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Twitter campaigns with Tweet Binder

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What is a Twitter campaign?

We bet that when you walk down the street you see more than 10 hashtags. Traditional advertising has changed. even though there are still big signs on the streets, almost all of them go along with a hashtag. Even TV advertising include hashtags. Those hashtags are what represent a Twitter campaign. Advertising campaigns have changed radically. They have now switched to Social Media. There are several types of Twitter campaigns, from twitter ad campaigns to Twitter follower campaigns. In this post we will learn everything about Twitter campaigns and how to analyze them. But first, lets learn about viral marketing and Viral Twitter campaigns as that is what every campaign aims to be.

Viral Twitter marketing

Viral marketing is a very common strategy in Marketing. Most of the times, agencies seek this goal. In some cases, viralization is obtained organically. For example, it could be a funny content that captivates users or something really amazing. But first, let’s start from the beginning: What is a viral Twitter campaign? Basically, any campaign conceived and designed with the objective that users themselves propagate the message. This is very simple as Twitter is conceived to easily share content. Viral campaigns want to reach as many people as possible in the shortest period of time.

Create your free Twitter report

Reaching millions of people all around the glove might seem impossible 50 years ago like Bitcoin seemed impossible. But now, it is very simple. With the help of Social Media this can be easily done. Viral campaigns can be shared on Instagram or Facebook but now we will be focusing on Twitter. Promoting a hashtag always helps to gain exposure, of course. But this is not always the key to turn your campaign into a Twitter viral campaign. They for making viral content is creating catchy and relevant tweets. If users feel identified with what you have posted or they find it funny or interesting, they will be more likely to hit retweet or like. We will now analyze a viral campaign that took place in Madrid. The campaign’s hashtag was #UnCachaloteEnMadrid. It is important to notice that cachalote is a Spanish word for small whale.

#UnCachaloteEnMadrid – Viral Twitter campaign

As we have said many times, Tweet Binder has no limits if we talk about real time stats or historical Twitter data. It is important to remark these features because they are essential if we need to analyze viral campaigns. Why? Because many times, we are late at the beginning of the campaign. The content starts to become viral and we didn’t have it planned. In this case, there is no problem. Tweet Binder allows you to recover all the data from the day you need and then, you will be able to start collecting tweets in real time. This is crucial because content turns viral in a glimpse of an eye and it can take marketing agencies by surprise.

The campaign #UnCachaloteEnMadrid was designed to become viral and attract people’s attention. It was launched in Madrid when the Twitter account of the city of Madrid announced that a whale had appeared in the city. The disconcerting messages continued during the morning. Many users shared their surprise on Twitter. As a result, the content began to become viral among users until it became a trend. Televisions and radio stations also covered the new. The result? Over 10,000 tweets shared by 7,920 users.

To analyze this campaign we created an historical report and then we set a real time Twitter report. Thanks to these, we can get all the information about the hashtag in one click. What’s best, a single report includes all the general statistics, temporary activity, user rankings, hashtag economic value and much more. These are the main Twitter analytics for #UnCachaloteEnMadrid:

  • Total tweets: 9,648 (Total of original tweets and retweets)
  • Economic market value of the hashtag/Hashtag Economic Value: $135,848. Amount of money the hashtag is worth in the market.
  • Potential Twitter impressions: 68,689,718. The potential number of times somebody could have seen the hashtag.
  • Potential tweetreach: 48,745,551. The potential number of unique users that could have seen the hashtag.
  • Contributors: 7,920 Number of users that have tweeted using the hashtag.
  • Tweets/contributor: 1.22 (Average number of tweets per contributor).
  • Followers/contributor: 6,154.74. Average amount of followers per contributor.
  • Tweets – original content: 1,301. Number of original tweets shared. Retweets excluded.
  • Original contributors: 1,086. Number of users that have shared original content with the hashtag.
  • Original tweets/contributors: 1.20 (Average number of original tweets per original contributor).

Analyze Twitter campaigns with Tweet Binder

After seeing the aforementioned example, it is easier to understand what a Twitter campaign is and the types of campaigns. Also, it has been proven that analyzing a Twitter campaign with Tweet Binder is really easy. Our tweet counter will help you to not miss any tweet from your campaign. It does not matter if your campaign started one week, one month or one year ago, we will collect those tweets. After doing so, we can start collecting tweets in real time so that you have all the info that you need. But first, let’s see the main types of Twitter campaigns that we can find.

