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how to search old tweets

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Twitter search history, why is it so important?

The speed at which information is shared on Twitter is incredible, social networks give a lot of dissemination with maximum speed. A lot of campaigns, hashtags and news become trends everyday. People have been sharing content on Twitter for years now, imagine the huge amount of information generated, pure gold. But we are sure you already knew this, when we talk about the Internet and Social Networks we always talk about “fast-growing things” and so on. The Twitter advanced search will help us to see and search old tweets. In Tweet Binder you can go back 7 days for FREE, if you need tweets older than 7 days you have go pro in Tweet Binder. In this post you will find all the information about Twitter historical data, but if what you need is just to analyze a hashtag historically and you don’t want to read this article just click on the next link and go to Tweet Binder.

However, think about the amount of information that it is generated in Twitter everyday, the twitter archive grows day after day. Think about the amount of information that has been generated on Twitter since 2006. That is a huge amount of Twitter dataset. To analyze all this Twitter public information has become very important for agencies and marketing experts. Tools like us, Tweet Binder, didn’t have it very easy at first to analyze Twitter historical data, it was difficult to access but now not anymore. Now you will be able to analyze all the Twitter mentions that you need to.

Thanks to Tweet Binder, the period of time to analyze is not a problem because we can analyze Twitter historical data and create historical reports from Twitter with data from the past years, months, days… you name it. This post explains the importance of Twitter historical information.

Access Tweet Binder

Marketing agencies are loaded with work and this sometimes leads to them to forget to track in real time their clients’ campaigns. This happens more often than it might seem. When analyzing campaigns, the best thing is to set a live Twitter report. But we are all humans and we can miss a campaign once in a while, we get it. Sometimes marketing teams might not realize it until several months later.

Twitter old tweets – how to find old tweets

Old tweets are sometimes a true gold mine for marketers (and stalkers), to learn how to find old tweets is an obligated task nowadays. Years ago Twitter let everyone to search its old tweets archive, so you can access those old tweets easily and free. You can use Tweet Binder or Twitter itself. To access those old tweets you must use the Twitter advanced commands UNTIL and SINCE in the Twitter search box and the format will be YYYY-MM-DD

  • Use UNTIL to filter tweets ending in one specific date, for example: until:2011-08-20
  • Use SINCE to filter tweets starting in one specific date, for example: since:2016-02-19

You can combine both to find old tweets from a specific date. If we’d like to see tweets from Barack Obamas re-election day for example, we will look for the hashtag #Obama2012 on the 20th of January 2012:

#Obama2012 since:2012-01-20 until:2012-02-21

That’s the way to learn how to find old tweets. If you want to analyze or download all those old tweets you would need a Tweet Binder plan or a Twitter historical report. You can even search the most retweeted tweet. In fact, anything can be tracked with Tweet Binder.

Buying Twitter data

Thanks to Tweet Binder it is super easy to analyze Twitter historical data. If you want to buy Twitter data we can help because Tweet Binder provides stats on any Twitter hashtag or term, we provide a full twitter archive to give you stats on any hashtag or keyword. It does not matter if the campaign or event took place months or years ago, we can fetch the data! We are not trying to sell you anything during this post. Our aim is to let you know how to access Twitter old information and why it is important. How to search old tweets. We will talk about “purchasing” reports and so on, but that’s because the historical reports are a premium feature in Tweet Binder.

As was aforementioned, Tweet Binder analyzes any hashtag, term or account also historically, buying Twitter data is the best solution when you want to analyze any Twitter event that took place months or years ago. Twitter historical reports can be requested from our platform if you have a monthly or yearly plan with us or you can just purchase one single historical Twitter report for a specific campaign. These reports are different from the 30-day reports, which only go back up to the last 30 days. These reports can be made from the page, but historical Twitter reports have to be requested to the Tweet Binder Team. Twitter historical data reports take sometimes hours to create.

