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Shakira BZRP Music Sessions #53

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Many different things can come to our minds when we think of Twitter. Viral tweets, place to express opinions, place to complain about something or even to just get thoughts off our chests. One use that can be given to Twitter is gossip. And that is what Shakira BZRP Music Sessions #53 was all about. Tweet Binder, our hashtag tracking tool, has run an analysis on the main facts that surrounded the polemic.

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool. It is the place where brands have to be. Sometimes we find very well thought campaigns and sometimes some brands see themselves immersed in global conversation without having it planned. That is what happened to Casio or Twingo after the Shakira BZRP song. Let’s dive in its Twitter analysis. If you want you can try to type Shakira in the following search box and see the results:

Twitter and Music Sessions #53

The main use people give to Twitter is to express their opinions. This has been clear after the Music session between Shakira and BZRP. In fact, we can say that expressing our opinions on about someone else’s live can be considered a national sport. This can be fact-checked with the following Twitter counter for Shakira BRZP:

shakira bzrp Twitter counter
Tweet counter for Shakira BZRP by Tweet Binder

Twitter has been flooded with messages about the song. Specially about the lyrics. Shakira and BZRP managed to get a noticeable tweet peak activity. But, what was people tweeting about the song and the lyrics? Let’s check it.

Brands mentioned on Music Sessions #53

Beyond the indirect (and no so indirect) messages included in the song, some brands are mentioned. In this post we are not going to analyze the lyrics or the double meanings of the song. What we are going to see is how brand awareness has been increased after the Shakira BZRP song. The main brands mentioned are one the one hand, Casio and Rolex and on the other hand Ferrari and Twingo.

The most mentioned brand on Twitter has been Casio with over one million tweets:

Mentions to Casio after Shakira BZRP song
Casio received over 1 million tweets after the music sessions #53

The second most mentioned brand has been Rolex:

Mentions to Rolex after Shakira BZRP
Over 580K tweets mentioned Rolex after the Shakira BZRP Music Sessions

On the other hand, thanks to our Twitter tracking tool we know that Twingo has received over 470,000 tweets and Ferrari over 300,000 tweets.

Shakira and BZRP on Twitter

Of course, the artists didn’t loose the chance to share the song on twitter. In fact, the tweets they have sent have been the most retweeted ones. We can use the twitter advanced search commands to finds those tweets. We need to type Shakira BZRP min_retweets:60000 to find them.


The main conclusion we can get from all this is the importance of analyzing what is beings said about us on Twitter. If we are a brand or an artist or someone relevant on social media we need to keep track of our mentions and messages. Tweet Binder’s doors are always open to help: