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Search Twitter history with no date limitation

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Disclaimer: We are Twitter compliant and we always follow Twitter’s guidelines regarding data download

How to get Twitter historical data?

Tweet Binder provides access to historical Twitter data. It allows to analyse past Twitter campaigns, events, competitors performance and influencers.

With paid version of the Tweet Binder report it is possible to do history search Twitter and analyze historical data from 2006 and up to 35k tweets. Fortunately, there is also a free 7 days report that gives a sense of what Twitter stats is available.

Use the search bar below to analyse Twitter profile (@mention), #hashtag or keyword for free. Up to 200 tweets in the last 7 days.

How to find old tweets and do history search Twitter

Sometimes marketing agencies need to analyse their clients’ Twitter marketing campaigns to drive conclusions about what worked for them. In this case Twitter history search comes quite handy.

With Tweet Binder you can access to any old tweet ever sent in Twitter’s History as long as it remains public.

Twitter Historical Data with no time limit is one of our top products. However, before you keep reading you must know that getting stats about old tweets (older than 7 days) is a PRO feature.  So, Twitter Historical Data is not provided for free.

The good news though, you can analyse the last 7 days and up to 200 tweets free of charge and without signing up. Just use the search bar below to analyse any hashtag, mention, keyword or cashtag on X.

You can always find historical tweets by using the Twitter Advanced Search. In addition, you can download datasets with old tweets and create more in-depth analytics reports. Most importantly, you can use our API access to get Twitter stats for your own dashboards.

In this section we will talk about Twitter archive search and how you can get old tweets in Excel, CSV, etc.

Picture of an example a Twitter Dataset (tweets) of a hashtag (limited by Twitter Terms of service):

Old tweets
Sample of tweets since 2009 of #TheOffice you can download any hashtag or keyword (There is a maximum number of mentions due to Twitter TOS) you can access to.

Start for free with the use the search bar below to analyse Twitter profile (@mention), #hashtag or keyword. Up to 200 tweets in the last 7 days.

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4 Tips to search Twitter history like a pro

A basic Twitter search won’t get you very far. When you search for an account, keyword, or hashtag, you get lists of the top tweets and the latest tweets. They’re impossible to filter, sort, or narrow down.

To find, sort and filter history, Twitter search operators and advanced tools are essential. Use these tips to guide you.

Use Twitter history search tools and search operators

To search Twitter history, start with a basic search using Twitter’s search bar. Then click the three dot menu next to the search bar. Select “Advanced search.”

You’ll see more than a dozen options to filter your search. Most importatly, it is possible to filter out tweets from the past with the history search operators since:YYY-MM-DD and until:YYYY-MM-DD. In addition, you can add other search operators to make your query more specific. For example, you can search by:

  • Account, keyword, phrase, or hashtag
  • Date range
  • Media types (e.g., image or video)
  • Engagement (e.g., likes, replies, and reposts)

You can also filter searches by tweet type. For example, you can search for retweets or eliminate replies from your results.

Use the search bar below to start your historical Twitter search now for free.

Get the complete list of the search operators by reading this article.

Here’s an example of a Twitter history search of #ot2023 hashtag that was used during the Operación Triunfo (Spanish reality television music competition to find new singing talent).

Twitter history search with Tweet Binder
Twitter history search with Tweet Binder
Twitter history search with Tweet Binder evolution over time
Twitter history search with Tweet Binder evolution over time

History search Twitter since 2006 with Tweet Binder

Think about the amount of information that it is generated in Twitter everyday. The Twitter archive grows day after day and it has become the best Twitter history search engine. To analyze all this Twitter historical data with no time limit has become very important for agencies and marketing experts. Historical tweets are sometimes a true goldmine for marketers who analyse past Twitter marketing campaigns. Read on to learn more about how to find old tweets using history Twitter search.

Thanks to Tweet Binder, the period of time to analyze is unlimited because we can analyze Twitter historical information and create historical reports from Twitter with data since the beginning of X.