Types of Twitter campaigns

Twitter campaigns can be classified in many different types, we will be focusing in the main ones. If, after reading this post you want to learn more, you can always ask us about Twitter campaigns.

Twitter local campaigns

Some campaigns or Twitter chats are launched just for people living or visiting one place. Let’s start with the easy one. Imagine a local business that is launching a promotion for their store. It will be non sense to launch a campaign where people form outside the city can participate. This way, their campaign will be focussed on people living there. They can do so by making people to post from where they are tweeting so that they can check if they are from that city or not.

Other type of campaigns focussed on one place are those for people visiting that place. This is very common with traveling agencies when they want to promote a travel destination. So, imagine you are traveling to Maldives. The traveling agency will launch a contest where people traveling there could win an extra night in a different hotel, an upgrade or their room and so on.

The important thing with these local Twitter campaigns is that they are focussed in one place rather than being global. You can also track the most followed Twitter accounts.

Twitter hashtag campaigns

Twitter hashtag campaigns are the most common ones. Actually, they are the most easy to understand. These are the ones we were mentioned in the beginning of the post that gather people around a hashtag. These are actually the easiest ones to promote as the only thing that needs to be done is posting content with the hashtag of the campaign. By doing so people will start sharing it if they find it relevant and they feel related to it.

The aforementioned example about the whale in Madrid is a sample of a twitter hashtag campaign. These are also the easiest ones to analyze as all that needs to be done is track the hashtag. There is no need of analyze by place. You just need to analyze tweets by date and hashtag.

Twitter campaigns with Tweet Binder

We have already stated that analyzing a Twitter campaign is really easy and you can analyze also the Twitter sentiment of it. But, how can you analyze a Twitter hashtag campaign? Well, with Tweet Binder you have two ways of doing so. One is by owning a Tweet Binder PRO plan. These will let you analyze anything on Twitter and you will be able to create the reports on your own. The other way is by purchasing one-off reports. If you don’t run many campaigns per month or per year this is a good option. Besides, purchasing one report will give you the opportunity of checking our reports so that you have all the information before joining a Tweet Binder PRO plan. It is important to know that in either of those options you will be able to use the advanced search Twitter operators.

Real time Twitter campaigns

The best option to analyze a Twitter campaign is by activating a live streaming of the hashtag. We say so because this way you will be aware at every moment of the activity of your hashtag. If suddenly the volume of tweets drops, you can act in consequence. On the other hand, if the volume of tweets suddenly increases you will be able to celebrate it. The good thing about real time reports is that you can have partial static pictures of the activity by downloading the Excel report. So, imagine that you need global stats and also one report per hour. Instead of creating several reports, you can have a global one in real time and then download the Excel sheet each hour. Doing this won’t affect the general results of the hashtag.

Also, notice that this real time content can be displayed in a Twitter map. Tweet Binder’s technology is capable of building maps and locating the content in a Twitter maps to have a visual chart of where people are tweeting from.

Historical Twitter campaigns

This option comes in handy in two different situations. One is when we want to compare a campaign that is taking place at the moment with one that took place a year ago, for example. This way, we will need to create a Twitter historical report to track the campaign that took place a year ago. The other situation is for those times when we forget to switch on the live streaming for the report. This happens more often than it should and that is why Tweet Binder is here to help. If you campaign started two weeks ago and it will last for two more weeks, you can combine this historical report with a real time Twitter campaign. In the past there was a tool called Topsy that gave you Historical Data for FREE.

How to create a Twitter campaign

If you have got to the end of this post, you are now a master of Twitter campaigns. You already know everything that is necessary to create a campaign and turn it viral. Just in case, let’s go through the steps to create a Twitter campaign:

  1. Choose your hashtag: Make sure that is has not been used before. If it has been used, the last use of it should be from more than a year ago at least.
  2. Your hashtag should be catchy and relevant.
  3. Decide the time of the year when your campaign will take place.
  4. Create content that users will retweet and like
  5. Remember to start analyzing your hashtag before the campaign starts

Now it is your turn. Good luck creating your Twitter campaign! We hope it turns viral and that you analyze it with one of our reports. If you still have some questions, feel free to contact us at any moment and we will help you. Our doors are open 24/7.

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