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#GRAMMYs 2023 – Twitter review

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What are the #GRAMMYs?

The Grammy Awards are a yearly ceremony to recognize excellent work in the music business. One of the most esteemed honors in the music business, it is granted by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and honors brilliance in a variety of musical genres, including pop, rock, country, and classical. The membership of the Academy, which consists of artists, producers, engineers, and other members of the music business, votes on the winners. Of course, the Grammys on Twitter are huge as well.

How Twitter activity boosts Grammys exposure

There are various ways that Twitter engagement might increase awareness of the Grammy Awards:

  1. Live tweeting is a way for people to follow along with the award show in real time, react to what is happening, and comment on performances and winners. This starts a virtual dialogue that might boost interest in and participation in the event.
  2. Trending hashtags: Twitter users can use the official Grammy Awards hashtag to join the conversation and express their opinions about the ceremony. This might help spread the word and draw greater interest to the awards.
  3. Celebrity involvement: A lot of celebrities tweet about their experiences and interactions with other celebrities while at the Grammy Awards. This may spark interest in the event and generate enthusiasm.
  4. Behind-the-scenes content: Twitter provides a platform for music industry insiders, journalists, and others to share behind-the-scenes content. Such as red carpet photos, backstage interviews, and other exclusive content. This can add another layer of excitement and engagement for fans of the awards.

By using Twitter to increase engagement and create a virtual conversation around the Grammy Awards, the event can gain more exposure and reach a wider audience. And not only the tweets are valuable marketing assets but also the data they generate.

How to analyze #GRAMMYs Twitter data?

That is why counting with Twitter analytics tools such as Tweet Binder is so important. You can enter Twitter and check the tweets about the #GRAMMYs 2023 but a proper tool will ease you the process of finding and analyzing all the data. In fact, there are different ways to approach Twitter data. Here we have, for example, the tweet count for #GRAMMYs:

#GRAMMYs Twitter count
Tweet Binder tweet counter for #GRAMMYs 2023: almost 4M tweets!

For instance, if your focus on the Twitter data about #GRAMMYs is analyzing all the tweets ever posted about the hashtags, you would need to rely on a Twitter historical report. However, if we are interested in tracking the data and tweets of the @RecordingAcad, then you may consider the Twitter archive report.

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Main #GRAMMYs 2023 tweets

Thanks to Tweet Binder hashtag tracking system and thanks to Twitter advanced search we know the #GRAMMYS top tweets. A relevant tweet could be the one with the highest number of retweets. So, which is the 2023 #GRAMMYs most retweeted tweet? This one:

And, which is the #GRAMMYs most liked tweets of 2023?

Another #GRAMMYs highlight is that Beyoncé is now the most awarded artist ever in the GRAMMYs history. That huge accomplishment has also its own Twitter impact because Beyoncé has been mentioned over 2 million times:

Beyoncé tweet count by Tweet Binder
Beyoncé Twitter data after winning the Grammy for Best Urban Album


Not everybody is pleased with the awards. We find it difficult to comprehend how Taylor Swift or Adele did not receive more Grammy awards. However, let’s allow the music to continue playing and the tweets to continue flooding our screen. Because it’s crucial to keep in mind that Tweet Binder makes it possible to keep track of everything on Twitter