Years ago Twitter let everyone search its old tweets archive, so you can access those old tweets easily and free. You can use Tweet Binder or Twitter itself. To access those old tweets you must use the Twitter advanced commands UNTIL and SINCE in the Twitter search box in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

  • Use SINCE to filter tweets starting in one specific date, for example: since:2016-02-19
  • Use UNTIL to filter tweets ending in one specific date, for example: until:2011-08-20

You can combine both to find historical tweets from a specific date period. For example, to see tweets from Barack Obama’s re-election day, look for the hashtag #Obama2012 on the 20th of January 2012. The Twitter search history operator will be:

#Obama2012 since:2012-01-20 until:2012-02-21

If you use Twitter history search on X directly, you will get just the list of tweets. However, to drive any conclusions you need statistics like the total number of impressions, engagements, top tweeters, etc. Tweet Binder is the best tool to give you these historical data.

If you want to analyze or download all those old tweets you would need a Tweet Binder plan and a Twitter historical report. You can even search the most retweeted tweet or most liked tweet. In fact, anything can be tracked with Tweet Binder. Start a free search today.

Download old tweets for in-depth analysis

There are several options how you can download old tweets. Firstly, you can download Twitter archive of your own account directly from Twitter.

Secondly, you can download the following types of historical tweets:

  • Tweets sent by one account (e.g. from:JoeBiden)
  • Historical hashtag data (e.g. #NBC or a TV show like #TheOffice or both combined)
  • Mentions of a Twitter account (e.g. @CNN or @NBC)
  • A keyword (e.g. “Tornados” or “Vaccines”)
  • A Cashtag (e.g. $BTC $ETH)

Read this guide to learn how to get historical data described above.

Chart of mentions
Twitter evolution of a hashtag since 2013 – Historical Hashtag Data

Remember, you will always have limitations due to Twitter restrictions. Tweet Binder is Twitter compliant and follow their guidelines. Due to Twitter terms of service you won’t be able to download raw Twitter data.

Tweet Binder provides two types of historical reports:

  • 7-day Twitter historical: it analyzes Twitter data from the last 7 days
  • All-time Twitter Historical: it analyzes Twitter data with no time limitation since the beginning of Twitter in 2006
  • free 7-day Twitter historical up to 200 tweets. Use the search bar below to start

Enable sensitive content and blocked or muted accounts

When you search history on Twitter, some results may be hidden due to your settings. To make sure you’re seeing all possible results, check the search settings.

After doing a search, click the three dot menu next to the search bar. From the menu, select “Search settings.”

Then uncheck both “Hide sensitive content” and “Remove blocked and muted accounts.” You can reenable these settings at any time to control what you see and how you access Twitter.

Twitter Search Settings
Twitter Search Settings

Track Historical Twitter follower count

Apart from old tweets, it is possible to get access to historical follower count. Isn’t it cool to analyse what activity led to follower growth or loss.

If you want to start tracking your Twitter follower count you can do it right now with our free Twitter User Tracker. You will be able to see your followers evolution since the day you started tracking. Most importantly, who started to follow and unfollow you is available in the tracker apart from just counts.

However, what many people want to know is the historical twitter follower count, the evolution since the creation of the Twitter account. Well, that’s not technically possible because Twitter doesn’t offer that. Our recommendation is to start tracking your Twitter followers with us as soon as possible.

Most importantly, you can track your historical twitter follower count and anyone’s by the way. With Tweet Binder you can even compare them and you will be able to compare twitter historical follower count soon too.

Read this article to learn more.

What do I get when purchase Twitter historical data with Tweet Binder?

Once you finish your purchase, you will need to type a hashtag, cashtags, or users to analyse. After that you will get the data set in different formats:

  • Web report with the stats and users rankings
  • PDF format with the stats and the main tweets
  • Excel format with the stats and tweets
  • JSON file (under request)

Twitter metrics inside a Twitter historical report

The Twitter stats you receive in a free report will be the same as in a regular Tweet Binder paid report. Below we will describe all the stats covered by a report, but it is always a better option to check yourself. On top of that, it is completely free.

Our historical analytics reports include all these Twitter metrics:

  • Number of tweets
  • Types of tweets: retweets, text tweets, replies, links and images
  • Economic value
  • Sentiment analytics
  • Potential Twitter impressions
  • Potential Twitter reach
  • Number of contributors
  • Twitter followers per contributor
  • Instagram pics shares on Twitter
  • Tweets per contributor
  • Activity chart
  • Users rankings:
    • Most active users
    • Retweeters
    • Original users
    • Most popular users
    • Highest impact users
    • Photographers
    • Top engagers by likes
    • Topmost engagers by retweets
    • Top photographers
    • Most mentioned users ranking
    • Most retweeted users ranking
  • Binders stats
  • Languages chart
  • Related hashtags ranking
  • Sources chart
  • Twitter Engagement chart (tweets per contributor)
  • Influence chart
  • Timeline

Furthermore, with Tweet Binder’s classify panel you can now sort the information in your report. Tweet Binder historical reports give you the chance to make the most out of this feature. By using it, you will be able to classify tweets and put in order all the information or if you want to analyze.

