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NOTICE that our plans have changed. There are a lot Twitter monitoring tools and plenty of people looking for Twitter analytics at any time. No matter if you run a big account or if you a create reports for a periodical event, measuring is essential. Twitter data are pretty easy to interpret when you know the basic Twitter concepts. Twitter reporting should be a easy part of your daily social media tasks. With the right Twitter tool you should be able to amaze your client. That’s what Tweet Binder’s Twitter plan does. It includes real time analytics, Historical data and Excel exportation. It’s the best source to help you get the maximum of your account and tweets. Here you can check Twitter Plan’s main characteristics:

Twitter real time tracking

Twitter analytics are essential if we want to understand how your campaigns work. It is not ok to just share a tweet with a hashtag and ask your followers to reply or retweet. You should monitor the Twitter data and act according to how the campaign evolve. Twitter real time tracking is really simple with Tweet Binder. Being able to check the statistics as they happen is really useful feature. And find out the most important tweets or the most influential accounts tweeting about your hashtag.

Tracking twitter terms live with Tweet Binder
Real time tracking of hashtags will give us useful stats we can use to move our campaign in one direction or another.

Twitter historical reports

Tweet Binder has become an indispensable Twitter monitoring tool thanks to its complete a deep access to Twitter historical data. With the Twitter Plan you can create reports containing tweets from the maximum the last 30 day since the current day. Though if you need to get tweets from later on time, you can ask us and we’ll help you right away. Creating historical reports is really easy and quick. You won’t have to worry about not having tracked an old campaign. You are going to be able to create your own historical report with the date range that you decide.

Tweet Binder panel
Tweet Binder allows you to analyze any hashtag from the past 30 days

Excel exportation

Analyzing Twitter data is crucial to understand if our campaigns are successful. But understanding the Twitter statistics provided on the Twitter reports it is also mandatory. You have to understand every figure in order to make reasoned decision. Our Excel files are perfect to help you get right conclusions and to check all the tweets shared. The Excel file is a complete source of information waiting to be broke down.

The Tweet Binder Twitter Plan is your best ally to get the maximum of Twitter data and to unfold Twitter analytics like a PRO. You are going to be able to contact Tweet Binder team for any question or need that you may have. You gradually would learn to create your own reports. Besides, you can also amaze even more to your clients with our branded reports. If you have a Twitter Plan, you get a discount when deciding your reports’ design.

Tweet Binder is always willing to improve its services and plans. If there is something that you think is missing, you have to let us know. You are a essential part of Tweet Binder. We trust you as we hope you trust us with your Twitter analytics. Feel free to contact us anytime.