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Advanced Twitter search

Twitter can be very confusing sometimes, full of tweets and terms. It can be hard sometimes to get to the tweets you are looking for. Fortunately, Twitter has the option of running advanced searches. We have written several posts about this, here is an example. What this advanced operators allows you to do is to run a more accurate search. You can filter tweets by language, by date and even by location. But, what if you need the stats for tweets sent during an specific period of time? No worries, Tweet Binder can help you with that. Same as Twitter, Tweet Binder has an advanced search that allows you to filter tweets. Let’s see how to analyze hashtags by date with Tweet Binder. 

Tweet Binder for search
Tweet Binder allows you to use the Twitter advanced search

Analyze hashtags by date

There are several ways of filtering tweets by date with Tweet Binder. First, you have to decide which period of time you want to track. Depending on that, you will need one kind of report or another. As you know, Tweet Binder has no limit when running historical reports. You can choose between:

  •  7-day report: Up to 10,000 tweets form the last 7 days (FREE version of up to 2,000 tweets)
  • 30-day report: Up to 35,000 tweets from the last 30 days
  • Historical report: Up to 140,000 tweets with no date limitation (it can go back for months and years)

The advanced search can be applied to any of those kind of reports. The way of applying it is different in each one of them. We are going learn how to run a 7-day report filtered by date.

Create your FREE 7-day report

7-day report filtered by date

These kind of reports have also a FREE version which gives up to 2,000 tweets from the last 7 days on any hashtag, account or term. They can be created from the homepage of Tweet Binder or from the user’s private dashboard. Let’s analyze a hashtag by date. We are going to use as an example the hashtag #VMA. 

To analyze hashtags by date we will go to the search box and type: #VMA since:2018-08-13 until:2018-08-14. This will give us all the stats of the hashtag just for the 13th of August. If, for example, we want to compare that day with the previous one we will type: #VMA since:2018-08-12 until:2018-08-13 to run a report on August 12th.

Tweet Binder advanced Twitter search
Hashtag filtered by date – #VMA since:2018-08-13 until:2018-08-14

As you can see, it is very easy to filter a hashtag by date. It is not only easy but also useful. You can have a general report on a hashtag but you can filter the tweets by day. This means that you can see a hashtag evolution by creating daily reports. With the medium monthly plan you can have a real time campaign running and you can create unlimited 7-day reports. Meaning that you will be able to have the general report and to run 7-day reports filtered by date.

The Tweet Binder Team can help you

If you still don’t know how to filter tweets by date or you need any kind of assistance with your reports, feel free to contact us. The Tweet Binder Team is always available and willing to help your Twitter analytics. Also, know that filtering a hashtag by date is just the beginning, the Advanced Twitter search gives us a lot of possibilities!

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