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Raw data with Tweet Binder API

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The Tweet Binder suite is more than what you see in the web reports. Our Twitter hashtag tracker tool is capable of providing Twitter raw data to its users. By giving access to the Tweet Binder API any client is able to generate its own reports and get the raw data. In fact, this comes in very handy when the user has its own system to process the data. Therefore in this post we will see what Twitter raw data is and how to get it with Tweet Binder.

Check API’s documentation

How to get the Tweet Binder API plan

Tweet Binder offers different monthly and yearly plans. The Starter and the Advanced plan are the plans for clients who need the Tweet Binder web reports. However, there are some user who only need the raw data to build their own solutions. This is what the API plan is for. Tweet Binder offers one pre-defined TweetBinder API plan to which clients can subscribe from the website. The client receives a collection and environment from where they can run the searches.

Twitter raw data can be purchased with different purposes. We have seen many of them but the most common are:

  • Academic research
  • Company analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Integration of the Twitter data in a different site
Twitter API by Tweet Binder
With the Tweet Binder API you can get raw data from Twitter

The API plan is available at the pricing page. It is important to know that you do not need to have any specific knowledge to use this API plan. And if you need any assistance each plan comes with technical support from the Tweet Binder team. Therefore, anyone can easily set it. The only thing that you need to know is what you are going to use the API for. If the plan on the website does not meet your requirements because you need more reports or tweets, a custom API plan can be defined for you. You just need to contact the team.

What does an API plan include

An API plan can cover all of Tweet Binder’s features. In addition, all our reports and features are available through the API.

  1. Reports API:
    1. Twitter 7-day reports: analyze the past 7 days
    2. The Twitter 30-day reports: analyze the past 30 days
    3. 1 year Twitter reports: analyze the past 365 days
    4. Twitter Historical reports: analyze with no limitations
    5. Twitter real time reports: analyze tweets in streaming
  2. Accounts API:
    1. Monitor the Twitter followers of an account
    2. Know when an account has followed or unfollowed another account
    3. Detect which tweets are being liked by a Twitter account
  3. Tweets: Each plan comes with a balance of tweets which is set when defining the plan.
  4. Features: the client can choose to add different features to its API plan such as clone reports or merge reports. The Twitter Advanced search commands can also be used here.
Twitter Plans by Tweet Binder
The Tweet Binder API plan is available at the pricing page

Tweet Binder plans accept boolean query tracking and all the data analyzed can be later exported to an Excel, CSV or Json file.

How to connect to Tweet Binder API

Before purchasing any API plan you will have access to a sample that you can use and see if the results are what you need. After running these tests and if the outcome is what you were looking for we will provide you with a collection and an environment that you can set and upload to use the Tweet Binder API plan.You will be able to create all of the reports you have included in the API once you are linked to it. As we have said, you don’t need to have any specific knowledge to use it. There is section on the website with the pro resources for the Tweet Binder API Plan that you can read at any time.

Twitter analytics are very useful to get campaign insights and results. The API plan is one way of getting those results. Given that you are not constrained by a site design or by particular measurements, it provides more independence. However, if you prefer to just enter the hashtag and see results a standard Twitter plan would be the best option for you.