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Accurate Twitter searches

How many tweets were shared with my hashtag? How many of those tweets were sent yesterday? Were any of them written in French? What if I only need the pictures? These are valid questions and all of them can be answered. We have spoken several times about the Twitter advanced search. Sometimes you don’t need the whole amount of tweets shared with a hashtag. Sometimes you might need to summarize your search in order to make the most out of all the data. In this post we are going to go through some of the most useful Twitter filters.

Tweet Binder analyzes mentions to #FantasticBeasts AND Nagini
#FanstacticBeasts AND Nagini Sep 25, 2018 13:45:36 – Sep 27, 2018 13:37:03 – PRO report by Tweet Binder

Filtering tweets

1. By language

Twitter advanced search works with Tweet Binder reports. If you want to filter tweets by language you just need to know the code of the language you need. Some examples are: ES for Spanish, FR for french or EN for english. When does this filter come in handy? English is a language spoken worldwide. Some marketing agencies tend to use hashtag in this language even though the campaign is going to take place in France. The thing with this global hashtags is that the might have lots of unrelated tweets. So, what can we do with this? Use the Twitter Advanced Search! Imagine that our hashtag is #SocialMedia18 and our event has taken place in Paris. What we would type in our search is #SocialMedia18 lang:fr. This way, we will only obtain tweets written in French.

2. By date

Filtering tweets by date is a very common solution. With Tweet Binder you can analyze tweets with no date limitation. This means that you can look for a hashtag since 2009, for example. These historical reports are done under demand, but any user can create a 7-day report for free. How to accurate a search by date? You just need to go to www.tweetbinder.com and type #SocialMedia18 since:2018-10-11 until:2018-10-13. Dates have to be between the last 7 days. 

3. By type of tweet

This type of filter is not very popular but it is very useful. Imagine that you only need the tweets that contain a picture. There is no need to run a report on the whole hashtag and then look for each picture. You just need to type in the search box the following query: #SocialMedia18 PIC. Are you just looking for links? Then, you will need to type #SocialMedia18 HTTP  Which are the most used filters? The ones that separate the original tweets from the retweets. If we are looking for original tweets we would need to type #SocialMedia18 -RT. On the contrary, if what we are looking for are the retweets shared, we would need to type #SocialMedia18 RT.

Try to create your own free report

These are just three of the filters that you can apply to a Twitter search. The best thing is to try it and learn from the experience. To do so, you can go to www.tweetbinder.com and start creating your first free reports. Try looking for a global hashtag and filter it by any language or type of tweet that you want to. Do you have any questions about this? Contact our team and the will happily help you!

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