in the trackers’ list
  2. Type the Twitter handle of the users that are going to be tracked. If more than one tracker is needed, they have to be separated by commas “,”. There is no need to add the “@” before each handle. You can also click on “add” after typing each handle.
  3. Click on Add tracker. They will automatically appear below.
  4. If you need to delete a tracker, you can just click on the upper right “x”.
  5. Select the Tag you want to include the trackers in. If the tag does not exist, it can be created from the “new tag” button. 
  6. Click on save changes and the trackers will be up and running.

How can I create a tag?

A tag is like an identifier. Tags server to unify trackers into a common group. For instance, if we create trackers such as @netflix, @hbo, @primevideo… the tag we will use to unify them would be, for instance: “streaming platforms”. We can create as many tags as we want and a tracker can be part of different tags.

Twitter follower tracker
Tweet Binder Twitter follower tracker tool: sample of a tag

The Tweet Binder “My trackers” menu includes the option to create a “New Tag”. By clicking it we can add a new one. The same applies to the “My trackers” button which is the one to create them.

What data do I have access to with the Twitter follower tracker?

There are many Twitter analytics we need to consider when tracking Twitter users. At Tweet Binder we have developed a new tool that focuses on these Twitter user metrics:

  • Followers: This one is easy, it indicates how many Twitter followers the account has. Followers analysis is what the majority of people look at. Once you start tracking you will have a good twitter follower history.
  • Following: Following refers to the number of people the account follows. Celebrities for example follow only a few people (Justin Bieber or Barack Obama is the exception).
  • Ratio Followers/Following: Ok, this one is good. This one indicates how many followers you have for each account you follow. The higher the ratio the more influence the user will have because people follow it despite the fact that it doesn’t follow back.
  • Received Retweets: Easy one, it means how many retweets the account has received.
  • Likes obtained: Another easy one, how many likes the tweets from the analyzed account got.
  • Received Replies: How many replies/mentions the account got. (In the future we could talk about Twitter Sentiment analytics when it comes to replies)
  • Lists: These metrics are quite important and we don’t pay enough attention to it. It shows how many list the user is in, it is like a “far relative” of the Twitter followers
  • Certified user: If the account is certified or not. The blue ribbon.
  • Age of the account: How old is the account on Twitter. How many years have passed since the user opened the account?

What are the most important Twitter user stats?

As you just saw there are many stats we can analyze from a Twitter user, not only its followers, which actually can be bought you know. To choose the most important or the two most important Twitter user stats from the list will be difficult. However, since you asked we must say:

  • Economic value of the account (market and engagement) and the ratio between both
  • Age of the account: these days, the older the account the better, it means that person has been on Twitter a while and has seen “things”

How do we start tracking Twitter users?

Setting a Twitter follower tracker is very easy with our new tool and it will be great to manage your twitter followers. Tweet Binder is releasing a new tool that will track Twitter users easily. The most important thing is that this new tool will focus on the two major aspects we talked about before:

  • Evolution of the metrics of a users
  • Comparison of the user with its competitors (inactive twitter followers will be bad for all, not just for you)

The steps to start will be very easy:

  • Add user to the tracking system
  • Tag user as “client” or “competitor of your client”

Once we set these easy steps, the system will start gathering the data everyday and will be showing the info on a private dashboard. The Twitter follower tracker is set in just a few steps! Evolution and comparison, that’s the key, not only for followers analysis but for all the other metrics. We will be able to present a 360 degrees dashboard that tracks all the important KPIs.

Twitter user tracker
Twitter follower Tracker: Netflix data by Tweet Binder

Twitter follower graph

There is a Twitter follower growth graphic included in the tool. Once you add a tracker, the data is updated every hour and a Twitter chart displays all the available information. Even though this chart gives a lot of information, there is also a visual graph where all the metrics are displayed. Followers’ growth is the one shown by default but you can select between all the stats in the chart (number of mentions, lists, tweets, etc…). The date range of analysis is modifiable as well. This is the dynamic graph with Twitter user data you were looking for:

twitter users graph
Twitter user graphic with multiple variables in a timeline.

Analyzing who shares the content

Once we have seen how to analyze users and configure our Twitter follower trackers, we must learn to detect those accounts that we want to analyze. It is very easy to find our competitors. However, what about those accounts that may be competitors and we do not know? At Tweet Binder we analyze millions of tweets, images or opinions creating very complete reports. Its data can help you detect possible new trackers and obtain very complete data.

Among them, the Twitter users rankings stand out. They are valuable information to be able to better know those who interact with our campaign or brand. Even to assess whether we should have them closely watched. Not only by following them, now with a tracker you will have all the information accessible quickly and completely. Remember, Tweet Binder plans no longer only analyze tweets or hashtags, now they also allow monitoring accounts and data evolution of Twitter followers.

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