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How to Make Money on Twitter: 15 Strategies to Monetize X

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Do you want to get paid to tweet or find ways to earn money on X? From sponsored tweets to creator ads revenue sharing, you have tons of options to monetize your Twitter account.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to make money on Twitter. We’ll explore 15 strategies to try, tools to use, and examples of how much you can expect to earn.

But first things first.

How much can you expect to earn from Twitter?

The amount you can earn on X depends on a few factors:

  • Audience size: As a general rule, more followers often mean more income. A bigger audience usually leads to more opportunities to find subscribers, get affiliate purchases, or encourage tips.
  • Audience engagement: A large audience won’t help you if followers never interact with your content. Higher engagement rates mean followers will be more likely to reply to your posts, click your affiliate links, and subscribe to your exclusive content.
  • Monetization tools: You have to meet specific requirements (see below) to use some Twitter monetization tools. Once you become eligible, you’ll have more options to start making money on Twitter.

Curious how much you could charge for sponsored tweets or brand partnerships? Calculate the value of your profile or hashtag to get a sense of how much your Twitter is worth.

Create a free Tweet Binder report by entering your Twitter handle or hashtag. (Use “from:handle” to analyze tweets from your account.) When the report generates, scroll down to view the estimated value of your profile or hashtag.

For example, the estimated value of every tweet Cristiano Ronaldo posts is $188,536.25.

How much my Twitter worth – calculate with Tweet Binder

Create free report with Tweet Binder

How to get a payout from Twitter

If you join Twitter’s ad revenue sharing program, you have to set up a Stripe account. All Twitter payouts go through Stripe.

You can choose from several options to receive payments for Subscriptions, Ticketed Spaces, and Tips. Services like Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App all work for these kinds of Twitter payments.

15 Best (and easiest) ways to make money on Twitter / X

Whether you have products to sell or you want to build a community, you can make money on Twitter. Here are 15 ways to earn income on this social media platform. 

1. Become an influencer

Do you already have an engaged following on Twitter? Do your followers purchase the products you recommend?

Put your influence to work and partner with brands you love. As an influencer, you get paid to promote brands’ products.

Take Miranda Cohen, a personal trainer and Gymshark athlete. She frequently tweets about the brand’s athletic wear, using her influence to boost awareness and drive sales.

Tweet of mirandacohenfit
Tweet of mirandacohenfit

Influencers typically get paid per campaign. The average payment depends on the brand and your audience size.

Think your audience is too small for you to succeed with influencer marketing? Brands work with influencers of all sizes. Even nano-influencers (1,000 to 10,000 followers) can make great brand ambassadors and use Twitter to make money.

2. Use affiliate marketing

Similar to influencer marketing, affiliate marketing involves promoting other brands. It’s a great opportunity to use your clout to make money.

So, what’s the difference? As an affiliate, you make money when someone buys the items you recommend. To sell products, you share an affiliate link or discount code in a tweet.

For example, Yvonne is a gamer and a Hello Fresh affiliate. In the tweet below, she includes an affiliate link and an incentive to encourage followers to sign up for the meal service.

Tweet of Yvonnie
Tweet of Yvonnie

When followers click the link and make a purchase, the brand automatically attributes the sale to the affiliate. Most affiliate programs pay a flat fee per sale or a percentage of every purchase.

3. Post sponsored tweets

When you pursue affiliate or influencer marketing, you typically create your own unique content to promote the brand. It’s a good option for creators who know how to produce engaging content.

So, how do you get paid to tweet? Some brands are willing to pay for sponsored tweets. The brand provides the content, and you post it to your account.

For example, Adrian Zduńczyk is a financial consultant with over 650,000 followers. In the post below, he shares a sponsored tweet by SafePal that promotes a giveaway.

Tweet of Crypto_birb
Tweet of Crypto_birb

Brands that pay for tweets often partner with Twitter users who have large audiences. To earn money from sponsored tweets, you typically need at least 100,000 followers and an active Twitter profile.

4. Promote branded contests

To create even more value, partner with brands to create contests. These contests often include cash prizes for winners. You can earn a commission just for promoting them.

Below, creator Ludwig Ahgren partners with Crocs to promote a contest with a $50,000 prize pool.

Tweet of ludwigahgren
Tweet of ludwigahgren

Branded contests are less common than sponsored tweets and other types of influencer marketing. But they can be lucrative for Twitter users with larger audiences and wider reach.