Get your Twitter Historical report

Twitter Historical data price

The price of Historical Twitter data always depends on two things:

  • Number of old tweets
  • Number of days back

If you need to purchase multiple Twitter historical reports we recommend to purchase a bundle of reports, they come with a great discount. Access our page of Twitter reports and choose the one you want.

Use the search bar below to analyse Twitter profile (@mention), #hashtag or keyword for free. Up to 200 tweets in the last 7 days.

Comparing Twitter data: scrape historical tweets from different years

Most companies and agencies conduct the same event each year using the same hashtag. Many of them want to compare an event performance with previous years. Those old tweets are still there and can be analyzed if they are public. In addition, you can analyze the sentiment of those tweets.

This is the best way to measure the efficiency of your event. You can compare the number of tweets, impressions or the number of contributors in an Excel file.

We wrote about the release of the new album Freedom Child by the Irish rock band The Script. We are going to compare the launching of this album with when they launched in 2014 No Sound Without Silence. 

Before analyzing the data it is important to outline that the Script Family has been waiting for this new album for three long years. So, it is normal that #FreedomChild has more repercussion than #NSWS. 

Freedom Child No Sound Without Silence
7,418 tweets 2,880 tweets
3,158 Contributors 3,158 Contributors
101,828,096 Potential impacts 16,740,170 Potential impacts
17,915,869 Potential reach 8,878,820 Potential reach

Sponsors like to know that the event they have invested in went great. So this is good data to show them. As you can see, you can make effective use of Twitter in many ways. You just have to choose the way that better fits with your campaign.

This is a good alternative to topsy com. Since the day Topsy died marketeers all over the globe have been looking for a tool that could given them Twitter data. By running a Tweet Binder historical Twitter report you will get more or less the same results as with Topsy com. Feel free to give it a try whenever you need to.

Why should you search your Twitter history?

Are you an active X user? Does your Twitter account date back a decade or more?

Your account likely has tons of useful data. Here’s how you can put it to work.

Analyse past Twitter marketing campaigns performance

Historical data can be especially helpful for marketers and agencies. When you work on business or client accounts, you need reliable data to tell you what’s working and what isn’t.

When you search an account’s old tweets, you can review content performance, check audience engagement, and assess popular content styles and themes. Using these historical Twitter insights, you can rely on a data-driven process to develop a new content strategy for your brand or clients.

Find hot topics to discuss

If you tweet often, you probably touch on a variety of topics. So which ones have been most popular with followers?

You can find the answer when you search old tweets. One way is to use Twitter historical search.

Enter your username and the date range you want to search. Then decide how to define “hot topic” in terms of engagement. Enter the minimum number of likes, retweets, or comments you want to appear in your search.

Here, we searched for recent tweets by @elonmusk with at least 500,000 likes:


With a search like this one, you can find topics that sparked engagement. Think about how you can revisit them to start new conversations.

Repurpose old tweets

Are you looking for ideas for what to tweet? Finding hot topics can help with brainstorming.

But what if you could save even more time on content creation? Consider repurposing your most popular tweets.

To find them, create an advanced historical search using the method above. Or use an old tweet finder like Tweet Binder.

With Tweet Binder, you can download a complete list of tweets, search tweets by date, and draw deeper insights.

Here, we searched for tweets by @OpenAI containing videos:

Tweet Binder Dashboard

From the Tweet Binder dashboard, you can see the full list of @OpenAI tweets with videos. You can also download this list to XLSX or PDF for further analysis. With this data, you can find top tweets and get ideas for what to repurpose.

Just remember that Twitter doesn’t allow duplicate content. For maximum visibility, add an original spin to repurposed content.

Find your top influencers

Are you using Twitter to build a community around your brand? Keep track of your biggest supporters to build stronger relationships.

On Twitter, you can’t create a list of your most engaged followers. Fortunately, you can do it with Tweet Binder.

