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Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder API – Access Twitter data from Tweet Binder

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Disclaimer: We are Twitter compliant and we always follow Twitter’s guidelines regarding data download.

The Tweet Binder suite is more than web reports with the possibility to download some data.

In addition to it, we provide the Tweet Binder’s Twitter API. It allows clients to get Twitter statistics on hashtags and keywords. This is pure gold for those who is building platforms that require Twitter statistics and data.

In this post we will cover everything you need to know about the API: its features, how it works and Tweet Binder Twitter API pricing. In addition, we will cover why it is not possible to buy Twitter tweets.

You can either get into more details by reading this article or talk to us right away.

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What is Tweet Binder’s Twitter API

The Tweet Binder’s Twitter API provides access to the real-time and historical data on users and keywords, including the number of tweets, impressions, reach, and engagement.

You can create a free 7-day report analysing up to 200 posts using the search bar below to see what basic data we can provide.

Clients can also get information on top contributors, most popular tweets, and sentiment analysis. This data can be used to measure the success of X marketing campaigns, track brand mentions, and analyze consumer behavior on Twitter.

After the merge with Audiense, Tweet Binder’s Twitter API grew and got better by offering profiling on their data. What does this mean? It means that from now on, clients of Tweet Binder’s API won’t be able only to know how many impacts or tweets their campaigns had but also what are the people who tweeted like.

For example, we will able to tell our clients things like:

Your campaign got 7.500 tweets in the last 2 months generating 3 million impacts and also, the people who tweeted in that campaign are mainly male who like technology and live in South Africa.

Learn more about Tweet Binder Twitter API here or talk to us.

You can not buy Twitter tweets but you can build your own stats

The problem with Tweet Binder’s Twitter API is that what many people want are the raw tweets and we are not allowed to provide it according to Twitter’s guidelines regarding data download.

So, how are we going to sell the API if clients want to buy Twitter tweets?

Well, the question here is: what do you need the tweets for? Or, what are you doing with the tweets?

The typical answer is: I process the tweets to create stats and send the client some outputs.

We are getting somewhere now because the client doesn’t really want the tweets but he just need them to create something for the client. What if all that data processing that the client is doing happens in an Audiense / Tweet Binder environment and he just exports the stats?

If the client really need some tweets because he wants to show them to other people or just to use them as a showcase he has two options:

  • Manually download them from
  • Download the tweet ids from the API and enrich them later with a Twitter subscription.

Talk to us about your goals of having an access to Twitter tweets.

What can I do with the Tweet Binder Twitter API?

The Tweet Binder Twitter API offers a complete set of Twitter statistics on users, hashtags, cashtags and keywords. Once you connect to our API you will be able to display real-time statistics within your own dashboards and customize your Twitter analytics experience.

In particular, the following things are possible to do with our Tweet Binder Twitter API.

  • Track a hashtag
  • Analyze an account mentions
  • Get statistics of any keyword
  • Access real time and historical statistics
  • Analyze the followers and following growth of a Twitter account
  • Study the evolution of followers
  • Compare twitter accounts
  • Perform boolean searches

Most importantly, you will get.

  1. Comprehensive Analytics: Dive deep into Twitter data to understand engagement, sentiment, reach, and influence. Leverage comprehensive analytics to gain actionable insights into trending topics, influential users, and audience behavior.
  2. Real-time Monitoring: Stay ahead of the curve by monitoring live Twitter conversations. Track hashtags, keywords, and mentions in real-time, enabling swift responses and agile campaign adjustments.
  3. Custom Reporting: Tailor-made reports that suit your specific needs, select only the stats that you need and craft insightful visualizations and reports, simplifying complex data into easily understandable metrics for your team or clients.
  4. Enhanced Campaign Management: Optimize your marketing campaigns by measuring their impact and effectiveness. Evaluate performance metrics and fine-tune strategies for maximum engagement and ROI.
  5. Seamless Integration: Integrate effortlessly with your existing systems and tools. Seamlessly merge Tweet Binder’s powerful analytics into your preferred platforms, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

Learn more about Tweet Binder Twitter API here or talk to us.

What kind of statistics does the Tweet Binder Twitter API provide?