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5. Share exclusive content via Subscriptions

If you’re a creator with an engaged audience, you can also earn money from X Subscriptions (formerly Super Follows). You charge subscribers a monthly fee for access to exclusive content.

Creators typically charge between $2 and $5 per month. The type of content included in each Subscription completely depends on the creator.

For example, Marques Brownlee uses this feature to give subscribers a sneak peek at projects and first dibs on products he releases.

Twitter Profile Mkbhd

Other creators use the tool to publish exclusive videos and tweets. Subscribers can view exclusive content from the “Subs” tab on the creator’s profile.

6. Host Ticketed Spaces on Twitter

Prefer to charge for one-off content instead of for a monthly subscription? Ticketed Spaces give you the option to host paid events for followers.

With Ticketed Spaces, you get complete control over the ticket price. You can charge anywhere from $1 for a quick chat to $999 for a large-scale event.

For example, this tweet by Tiara Willis promotes a Ticketed Space with advice for ambitious creators. Tickets cost $9.99, and the creator capped attendance at 200 people.

Tweet of Thetiarawillis

7. Accept tips on Twitter

When followers truly value your content, they may feel inspired to thank you with one-time payments. As a result, you may not need to charge for ticketed events or monthly subscriptions.

With Twitter Tips, anyone can pay you any amount at any time. All they have to do is tap the Tips button, choose a payment method, and send money.

Below, Egline Samoei’s profile displays a Tips button to the right of the profile photo. The creator accepts Patreon payments, but Twitter also supports several other payment options (details below).

Tweet of Egline Samoei
Tweet of Egline Samoei

8. Direct followers to your email list

For many creators, it’s worth experimenting with Twitter’s built-in Subscriptions and Ticketed Spaces. But can you make money on Twitter if you don’t meet monetization guidelines (details below)? Absolutely.

Use your Twitter followers to grow an audience on another platform. For example, point your Twitter audience to your email list.

Give followers a clear reason to subscribe and follow you on another platform. Below, Justin Welsh uses social proof (215,000+ subscribers) to entice more followers to join.

Tweet of thejustinwelsh
Tweet of thejustinwelsh

Newsletters can be free or paid. Consider offering a paid tier if you have exclusive content to share with subscribers.

Even if you don’t charge for the newsletter, you can still monetize it. For example, link to paid products and services or find sponsors to advertise in your newsletter.

9. Build a membership community

You can also leverage X followers to grow a paid membership community on a platform like Slack, Circle, or Podia.

Membership communities are completely customizable. Yours can include anything from a private forum to a learning platform. You can charge a monthly fee that aligns with the content you offer.

Below, Rowan Cheung promotes a membership community for AI enthusiasts. For $49 per month, members can access AI workflows, join workshops, and connect with AI users.

Tweet of rowancheung
Tweet of rowancheung

10. Drive X users to your website

Do you sell products or services online? Add links to your tweets to drive traffic to your website.

For example, Glossier frequently posts about new products. The tweet below includes a link to the skincare and makeup brand’s website.

Tweet of Glossier
Tweet of Glossier

Avoid including links in every post you publish on X. The Twitter algorithm may suppress posts with links, especially if you use them excessively. Consider adding links in a comment to drive more traffic.

11. Set up a Shop Spotlight

With Twitter’s Shop Spotlight, you feature products directly on your X profile. You can include up to five products in your Shop Spotlight, which appears just below your bio.

Customers can scroll through your featured products and tap to browse. When they want to buy, they can tap to check out on your website.

For example, Olipop has a Shop Spotlight featuring five different 12-packs of the brand’s soda.

Twitter profile drinkolipop
Twitter profile drinkolipop

You can take this tactic a step further with Twitter Shops. This tool supports up to 50 products, which allows for a more immersive shopping experience.

12. Run Twitter ads

Sell products faster by running Twitter ads. With ads, you reach a much wider audience, including people who don’t follow you on X. As a result, they’re great for expanding your customer base. 

Depending on the advertising objective you choose, Twitter ads can:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Generate sales on your site
  • Use keywords to find users with high purchase intent

For example, the Sticker Mule ad below links to the brand’s ecommerce site, where customers can buy stickers online.