Enter your username to create a report. Then scroll down to the Contributor Rankings section.

Tweet Binder Contributor Rankings

Here, you can see your most active and most popular influencers. You can also spot verified users who engage with your account. Because they’re verified, they may be higher quality connections.

You can also sort and organize these connections from the Influencers dashboard. Here, you can see influencers’ engagement scores.

Tweet Binder Influencer Dashboard

This rating can help you find top influencers quickly—so you know where to focus your community building energy.

Do a Twitter audit for your account

After several years and thousands of tweets, you may forget at least some of the things you’ve posted. If you’re concerned about someone digging up old tweets from Twitter that you no longer agree with, do an audit.

For a more powerful search and more in-depth insights, use Tweet Binder. Here’s how to search old tweets and download your Twitter archive:

To find old tweets by date, enter your username and the date range you want to search. You’ll get a report with up to 35,000 posts.

Do you want to find older tweets with specific words or topics? Make sure to add keywords to the search. Then review the tweets from the Tweet Binder dashboard or download the Excel report for further analysis.

If you find any content that you don’t want to appear publicly, archive tweets (i.e., delete them from your profile).

How to clear Twitter search history

Have you noticed your past Twitter searches are affecting the content you see on your timeline? You aren’t imagining things.

Twitter uses your search history to learn about you. The platform can use your Twitter search archive to learn which accounts, topics, and hashtags you like.

Twitter then uses this data to guide the tweets and accounts you see throughout the app. It affects what you see on your for you tab, on the explore tab, and even in search.

You can remove this data by clearing your search history. Here’s how to see Twitter history:

Open Twitter in the app or in a browser. Go to the explore tab and click or tap the search bar. You’ll see a list of your recent searches for accounts, keywords, and hashtags.

Clear Twitter Search History

On desktop, you can click the X to remove individual searches. You can also click “Clear all” to remove all of your search history on Twitter at once.

In the mobile app, you can only clear all searches. To remove select searches only, open Twitter in a browser.

Do you have saved searches? You’ll have to click to remove them one by one. Twitter won’t delete them in bulk with the rest of your search history.

Conclusions – Buy Twitter Historical data without limits

Historical analytics can help to compare data from past years with recent events. With a Tweet Binder Twitter historical report any client can know what was tweeted months or years ago.  Twitter historical data is useful for those times when a community manager has forgotten to analyze a campaign in real time on Twitter.

If you have got to read this whole post you are now a PRO on Twitter historical data. Feel free to create your 1st historical report with us today!

FAQs about Twitter historical search and data

Can you search for tweets from specific dates and times?

Yes. You can add date ranges to any search using Twitter’s advanced search operators ‘since’ and ‘until’. You can also add date ranges by using search operators with Tweet Binder.

Can you search for old tweets with specific hashtags?

Yes. You can use Twitter or Tweet Binder to search for tweets with specific hashtags or keywords from the past.

Can you go incognito on Twitter?

Not exactly. Like most social media platforms, Twitter requires users to log in to use features. However, you can delete your search history to prevent Twitter from using it to personalize your experience.

Does Twitter have your search history?

Yes. Any accounts, keywords, or hashtags you’ve searched for appear in your Twitter search. They remain in your search history indefinitely or until you remove them manually.

Can you delete your Twitter search history?

Yes. To delete your Twitter search history, go to the search bar on mobile or in a browser. Then remove searches one by one or all at once.

Does Twitter delete your search history automatically?

Not exactly. Twitter doesn’t automatically remove your search history. But newer searches eventually bump older searches from your history.

If you delete your Twitter search history, does it disappear from all devices?

Yes. If you delete your search history from any device, it disappears from any other device where you’re logged into your account.

Where can you find your deleted search history?

It isn’t possible to access your deleted search history. Review your search history before deleting so you don’t lose anything important.

Can you see other users’ Twitter search history?

No. This information is not publicly available. You could only see their search history if you had access to their Twitter account.

Can you save searches on Twitter?

No. Twitter used to offer this feature. However, X no longer supports saved searches.

How to search history on Twitter?

The easiest way to use the history search operators since:YYYY-MM-DD and until:YYYY-MM-DD

Does Twitter has history?

Yes, all the tweets ever posted since the Twitter launch in 2006 is accessible and available for historic Twitter search. You can search Twitter history with no date limitation with Tweet Binder using advanced search operators.