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Analyzing Twitter and Instagram is really easy with Tweet Binder. Our monitoring tool allows you to track any hashtag, account or keyword on Twitter and any hashtag on Instagram. With no date range limit or publications limit. Our reports are really complete, we don’t only analyze content. We break down every publication that we track in order to offer you the most valuable information gathered on each tweet or Instagram post.

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As you may already know our Twitter analytics are really complete and offer really valuable information. You can decide about what and from when you want to gets stats. You can run a live tracking or create historical reports, you always get the most complete data possible. What’s more, when you create a Twitter report with Tweet Binder you get not one but two reports: one infographic and an advanced one.

Tweet Binder's impact report
Twitter infographic report with Tweet Binder

Both reports include global statistics about the hashtag analyzed, detailed figures about the tweets tracked, the number of accounts that have tweeted and the impact and reach generated. They also include a timeline where you can see how the activity of the hashtag has evolved. Users rankings are a huge part on Tweet Binder reports. They allow to detect and determine the accounts that participate on our search and make it relevant or not.

Twitter statistics on Excel file

All the Twitter statistics and data analyze are beautifully displayed on our online reports. But sometimes we need to work with those stats and figures. The online reports are great to share with a client or to have a visual idea of the performance of our hashtag. However, being able to download all the information analyzed is key to get a deeper and significant approach to the results obtained.

The Excel file generated for the Twitter reports contains five tabs:

  • Tweet Binder Report: includes the general stats, the timeline disclosed in 10 moments, tweets and categories (in case we have created binders), tweets per contributor and contributors influence.
  • Pictures: all the pictures shared and analyzed are available with their links.
  • Links: the complete list of links tracked are available here.
  • Contributors: you can check all the accounts that have tweeted. Every account includes its username, name, location, total tweets sent, RTs, image, links, chats, impact and reach.
  • Transcripts: all the tweets analyzed are listed here with its user, the concrete date when the tweet sent and the tweet itself with its permalink. Each tweet also includes the number of RTs and Favorite that has generated.

Excel exportation for Twitter reports is available on the PRO versions. You can download your Excel file anytime you need.

As you can see, you have access to all the data imaginable. Wether you want to have a close knowledge of the users that have conformed your report or want to get a fast and accurate winner for a contest, our Excel file is the most recomendable source to work with Twitter data.

If you want to receive an Excel file example, do not hesitate to contact us.

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