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Tweet Binder as an Alternative to Topsy

Topsy for Twitter

What is Topsy?

People who understand and understood the importance of tracking hashtags are probably familiar with Topsy com. Topsy was one of the social media analytics tools that offer a comprehensive analysis of the hashtags you wanted to research. Whether you had a personal or a business account on Twitter, Topsy helped you to understand the hashtags that were trending and made social marketing campaigns more easy and effective. It allowed people to measure and analyze specific keywords and phrases, find out trending topics and terms related to what you’re looking for, understand your competitors and compare with them. But as you may have noticed, we’re speaking about Topsy com in the past tense, and that’s because it was shut down by non-other than Apple. In 2015, Apple bought Topsy for 200$ million dollars and shut it down without no prior notice and without anybody expecting it. Topsy was 8 years old when it suddenly died.

Try Tweet Binder to analyze Twitter

After Apple owning it, users still don’t know why this sudden move was made by Apple. They were expecting large investments for Topsy and to make the tool even better than it was. To this day, Apple still hasn’t reveal why it purchased Topsy nor why it shut it down. Topsy announced its dead on Twitter by saying “we’ve searched our last tweet”. It was shocking. Everybody took it hard and was shocked. The only solution left for them was to look for other social media statistics provider to substitute Topsy, because yes, it was good, and it was hard to substitute it.

How to replace Topsy com?

Although Topsy was good, there are now even better tools. It’s 2019 and certainly the technology and features that were offered by Topsy com have being exceeded by a lot of analytic tools. Tweet Binder is a great alternative for Topsy if you wish to conduct a thorough analytic of your hashtags or Twitter chats. Tweet Binder is one of the few social media analytic tools that offers a free service for whoever wishes to search for  Twitter trending hashtags. The process is quite easy, doesn’t require a lot of hassle and the reports are very detailed. It allows any user to analyze hashtags, keywords, terms, accounts or a combination of those. By using Tweet Binder’s free Twitter stats you get a free report of up to 2,000 tweets from the last 7 days. If you don’t know how to use Tweet Binder, we’ve written so many articles on how to use our services in detail but we’ll share a few steps on how to use it with this article:
  1. The first thing you need to do is go to Tweet Binder home page, enter the hashtags you want to search on the search box and click create Twitter report.
  2. If you haven’t signed in with a Twitter account, you will be asked to login with your Twitter account. (This is a mandatory step by Twitter).
  3. The seeking process will start automatically and your report will be displayed.
Tweet Binder is a service trusted by many companies all around the globe for so many good reasons. It’s time for you to try it and let us know what you think.

Topsy Twitter Analytics Tool: Rise and Slow Fade

Topsy com was one of the very first tools created to provide Twitter analytics. It was a certified partner of Twitter and its index of tweets covered every single tweet all the way back to the beginning  of Twitter’s in 2006 (that’s hundreds of billions of tweets overall!) and Topsy Twitter archive was consulted everyday for social media manager all around the world. It was founded in 2007, just a year after Twitter got its start, growing quickly until it was bought up by Apple in 2013. Topsy com was shut down in 2015, leaving a huge gap in the world of social media analytics. It was a shock for everyone at Social Media because Topsy was a referent and for other tools it was like the older brother we all want to be like when we grow up Just to be clear, we are not talking here about Topsy the elephant, sad story by the way.

Topsy real screenshot
This is how Topsy used to look like. This is a real screenshot taken by Tweet Binder.

The Topsy com social analytics platform was a great tool because it provided a free service to its users that allowed them to know how many tweets used a particular hashtag they’ve created. Topsy’s product was quick and easy to use, and it provided its users with comprehensive information on Twitter performance. Social media marketing specialists all over the world relied on Topsy to show them how well their hashtags and other content performed on Twitter, but with it no longer around, it came time to find new ways to perform hashtag tracking and other Twitter analytics. There are many tools out there but we will be talking about Tweet Binder, which basically is the best tool to track Twitter data (what can we say?!). 

Topsy Twitter Hashtag Counter

As mentioned before, Topsy com was a Twitter hashtag counter was a tool that allowed you to see how many times a hashtag was used on Twitter. These days, hashtag counters have the capability to provide insight into Instagram hashtags, but when Topsy was around, Instagram was only just starting to gain popularity, which meant that Topsy did not feel the need to provide Instagram analytics at the time, Which is ok, because it wasn’t as important then either and let others (like us) to develop a tool or that. When offering alternatives to Topsy twitter tool we have to have in mind that we must offer a tweets counter which is fast and secure. Tweet Binder has that of course.