Historical Twitter data for free

Tweet Binder can provide Twitter historical data for free, yes, we can. The free version of our historical twitter data reports include the last 7 days, you can analyze any hashtag or term for free for the last 7 days on Twitter. Just go to Tweet Binder and write your hashtag or keyword in the search box of our home page. If you need older data, we can also do it with our PRO version which allows you to get historical Twitter data since the beginning of Twitter.

How to search historical tweets? Twitter Search History since 2006

Tweet Binder is all about Twitter analytics and hashtag stats, the twitter history can help us getting stats on any hashtag or keyword; we know the importance of having data from a campaign even if it took place months or years ago, the twitter search history is something quite important. People have been tweeting since 2006, back in the day the hashtag didn’t even exist. As we pointed out before, the amount of information generated since that date is enormous and some of it will mention you or your brand/campaign/event. Analyzing that information can be key for your company if you want to compare, to know old contributors, etc… Imagine that you want to know who used to talk about your brand in 2012.

Twitter old information (twitter history) and twitter search history is a gold mine because it contains the same amount of information than a regular tweet but with information from the past. When analyzing old tweets you step ahead of your competitors or establish Twitter trends. If you want to know what happened on Twitter during Brexit or the USA elections when Donald Trump won, you just have to visit Tweet Binder so you can create your report and Twitter archive.

How to look at old tweets and get historical data?

Can I analyze hashtags that go that far in time? It is a very common question among our users and the answer is yes, always, “yes, for sure”. Thanks to Tweet Binder, you can create Twitter reports with no date limitation. You can search old tweets using the Twitter advanced search or Tweet Binder just following these steps:

  1. Access Tweet Binder
  2. Write the hashtag or term in the search box (don’t hit “create report yet”)
  3. Add after the hashtag the advanced operators “since” and “until” like this: since:YEAR-MONTH-DAY until:YEAR-MONTH-DAY
  4. Now click “create report”
  5. You will go to your historical Twitter report.

Please notice that very old tweets are a pro paid feature, so you will be able to search for free only the recent tweets from the last 7 days. You can purchase a Twitter historical report from our site. These reports can be purchased from our platform in a minute. You will be asked to type the hashtag term or keyword you need to track. You can either type several terms or just one. With the advanced search you can exclude keywords and mark some as mandatory. After doing this, you will be asked to mark the time range you need to track. Then, hit the send button and Tweet Binder will start working.

Try Twitter Historical Data

Twitter Historical Reports – Types of reports

First, we have to start by defining what are considered as Twitter historical analytics. Are stats from the 1 day ago historical? And from one week ago? How about the last 30 days? Can I access and search old tweets from two years ago among the twitter history? Well, at Tweet Binder we have put the barrier to consider something as historical Twitter data in 30 days. This means that an Twitter historical report has to contain stats from the past 30 days or beyond. At Tweet Binder we have two types of Twitter historical reports: the last 30-days reports and the Twitter historical reports per se. The difference between these two reports is that with the historical reports a client can obtain Twitter stats from more than 30 days ago. Twitter monitoring is very important and we are here to help.

If you just want to buy a historical Twitter report hit the next button and come later to read the post:

Purchase historical data now

PRO users of Tweet Binder can create Twitter 30-day report. If you don’t have a PRO Plan with us, you can always purchase a one-off Twitter 30-day report.  This post is useful for those who have a PRO plan and for those who don’t as well. Knowing how to get Twitter historical data is essential for anyone in the digital marketing business.

How to create 30-day Twitter reports

Tweet Binder is a really intuitive and easy-to-use tool, that’s what we try to achieve and we want you to be able to create your own reports with recent information or with old tweets. There is a type of Twitter reports that go back 30 days; these reports can be made directly from the platform. We used to call them historical, but now they are called 30-day reports and can analyze any term or hashtag in the date range of the last 30 days. They contain old tweets, but not as old as the tweets in historical reports.

