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Frequently asked questions

Main questions about our Social Walls

1 Can I choose the content I don't want to show on the screen?

Yes, sure. You can choose the tweets or Instagram posts that will not appear on the screen. This type of moderation is called “soft moderation”, you will choose the info that will not appear on the screen. Tweet Binder brings by default the “hard moderation” where you choose what to show on the screen.

2 Is there a "panic button"?

Yes, there is a button that blocks the Social Wall showing a customized message with or without a picture. This blocker will show until you decide to deactivate it.

3 Do I have to be at the event to moderate?

No, you can do it from anywhere as long as you have Internet connection.

4 Can I send customized messages to the wall?

Yes, you have an option that sends customized messages to the social wall. For example, you can send one to remember the attendants the wifi password or to give exposure to a sponsor.

5 Can I display a Social Media Wall on any screen?

Yes, Social Media Walls can be adapted to any screen resolution. Standard walls have a resolution of 1920*1080px

6 What does a Social Media wall include?

A Social Media wall includes the analysis of the event’s hashtag on Twitter, Instagram or both. It also includes the URL with the Social Media Wall, Social Media reports and technical support.

7 Can I choose the posts that are being displayed?

Yes, there is a moderation tab where you will have access to all the posts about your event. This way, only whatever you decide will be displayed.

8 Can I try the Social Media Wall before the event?

Yes, we always give a trial URL to see that the Social Wall fits on the screen. Once you have tried it, we will create the Social Wall for the event.

9 How do I receive the Social Wall? How can I integrate it with my event?

It is very simple. We will send you an URL that you just need to open in a browser which is connected to the event’s screen. It will be automatically displayed and the only thing left to do is moderate the content.

10 Which Social Networks can be included in a Social Media Wall?

A Social Media Wall can include Twitter or Instagram content. Of course, it can include both as well. If a Twitter account is public, everything that it publishes with the hashtag can potentially appear on the screen.

11 Do I need to have Twitter or Instagram to participate? What is TWAP?

No, you don’t need to have Twitter or Instagram. TWAP is a feature that allows you to share content at an event without having a Twitter or Instagram account. This way, you don’t need to publish from your private account.

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