The Tweet Binder Twitter API offers a large number of statistics and metrics that are difficult to summarize, here are the main ones:

  • Number of tweets
  • Impacts and potential reach
  • Type of tweets
  • Most retweeted /liked tweets
  • Influence detector
  • Economic value
  • Sentiment
  • User rankings
  • Sources
  • Followers / Following
  • Lists

Create a free report to check the main stats available. Keep in mind that many other stats are available too. Simply tell us which ones you need.

What is the Tweet Binder Twitter API pricing

NB! Number below might change. Book a call to know the up-to-date price for our API solution.

Tweet Binder’s Twitter API price is variable because it depends on what the client needs, but roughly:

  • Starting at 7.499,99€ per month
  • Starting at 89,999.99€ per year

This pricing includes:

  • 45 live reports
  • 45 Twitter historical reports
  • 750.000 Tweets
  • 250 Twitter trackers (users)

Each client of the API is considered individually because some of them require different things such as more live reports, special stats, etc.

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How does Tweet Binder API work?

Once the client purchases a Tweet Binder’s Twitter API plan and activated it, they will start generating stats and getting tweet ids. Clients will insert the Twitter stats provided by Tweet Binder into their system to generate reports for their clients.

Tweet Binder’s API step by step:

  • Step 1: Client of our client asks for the stats on Twitter. “I want everything said about Joe Biden on X”.
  • Step 2: Our client starts collecting stats through Tweet Binder API. A client sends a request to Tweet Binder API to get the stats from Tweet Binder. “Hey, Tweet Binder, give me number of tweets, impacts and users talking about Jose Binder”.
  • Step 3: We send the stats in JSON format and they include them into their system and merge them with the rest of the sources.

Tweet Binder’s client will be able to get those stats, rankings and tweet ids activating two types of reports:

  • Live report: it updates with each new tweet
  • Twitter historical report: it goes back to the past, as long as the client needs to.

If it is something of interest learn more about Tweet Binder Twitter API here or talk to us.

Limitations of Tweet Binder Twitter API

Limitations for the number of tweets and reports

Tweet Binder can offer statistics to clients with no limitation. A client can get a contract for Tweet Binder’s API to get Twitter stats for several millions if needed.

However there will be limitations on:

  • Number of reports a client can create: it will depend on the package they get.
  • Number of Tweet-Ids a client can download: 1.500.000 tweet-ids.

Buying Twitter data limitation

A bit of background first: the clients wanted the tweets. So they could process them and generate their own stats.

This was and is prohibited by Twitter. What is why what we can serve are the tweet-ids (the id of the tweet). This way, a client has get the info of the tweets paying to Twitter.

Of course, it costs money and impact profitability. However, we we encourage you to think about the following.

Tweet Binder is prohibited to sell the tweets. However, we can sell the stats from those tweets.

In other words, so we can build the stats for the client in our server and just send them to you. Bear with us here, it seems complicated but it is not.

Let’s see it with the example of DataLab, a client that is considering (Jun 2023) paying 60.000€ per year for the API, the conversation is like this:

  • DataLab (DL): Hey Tweet Binder, I want 5 million tweets so I can process them and get stats our of them
  • Tweet Binder (TB): Hey DataLab, how are you. We cannot sell you the tweets because it’s not allowed by Twitter. We can serve the tweet-ids of 1.250.000 tweets so you can re-hydrate them.
  • DL: Yes, ok, but that’s very uncomfortable, I just want the tweets so I can create the stats, and I need more than 1.250.000. Please help, we are desperate because there are not many solutions in the market.
  • TB: Ok, understood. We cannot serve you tweet, we can only serve you tweet-ids and it is clear that it is useless for you because you need more tweets, right?
  • DL: Yes, that’s right, at last somebody understand my problems.
  • TB: Ok, then why don’t we do this: We can build in our server all the stats that you need: number of tweets, impacts, etc. and also those stats were unique of your platform and that you used to build for your clients. Then we can send just the stats.
  • DL: That sounds great, it will save me servers money and time. Is there a limit of tweets you can process?
  • TB: The sky is the limit.
  • DL: Thank you Tweet Binder, you saved the day again.

So basically we build the stats the clients serves and if they need some tweets we just send some tweet-ids.

If it is something of interest learn more about Tweet Binder Twitter API here or talk to us.