The process for 30-day reports is quite easy. Thanks to our tool, we can analyze any hashtag and create 30-day reports from Twitter in a few steps. If you need a single report, you may have to purchase it directly from our site. These reports include up to 35,000 tweets from the past 30 days by default, but if you need more tweets they can be added to the report.

Our platform will create the report (advanced report, infographic report, PDF version and the Excel exportation) with tweets from the past 30 days. If you need extra tweets, you can purchase them separately. If you have a subscription with us, the process to get all the 30-day data from Twitter is super easy. You only have to follow these steps.

  • First, you will need to click on the dropdown menu and select the option 30-day report. This historical tab will appear for you to create the report. You only have to fill in the gaps with the information in case you have to run a simple report (one hashtag).

When the search is a combination of terms it is necessary to open the advanced mode. In this case, you have to fill in the fields with the information that you want to include and the ones you want to avoid. You can also choose the language of the search.

  • New Report: Tweet Binder creates the graph with all the stats from the past 30 days. You have to choose the period of time or approve the full graph.
  • Create report: Once we have chosen the time frame, the 30-day report is created. The tool elaborates the report with all the historical data from Twitter. You will have the basic and advanced report as well as its Excel exportation.

How to go back years on Twitter?

Tweet Binder reports offer a wide range of statistics that will help during the analysis of any Twitter marketing campaign. Now we will be talking about the “pure” historical Twitter reports, those who can go back years and years in time. We do not only provide the number of tweets and its classification but also the number of potential Twitter impressions, potential reach and even a resume of the original content shared. To analyze the users that have participated we offer more than 10 rankings of users such as most active, most popular, top engager or top photographers. These come in very handy to detect top twitter accounts that participated in the campaign.

Along with the general statistics, we also provide the economic value of the hashtag or term analyze. This metric stands for the amount of money we would have had to pay in the market in order to get the number of tweets and Twitter impressions we got. This is a very relevant metric as it can help to see if the campaign has been profitable or not. There is a lot to write about the economic value and we have dedicated several posts to this metric.

Obtaining Twitter historical data is not only very easy but also very useful. Back in 2008 there were not as many social media tracking tools as there are now and some campaigns were left without a social analysis. Now it is the time to create your Twitter historical reports and discover the impact your campaign had back then. If you want to analyze any hashtag and create historical reports or a Twitter archive, you should contact Tweet Binder. If you are a PRO user, it is your time to try it and collect all historical Twitter data.

Twitter metrics inside a Twitter historical report

The Twitter analytics you will receive in the report will be the same ones of a regular Tweet Binder PRO report. If you buy twitter data with us you will get a lot of stats. If you are not familiar with our Twitter reports, get ready to get your mind blown away. Our historical analytics reports include all these Twitter metrics:

  • Number of tweets
  • Types of tweets: retweets, text tweets, replies, links and images.
  • Potential Twitter impressions
  • Potential Twitter reach
  • Number of contributors
  • Followers per contributor
  • Instagram pics shares on Twitter
  • Tweets per contributor
  • Activity chart
  • Users rankings:
    • Most active users
    • Retweeters
    • Original users
    • Most popular users
    • Highest impact users
    • Photographers
    • Top engagers by likes
    • Topmost engagers by retweets
    • Top photographers
    • Most mentioned users ranking
    • Most retweeted users ranking
  • Binders stats
  • Languages chart
  • Sentiment analytics
  • Related hashtags ranking
  • Sources chart
  • Twitter Engagement chart (tweets per contributor)
  • Influence chart
  • Timeline

In fact, these are some of the Twitter stats we include in our reports. But there are more. And, what’s best, the information within the report can be exported into an Excel file or even into a PDF. We know how important every number is, that’s why we want to help you understand and work the data as easy as possible.

