Twitter Advanced Search – Tips and Guidelines

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The importance of analyzing hashtags on Twitter

Measuring hashtags has become vital in any Communication and Marketing department. The importance of knowing the activity of our campaigns on Twitter is unquestionable. For that reason, we will explain how to make the most of the advanced search on Twitter. These parameters can also be used when you analyze hashtags in Tweet Binder. You will be able to search for Tweets by a Specific date or detect tweets with a certain number of retuits. Everything you need to know is available in this guide.

Advanced Search on Twitter

We can run the advanced search on Twitter through the following form. It is easy to set the different fields and get the final parameters. First of all, we have to visit the Advanced Twitter search engine to begin our search.

Twitter Image
Complete the gaps and create your advanced search

Within this form, we find different criteria. Thanks to those parameters we can delimit our advanced search on Twitter. We can filter according to the type of content and language of the tweets and/or the accounts that have been mentioned. We can also search tweets by date and location.

By words: To be able to filter by words and/or language we find the following criteria.

  • All of these words: Tweets that contain all the words contained in this field regardless of their order
  • This exact phrase: Twitter looks for the exact matches. Tweets that contain what we exactly write in this field
  • Any of these words: Combining the different terms to show the tweets containing any of those words (no matter if they are in different tweets)
  • None of these words: You can exclude words from your search and delete non related terms not
  • These hashtags: Tweets shared under these hashtags
  • Written in: Language of the tweets

By accounts: To be able to filter by users we find the following fields:

  • From these accounts: Twitter will show the tweets sent by the account that we type in this field
  • To these accounts: Tweets sent to this account
  • Mentioning these accounts: The results will show the tweets that mention these accounts

Near this place: Tweets sent from exact locations within a determined distance
Min. Retweets: You can search for #hashtag min_retweets:100 if you want to discover the tweets with more than this amount of RTs

Search for Tweets by a Specific Date on Twitter

One of the most commonly used options is to search for tweets by date. When it comes to finding the relevant tweets of a specific period, we can select the start and end date. For that reason, we can delimite and see only those tweets that have been sent during the requested time slot. We have to remember that we will not receive the retuits after that day.

Search by dates
Select the period of time

Analyze hashtags with Tweet Binder

This advanced searches are very useful to find tweets but it is vital to analyze these tweets and know their impact and statistics. Tweet Binder can analyze hashtags, terms or accounts. Moreover, the tool can be used  with advanced commands. The most important are the following:

By dates: Valid for searches from home

  • #TweetBinder since: 2017-10-11 (tweets since 11th October)
  • @tweetbinder until: 2017-10-11 (tweets until 11th October)
  • “analytical tool” since: 2017-10-11 until: 2017-10-19 (tweets between 11st and 18th October inclusive)

By type of tweet:

  • #SocialMedia RT (only RTs)
  • #Marketing HTTP (Tweets containing link)
  • #Hashtag PIC (Tweets containing image)
  • #Analytics -HTTP -PIC (all Tweets less those containing links and images)

By language:

  • English – #TweetBinder lang:en
  • Spanish – #TweetBinder lang:es
  • Italian – #TweetBinder lang:it
  • French – #TweetBinder Lang:fr

Multiple searches:

  • #TweetBinder and @tweetbinder (tweets containing the two terms)
  • #TweetBinder OR @tweetbinder (tweets containing #TweetBinder and tweets containing @tweetbinder)
  • from: @tweetbinder (Tweets sent from the account @ Tweetbinder)

Now is your time to put in practice all these guidelines. You will get the most out of the advanced search on Twitter. If you need to analyze any of these searches and get your analytical report on Twitter, do not hesitate to visit

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