13. Monetize your Twitter videos

Twitter Amplify Pre-roll is a great way for brands and creators to monetize video content. This tool enables pre-roll ads to appear before long-form videos.

Amplify Pre-roll footage typically lasts for 5 to 10 seconds before your video starts. Since it’s sponsored video content by approved advertisers, you can rest assured it’s brand-safe.

Below, the NBA tweet features a video of a basketball game. Before the video starts, an Amplify Pre-Roll ad by DraftKings Sportsbook plays.

Tweet of Nba
Tweet of Nba

14. Use creator ads Revenue Sharing

Curious how to earn money on Twitter if you have a massive audience or a lot of viral content? With the X Ads Revenue Sharing program, you earn a percentage of the revenue from the ads that display in your replies.

To qualify for Ads Revenue Sharing, you have to subscribe to X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue). You also have to meet the minimum requirements for followers and organic impressions (details below).

Once you enroll, all you have to do is tweet regularly. The more you publish engaging content, the more revenue share you can potentially earn.

15. Join Tweet Binder’s affiliate program

With the Tweet Binder Partners program, you can earn money by promoting a tool you love. You earn a 15% commission on every purchase from your affiliate link.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up and get a unique affiliate ID.
  2. Embed a Tweet Binder search box on your website.
  3. Encourage visitors to create Tweet Binder reports from your website.

You also have the option to add a Tweet Binder product module on your site. From there, visitors can click to buy reports or plans directly. Either way, you get a 15% commission.

How to monetize tweets or other Twitter content

You have two main ways to monetize tweets and Twitter content:

  • Native Twitter options: Subscriptions, revenue sharing, and Amplify Pre-Roll are ideal if you want to invest in your X following and produce high-quality content exclusively for Twitter.
  • External options: Sponsored tweets, email lists, and affiliate links are better if you want to monetize Twitter and other platforms at the same time.

Tools to use to get paid by Twitter

Use these tools to make the monetization process smoother.

Monetize content with Twitter Media Studio

Media Studio is your destination for managing images, videos, and GIFs. With this tool, you can schedule organic posts and ads, plan live broadcasts, and review analytics. 

If you use Amplify Pre-roll to monetize your videos, you’ll use Media Studio to upload and manage the content. You need to be a verified subscriber to access Media Studio.

Manage community on X with Audiense Connect

How influential is your Twitter account? How engaged is your audience? Get answers with Audiense Connect.

The “Engagement Stats” panel shows you how many retweets, mentions, and likes your account has generated. The “I Influence” panel tells you how many people have mentioned or retweeted your account.

X Engagement statistics on Audiense Connect
X Engagement statistics on Audiense Connect

To boost engagement rates, consider removing Twitter followers. By removing inactive or spam accounts, you’ll lower your follower count. Yet you’ll also improve your engagement rate and grow a more engaged community.

To remove followers, go to your community wall. Use the filters in the left sidebar to define inactive or spam followers. For example, filter by followers who:

  • Haven’t tweeted in 6 months
  • Have a follower/follower ratio under 1
Audiense Connect – Twitter followers segmentation

Select followers to remove, and then open the menu at the bottom of the dashboard. Select “Force unfollow” to soft block the users or choose “block” to prevent them from following you again.

Audiense Connect remove Twitter followers
Audiense Connect remove Twitter followers

Sign up for Audiense Connect. It’s free.

Analyze Twitter with Tweet Binder

Who are your most engaged followers? Which hashtags lead to the most interactions? Get answers with Tweet Binder.

Analuse any hashtag, keyword or mention on X. Use the search bar below.

Input your Twitter handle to create a Tweet Binder report showing your mentions. Then, check your contributor rankings. Here, you can see which followers repost your content, reply to your tweets, or mention you most often.

Tweet Binder Contributor rankings
Tweet Binder Contributor rankings

For more data on your top influencers, go to the dashboard and select the “Influencers” tab. Tweet Binder automatically sorts them by engagement score so you can quickly find your top Twitter influencers.

Tweet Binder Influencers
Tweet Binder Influencers

These Twitter users provide the most value for your brand. Maintain relationships with these users to encourage them to keep promoting your content on Twitter.

With Tweet Binder, you can also create reports for the campaign hashtags you use or the content you post. These reports reveal the total impressions and value for each tweet.

Tweet Binder Twitter analysis
Tweet Binder Twitter analysis

Use these insights to understand what works best for your audience. That way, you can create the kind of content that makes you the most money on X.