Historical data with no time limit

When trying to look for Twitter historical data we can come across tons of different Twitter analytics tool. Before of knowing which tweet tracker we want to use, we need to know exactly what we want to analyze. We are saying this because some tools may be useful and others may not offer what we need. With Tweet Binder you can obtain Twitter historical stats with no time limit. If your campaign took place in 2014, you can get a twitter analytics report of its impact, reach and much more. When can these type of reports come in handy? Well, there are several answers to this question, we will see some examples.

Analyze Twitter historical data
Travel back in “Twitter” time with Tweet Binder!

Comparing Twitter data

Most companies and agencies throw the same event each year using the same hashtag. You can analyze old tweets and you will see that many events or TV shows do that. We have come across with lots of clients that have purchased an event analysis for 2019 with us but they also wanted to compare its performance with the event they had in 2017, 2016 or previous years. Those old tweets are still there and can be analyzed if they are public and even you can analyze the sentiment of those tweets.

This is the best way to measure the efficiency of your event. You can compare if it has had more or less tweets or if its Twitter impressions have increase or decrease. Old tweets in this case are pure gold (we say “pure gold” many time, we know, but it is true!). As all our reports are exported to an Excel file, later on it is possible to contrast the users that have participated this year with the ones from earlier years. This can also be applied to music festival or sport events.

Besides events that use the same hashtag, we can also compare historical data of different affairs that may occur regularly. For example, the release of a new album by a music group, the launching of a new season of a TV series, Twitter politics events, etc. We wrote about the release of the new album Freedom Child by the Irish rock band The Script. We are going to compare the launching of this album with when they launched in 2014 No Sound Without Silence. Before analyzing the data it is important to outline that the Script Family has been waiting for this new album for three long years so it is normal that #FreedomChild has more repercussion than #NSWS. 

Freedom Child No Sound Without Silence
7,418 tweets 2,880 tweets
3,158 Contributors 3,158 Contributors
101,828,096 Potential impacts 16,740,170 Potential impacts
17,915,869 Potential reach 8,878,820 Potential reach

Analyzing Twitter data

After having seen all the numbers of the analysis you have gone through, it is time to jump to some conclusions. By comparing Twitter stats from one year to another you can see what went right or wrong. For example, you can analyze what has been said about your speakers and see if people felt better with last year’s board or with this one. Sponsors like to know that the event they have invested in has gone great. So this is good data to show them; they like to put their money in things that work rather than in events that fail. As you can see, you can do an effective use of Twitter in many ways. You just have to choose the way that better fits with your campaign.

Why to choose reports with no time limitation

Sometimes, depending on the type of campaigns, Historical Reports aren’t needed. If your campaign was little, didn’t last for very long or took place within the last 30 days you will need other types of reports. If you don’t know them yet there are some posts in our blog where you can see what each of them offers. However, historical reports are always done for a reason. And that has to do with their characteristics. We have already mentioned them but let’s go through them a bit more deeply so there are no doubts.

  • Reports with no temporal limit. So, they can include information from the past 4 years or two months. That will depend on each report’s needs.
  • The report gets up to 140,000 tweets. This number is the highest among of our reports. You can always purchase extra tweets afterwards.
  • It contains all the metrics. The same amount of data and the same options.
  • It can be exported to an Excel document. This is very valuable because it enables us to work with the information.
  • It can be exporte to PDF. Super useful feature to share the report with other team members.
  • A member of our team will be available if you need email support.

Furthermore, with Tweet Binder’s classify panel you can now sort the information in your report. Tweet Binder Historical Reports give you the chance to make the most out of this feature. By using it, you will be able to classify tweets and put in order all the information or if you want to analyze the relation between Twitter and Bitcoin. That way, besides the visual part of the report, you also get a tool that gives you the chance to manage the information as you need and focus it to your objectives.

