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How to make money on Twitter with Tweet Binder

Make money on Twitter with Tweet Binder

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You might be wondering, is it possible to make money on Twitter? The answer is simple: yes! At Tweet Binder we have developed a system that will allow you to make profit out of Twitter content. As with everything else Twitter-related you have to be patient and know that this will require effort and persistence. The Tweet Binder system to make money with Twitter is quite simple, it is based on traffic and Twitter reports. This is what we call the “Tweet Binder Partner program”. Each partner can get a commission out of every purchase they generate. In this post we will go through the different ways of generating a commission with the partner program.

You just need to go to the Tweet Binder partners’ page, fill in a form and follow the instructions you will receive in your inbox. You will see that if you own a website you have more ways of generating a commission.

Partner who owns a website

An affiliate who owns a website can embed on it two different modules:

  • Tweet Binder’s search box to make reports
  • Tweet Binder’s product module to allow its users to purchase different reports

The Tweet Binder search box will allow your users to generate Twitter reports at Tweet Binder from your website. If this user makes a purchase at Tweet Binder it will generate a commission in your favor. If this same user returns to our site within the next 15 days and purchases a Tweet Binder report, you will generate a commission. Therefore you make money on Twitter thanks to Tweet Binder.

All those users who create reports from an affiliate’s website will automatically be associated with that affiliate ID. This way, each purchase they make will be registered in the partners website. 

There are two ways to install the Tweet Binder search box:

  • Installing the WordPress plugin from this link:
  • Pasting the code you receive in the email. In that code you will see your affiliate ID. In the following example you just need to change the XXX for your affiliate ID: <script src=”” id=”test”></script>
    <tb-search-box affiliate-id=”XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX” custom-styles=”–c-text-color:#000000; –c-icon-color:#FFFFFF; –c-button-color:#1da1f2;” lang=”en”></tb-search-box>

Besides the search box, you can embed a Tweet Binder products’ module as well. This way your users can purchase our products straight from your site. This is a really good option as the commission will be automatically generated after the purchase. To embed this module you just need to copy and paste this line of code:

<script src=”” id=”test”></script>
<tb-product-box affiliate-id=”XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX” custom-styles=”–c-text-color:#000000; –c-icon-color:#FFFFFF; –c-button-color:#1da1f2;” lang=”en” product-id=”PRODUCT ID“></tb-product-box>

You just need to change the XXX-XXX for your affiliate ID and the phrase “PRODUCT ID” for the following product IDs:

  • report-twitter-7-day  || Twitter report that analyzes the past 7 days and gives up to 10,000 tweets
  • report-twitter-30-day  || Twitter report that analyzes the past 30 days and gives up to 35,000 tweets
  • report-twitter-historical  || Twitter report that analyzes any time period in the past and gives up to 140,000 tweets
  • report-twitter-live  || Twitter report that analyzes tweets in streaming and is active for one month 
  • report-instagram-historical  || Analyzes one hashtag on Instagram 
  • report-twitter-account-historical  || Analyzes the performance of a Twitter account  
  • plan-basic-monthly  || Basic monthly plan 
  • plan-medium-monthly || Medium monthly plan
  • plan-advanced-monthly || Advanced monthly plan
  • plan-premium-monthly || Premium monthly plan 
  • plan-basic-yearly || Basic yearly plan 
  • plan-medium-yearly || Medium yearly plan
  • plan-advanced-yearly || Advanced yearly plan
  • plan-premium-yearly || Premium yearly plan

If you want to include plans in your site, our recommendation is for you to embed  the annual plans first as these are the ones who will generate a bigger commission. If you want to see the price for our plans you can visit our plans and pricing page.

Once you become a partner you will receive a newsletter with tips to generate more income. It took us months to start selling these kinds of products, so do not worry about it, we will help you.

Partner who does not own a website

If you don’t own a website you can generate income with Tweet Binder as well. The way of joining the partners program is the same one as if you were to own a website. It has been aforementioned. You just need to go to and fill in the form. Not owning a website is not a reason to not make money on Twitter.

Once you have registered, the way for you to attract users to our site is by generating and sharing reports. If any user generates a report from one that you have shared and ends up buying a Tweet Binder product, it will generate a commission for you. So, the more reports you share the more chances of generating income with Twitter.

The process is as follows:

  1. Create a Tweet Binder report at with the user you have as a an affiliate
  2. Share that report with your community (followers, partners, colleagues…)
  3. As every Tweet Binder report includes the search box, every user that creates a Tweet Binder report from one of yours will be susceptible to generate a commission for you.
  4. Whenever one of those users purchases a Tweet Binder product, you will get a commission

How to receive the commission

Commissions are liquidated each month and they need to be of at least $100. If you don’t meet these requirements do not worry, they cumulate for the next month. You can exchange your commission for a Tweet Binder product as well. 

Tweet Binder Partners Club

The Tweet Binder Partners club will help you to stay up to date with any news there might be in the system. You will receive a newsletter each 15 days with tips and advice to make the most out of the Tweet Binder affiliate program.

We are aware that it is hard to start making money on Twitter. It is not something easy nor simple or fast. But we are also aware that it can turn out to be something really profitable. The most important thing is to not give up and keep trying.

Do I receive a free Tweet Binder plan by becoming a partner?

No, you won’t automatically receive a Tweet Binder plan by becoming a partner. However, each case can be studied. At Tweet Binder we make a thorough analysis of each affiliate and the reports they generate. If you gain a high number of users and reports we could study the option of giving you a Tweet Binder plan.