Create free report with Tweet Binder

What to do before making money on Twitter

Complete these steps before monetizing your account.

Enhance your Twitter profile 

Make your Twitter profile stand out by uploading a profile photo that represents your brand. Headshots for creators and logos for brands usually work best. Pick a cover image that gets people excited about your brand.

Then, write a short bio that reflects what you have to offer. Tell followers what you do or how you can help them. Include keywords to make your profile easier to find in Twitter advanced search.

Include links so followers can easily learn more about your brand. You can add a link to your profile and a link in your bio.

For example, Audiense uses a logo as a profile picture and an eye-catching graphic as a cover image. The bio concisely tells followers what they can do with Audiense’s products. It also includes relevant links to the brand’s website.

Twitter profile Audienseco
Twitter profile Audienseco

Set up Twitter analytics

Twitter analytics track the data you need to monitor account growth, engagement rate, and content performance. Both native Twitter analytics and third-party tools like Tweet Binder reveal data like:

  • Follower count
  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Top content

Use these insights to understand what kind of content drives the most engagement and which tweets have most likes, and are most likely to go viral. Keep iterating on your top content to maintain high engagement rates.

Grow your Twitter following

Sure, audience size isn’t everything. But follower count is more than just a vanity metric. To meet the eligibility criteria for some Twitter monetization tools, you need a certain number of impressions and followers.

To grow Twitter followers, start by creating a content plan so you can post consistently. Test a variety of content, including:

  • Threads with multiple tweets
  • Long-form tweets (with an X Premium subscription)
  • Long-form and short-form videos
  • Spaces and X chats

Spend time replying to comments on your tweets. You’ll have an easier time attracting followers and growing a community if you engage with them consistently.

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Become eligible to make money on Twitter

To use most native Twitter monetization tools, you must meet the eligibility requirements. The only exception is Tips, which anyone 18 and over can use.

For Subscriptions, you need:

  • X verification
  • Activity on your X profile in the previous 30 days

For Revenue Sharing, you need:

  • 5 million organic impressions in the previous three months
  • X Premium or Verified Organizations subscription

Open your X account settings and go to “Monetization” to check your eligibility status. Here, you can see whether or not you meet the Twitter monetization requirements. You can also set up your Stripe account to get payouts.

Twitter account dashboard monetization

FAQs about making money on X

Can you really make money on Twitter / X?

Yes, you can make money on X. You can use built-in monetization tools like Subscriptions and Revenue Sharing to make money directly from Twitter. Otherwise, you can use affiliate links and influencer marketing to earn income.

How much money can you make on Twitter?

It depends on your audience size, engagement rate, and monetization tool:

  • If brands are willing to pay a lot for you to post content, then sponsored tweets could be lucrative.
  • If you create a lot of exclusive content, Subscriptions could be a better option.

Use Tweet Binder’s economic value report to estimate how much your tweets are worth.

How to get paid by Twitter?

Twitter uses Stripe for Revenue Sharing and Subscription payouts. If you use Tips, you can choose from payment processors like PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp.

Does Twitter pay influencers?

Yes, Twitter has a creator program that offers revenue sharing for ads. You can earn a percentage of the revenue from the ads that show up in your replies.

You can also use Twitter’s Subscriptions and Tips tools to make money from your tweets. With these options, X doesn’t pay you directly. Instead, your followers pay you via X.

How do celebrities make money on Twitter?

Celebrities can use large audiences to their advantage. The best ways for celebrities to make money include:

  • Amplify Pre-roll, which monetizes videos
  • Subscriptions, where popular figures can share exclusive content
  • Sponsored tweets, which celebrities can post in exchange for a fee

How many followers on Twitter to make money?

You need at least 500 followers to use Subscriptions or Revenue Sharing. There are no minimum follower requirements for Tips or any other income-generating strategies on Twitter.

Who makes the most money on Twitter?

Many creators have earned significant amounts through Twitter’s Revenue Sharing program, according to Social Media Today. From Twitter’s first payout for this program:

How do content creators make money on Twitter?

Content creators have several options to earn income on X:

  • Revenue Sharing, which is a passive income stream for creators
  • Influencer marketing, which allows creators to promote brands they love
  • Affiliate marketing, which lets creators sell products in exchange for a commission