How to create Tweet Binder Historical Reports

There are several ways of doing so. You can do it from our homepage by clicking where it says “Historical report” or by going to the reports page (you will find it in the upper menu). These options will take you to the payment page where you will need to enter your card details to insert the hashtag you need o track. Once the payment is done, you will need to enter the Twitter hashtag that needs to be analyzed. After introducing the hashtag and dates that need to be analyzed, the Tweet Binder engine will start collecting tweets. It might take a while to collect all of them. Depending on the volume of tweets it can take from 5 minutes to 4 hours.

Twitter evolves everyday. A lot. It has nothing to do with the Twitter that you signed up for when you created your accounts. Changes are not bad. In fact, they are usually necessary. What is also important is not to forget what has already has happened. It’s the same with Twitter and the tweets already have been shared. Making comparative reports or getting old statistics about an account, that’s what Twitter historical data is helpful for. There are some companies that prefer to focus on the present. But it has been proven that taking into account what has already been tweeted helps to make better strategic decisions. Tweet Binder receives petitions to search old tweets daily. That’s why we are going to explain why and how to do it.

This is a good alternative to topsy com. Since the day Topsy died marketeers all over the globe have been looking for a tool that could given them Twitter data. By running a Tweet Binder historical Twitter report you will get more or less the same results as with Topsy com. Feel free to give it a try whenever you need to.

Why is it important to analyze old tweets?

Firstly, because Twitter historical data gives perspective. It shows the amount of tweets and the accounts that were relevant. The things is that Twitter is like a town’s square. There are several conversations at the same time and about different topics. So, it is important to take time to check those tweets that talked, for example, about my brand. Or, on the other hand, Twitter historical data can help us to discover those accounts that started a relevant conversation or hashtag.

Secondly, old tweets are crucial to make decisions. We may have a strong marketing plan; but if we don’t know what has already happened, we are not going to be able to succeed. Take time to revise old campaigns. Request your competitors old data. Give yourself the information to make informed decisions. You may have already found out your own reason to get a Twitter historical report.

Many professionals need hashtag Twitter analytics for campaigns that happened months ago. The question is: How to search old tweets? Which old Twitter data can we analyze? We were asked that question by many times everyday for months in the past. It was a common question because people need to have the analytics of past events or campaigns. For example, because maybe they forgot to run a report right after the end the campaign. Or it could be because they were not aware of the importance of those tweets or data when they were published. Anyway, the answer is yes and it can be done fast and for a really reasonable price.

How can I access old tweets from an account?

Accessing to someone else’s old tweets is now more trendy than ever. We live in a world where everyone wants to know what someone tweeted years ago. For example, when someone becomes president, people run to Twitter to see what they tweeted years before they were elected. This is not a very nice thing to do when the tweets have inappropriate content but is something people do. That is why it is important for you to know how to see someones old tweets.

If you just need to see the tweets, you can go to and in the search box type what you need to look for. So, imagine that Lady Gaga becomes president of the United States of America in 2032. All the press and media will run to Twitter to type the following in the search box: from:@ladygaga since:2009-03-01 until:2009-04-01. This way, tweets Lady Gaga sent in March 2009 will display in the Twitter timeline. So steps are:

    1. Go to Twitter
    2. Type from:@account
    3. Select the time frame since:year-month-day until:year-month-day
    4. Click on search

What can I do with old tweets?

Analyzing Twitter historical data can be a bit hard, but very rewarding. When  you buy twitter data from Tweet Binder, you will be able to check all the stats we offer and access the users rankings for example, but once we have overcome the obstacle of obtaining the old tweets, let’s seen what we can do with them:

  1. Research purposes: from tweet sharing behavior to key account that may shared content about the tweets we have
  2. Comparing periodical data: (for example, an event that takes place yearly or a campaign that has been talked about for a while)
  3. To establish a catalog with the tweets mentioning an account (from a company, institution …)

These are just a few reasons why analyzing old tweets is a valuable decision. You may have your. The only you need to be sure of is that we can help you analyze any tweet from any time. No matter if you want to impress your boss or a client. Check out your old campaigns or past Twitter needs and feel free to contact us if you think we could help you out.