Tweet Binder like Topsy
Topsy offered a time chart which showed the evolution of the hashtag

Nevertheless, for what it was able to do, Topsy twitter search was one of the most used tools on their proprietary analytics platform. Users could type in any Twitter hashtag into a search box, and the hashtag counter would generate results on the number of tweets that used that hashtag. Users could also check the tweets by date, so they were able to not only know who used the hashtag but also when it was used.

Being provided with the ability to count how many times your hashtag has appeared in tweets was a game-changer. Marketers could now see how fast their word was spreading in real-time. We at Tweet Binder know what this is an important part of content marketing strategy.

Tweet Binder as an Alternative to Topsy Twitter Social Listening

Topsy was one of the main inspirations behind Tweet Binder. The speed with which it was able to provide quality analytics made us want to build Tweet Binder to be just as fast and high-quality. When Topsy com left the market, we put all our efforts into offering social media users, specifically Twitter at the beginning, a tool that could take the place of Topsy, offering similar features to the now-defunct tool. At Tweet Binder, our clients have the option of choosing between two versions of our Twitter analytics platform: the FREE version and the PAID PRO version.

Tweet Binder’s Free Alternative to Topsy

The free version of Tweet Binder provides you with a count for any hashtag or word used on Twitter in the last 7-10 days. By simply inserting the hashtag or term into the free Tweet Binder tool’s search box, you will be able to quickly find out how many times that word/hashtag was used in tweets all across Twitter in the last week or so. This version is limited to only the last 500 tweets using that hashtag and just for the last 7 to 10 days. Alongside the hashtag count, however, Tweet Binder also offers the following metrics:

  • Twitter Impressions – the number of times a tweet shows up on Twitter users feeds
  • Tweetreach – the number of times a tweet was actually seen by Twitter users
  • Engagement – the number of times Twitter users interacted with your tweet
  • Influence – how many others were influenced (prompted to engage) by someone retweeting your tweet or using your hashtag
  • Original content in comparison to retweets – how many times people used your hashtag in content they’ve created versus how many times someone simply retweeted a post with your hashtag
  • Top 6 user rankings – a list of the top six users using your hashtag on the Twitter platform

All of the above Twitter stats are a part of the free version of Tweet Binder, which is a great deal considering that there’s no need to pay. Besides, with the free version any user can use the Twitter advanced search commands to neat down their results.

Tweet Binder’s Paid Alternative to Topsy

Of course, if you’d like to be able to look at your Twitter performance in a more in-depth way, that’s entirely possible if you’re willing to invest some money into the paid pro account offered by Tweet Binder.

The pro version of Tweet Binder offers everything the free version provides but with the added bonus of:

  • A wider variety of reports
  • The ability to export data into Excel and/or PDF files
  • Classification of the tweets
  • Sentiment analytics
  • Additional Pro Twitter metrics

The paid pro version allows you to create more detailed reports, such as:

  • Real-time Twitter report – use this report to analyze any term in real-time, capturing every new tweet on the fly
  • Historical Twitter report – this report gathers tweets and stats from any time in the past so you can see how well they performed in comparison

As part of the paid service, you can also export your reports in both Excel and PDF formats, depending on what you may need them for. Excel reports will allow you to analyze the data in more detail. However, PDF reports are great for being able to present to your client or boss. This feature was also available in Topsy com, and we are glad to also be able to provide it to Topsy’s former users by way of Tweet Binder’s analytics tools.

Another great feature of the paid pro Tweet Binder account, and one that is unique to Tweet Binder, is the possibility to classify tweets. The classification dashboard provides access to all of your tweets and creates categories (binders) of them for further analysis. It is an added bonus to previous users of Topsy, as this is something that was not offered by that platform before.

Sentiment analytics are yet another special feature of the pro Tweet Binder account. They measure Twitter users’ reactions to your tweets and hashtags by looking at whether they are positive or negative. Sentiment analytics also show how many people used one of your hashtags or retweeted one of your tweets in a positive or negative manner. With the addition of sentiment analytics, the Tweet Binder reports really do provide a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the performance of your hashtags. Although Topsy com also had something similar that did really well, the technology has been updated by quite a lot since, making Tweet Binder ahead of the game.


There are quite a lot more metrics provided in the paid pro account that can be included in your Tweet Binder reports. If you’re serious about keeping track of your Twitter accounts, try out the pro version of the platform. In the meantime, feel free to check out the free version to start tracking your social media use straightaway.

Topsy com may be long gone by now, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the end of Twitter analytics. On the contrary, we at Tweet Binder are aiming to be just as good if not much better than Topsy, and we are continuously looking to improve hashtag tracking and other analytics for a variety of social media accounts.