#NBAPlayoffs Twitter historical report

The NBA Playoffs take place each year in order to close the season. The past 2018 April 14th the #NBAPlayoffs began, the twitter archive of those tweets is public. They will end when the 2018 NBA finals are played. Tweet Binder is one of the best social media monitoring tools. That is why we provide our clients many types of reports which can fit any kind of event. In this case, we needed a Twitter historical report in order to collect all the tweets sent using the #NBAPlayoffs hashtag.

Defining the period of time analyzed in the Twitter historical report

The #NBAPlayoffs hashtag is frequently used. In fact, people use it every year when the event takes place. This is the main reason why it is important to correctly define the period of time that will be included in our historical report. This way we assure that we will include exactly what we are looking for. Twitter historical report, we can find many different types of metrics which include data from those specific dates. Throughout these metrics we will obtain lots of information related to the activity our hashtag has generated. We can classify and manage the information as want to. As a result we will be able to make the most out of our report if you want to track an event or a Twitter chat.

Why have we chosen a historical report for the #NBAPlayoffs?

It is an event which generates lots of activity. Many basketball fans share their opinions, information, experiences or media via Twitter. The Tweet Binder reports collect all the activity. But, what should we be aware of in order to choose the perfect report? At Tweet Binder we offer many options but first, it is necessary to know all the details about our hashtag. This is helpful in order to choose correctly the type of report that we will use. In this case the #NBAPlayoffs hashtag was very used and over a large period of time. So, lets see the characteristics of all de reports we can choose between to see which one is the best for us.

  • A free Twitter report: analyzes up tu 500 tweets in a 7 days period.
  • PRO Twitter report: analyzes up to 10,000 tweets in a 7 days period.
  • Last month report: analyzes up to 35,000 from the last 30 days.
  • Twitter historical report and twitter archive: allows us to get data from any hashtag without time limit.
  • Live report: analyzes tweets in real time allowing us to see the stats whenever we need to.

In this case the perfect option is the Twitter historical report. It allows us to analyze the #NBAPlayoffs hashtag since the beginning until the end. This type of reports are perfect for those events which last for a long period of time, which have lots of activity or both situations.

Discover all the activity behind your hashtag with our reports. If you already know which one is the best for you, go ahead! If not, our team is willing to help you.

Alternative to Topsy for Twitter historical data

Topsy com was a great tool, it let us know how many tweets any hashtag or keyword got in the last 30 days at least. It was very powerful for Twitter and many people used everyday. One day it got acquired by Apple (Yes, Apple?) and one year after the purchase it was eliminated. Topsy was one of the most used tools to analyze old tweets and historical twitter data, it was free and fast and by inserting any hashtag or term in the search box it would give you a twitter count.

The best alternatives to Topsy you will find in Tweet Binder are: (we mentioned already before these types of reports but that’s ok)

  • Twitter historical reports: these reports will give you a total count of the hashtag (they act as a tweet counter) but also many other stats. These reports take a bit long to create, sometimes even hours but they are worth it.
  • Twitter 30-day reports: the output will be the same than a historical report, but it will cover only any time frame in the last 30 days. These 30-day reports have something in common with the hashtag counter of Topsy because they give you a tweets count before creating the report.

How to analyze old tweets like Topsy did

Besides seeing the actual old tweets from an account, it may also be necessary to analyze those tweets, analyzing is not the same than “seeing”. Why is it so? Because knowing how many tweets were sent or how many Twitter impressions they have is also relevant from a statistical point of vie. And that is where Tweet Binder comes in handy (We love our tool, can you tell?). With our hashtag counter, a client can obtain Twitter historical analytics on anything: hashtags, etc. It does not necessarily need to be old tweets from an specific account. We can also count hashtags, keywords or terms. In order to analyze old tweets you can run either a 30-day Twitter report or a historical Twitter analytics. 

Topsy was a great tool, we all loved it, but it is time to move on and analyze social media content with another tool. Since you are in Tweet Binder’s blog we will use Tweet Binder (clever are you).

Creating a Historial Report is really easy with Tweet Binder. This report gives you access to all of your tweets from the last years or more. You can analyze the tweets of a #hashtag, keyword or account. The date range is the limit not the number of tweets. The Historical Report offers comprehensive data and statistical rankings that include the most active users, the most popular users, images gallery…

Twitter historical useful metrics

The metrics inside a Twitter historical where aforementioned in this post. However, here a very brief list of the Twitter historical stats that can be found inside a Twitter historical report:

  • Total number of tweets
  • Typification of tweets (original and retweets)
  • Classification of original tweets
  • Twitter impressions
  • Twitter reach
  • Rankings of users
  • Economic value stats
  • Sentiment Twitter analytics

How to get a Twitter historical report

If you own a Tweet Binder PRO plan, you can request historical reports to the Tweet Binder team. The Advanced and the premium plan have historical reports included in their balance. However, as with the 30-day Twitter reports, Twitter historical analytics can also be obtained one per time. This means that if you don’t want to subscribe to a Tweet Binder pro plan you can purchase twitter historical reports whenever you need to. The process is very simple:

  1. Visit the Twitter Historical Report payment link
  2. Enter your payment details
  3. Proceed to payment
  4. Enter the hashtag, term, keyword or account that need to be tracked
  5. Select the time range
  6. Hit the send button

After doing this, the Tweet Binder system will start collecting tweets with your query. Depending on the number of tweets the request will take from 15 minutes to one or two hours.

Twitter historical data without limits

twitter historical data
Tweet binder image for old tweets

We receive tons of emails asking for Twitter historical reports and tweets sent a long time ago. That’s why we have decided to offer Twitter historical data and implement those reports into the tool. Now, any client can analyze old tweets sent from any account and with any hashtag. We know there are a lot hashtags shared around the world. We are also aware that there is a real need to compare data from different date ranges and that every tweet should be taken into account when creating a report, no matter when it was shared.

Now we are offering:

  • Access to tweets from the last 30 days: this case covers 90% of the cases and in a few minutes you will be able to have your Tweet Binder report.
  • Access to tweets sent more 30 days (old tweets): in this case, if you have a very very very old campaign, we will be able to create the report for you but it will take a little longer, a few hours depending on the number of tweets.

So, if you’re thinking about a campaign that you forgot to analyze. If you want to know which account received more mentions at your summit. Or if you need to know how the use of a hashtag has evolved throughout the years, historical reports are what you need. They include:

  • Complete stats: number of tweets, number of retweets, number of contributors…
  • Activity timeline
  • User rankings: most active, most original, most popular… More than 10 rankings are available
  • Related hashtags
  • Most mentioned accounts

The list of features included is very complete and worthy. And what’s also really important, we can export all the tweets and data analyzed. That way, with your historical report you receive: the basic version, the advanced one, the Excel exportation and the PDF with the complete information of the report. You can even create customized reports or track followers on Twitter. And if you need to create an advanced report and analyze hashtags and accounts on the same report, we can also help you. We can analyze: hashtags, accounts, links, words… There are no limits with creating Tweet Binder reports. You just have to let us know which is your need and we’ll offer you the most competent solution to give you your data.

Conclusions – Trust and buy Twitter Historical data with Tweet Binder

It has been explained throughout this post, accessing to old tweets may seem hard but it is very simple. With a Tweet Binder Twitter historical report any client can know what was tweeted months or years ago. Also, historical analytics can help to compare data from past years with recent events. Twitter historical data is useful for those times when a community manager has forgotten to analyze a campaign in real time on Twitter.

If you have got to read this whole post you are now a PRO on Twitter historical data. Feel free to contact us any time if you still have some questions or want to know more about our historical reports.