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Twitter Limits: A Guide On X’s Threshold

Twitter Limits: A Guide On X’s Threshold

Twitter is the ideal social media platform to vent all opinions, whether about brands or current social issues. However, X placed certain Twitter limits on how much you can post, DM, or interact. 

Why? Because it helps X to keep the platform stable. These restrictions: 

  • Reduce X’s server load and ensure a glitch-free infrastructure
  • Maintain a smooth user experience 
  • Handle high volumes of activity from its whopping 368 million monthly active users worldwide

But what are these Twitter limits? Can you exceed it? And are there ways to bypass Twitter limits? Let’s understand.

Twitter character limit 

Twitter character limit mentions the guidelines about how many characters you can include in a tweet. 

At the moment, Twitter allows 280 symbols in a tweet. It includes the texts, symbols, and emojis.

What happens when you exceed Twitter character limit
What happens when you exceed Twitter character limit

Twitter shows you the character count in real time as you type. Once you reach the 280-character limit, the character count will turn red (as shown in the above screenshot), indicating you’ve exceeded the limit.

If you attempt to post a tweet with over 280 characters, the post button will be disabled. You must edit the tweet to fit the character limit to post it.

In 2017, Twitter also reformatted the reply function. When you reply to someone’s tweet, their username isn’t counted in the character limit. You can also add images, GIFs, videos, and polls without it getting counted in the character limit. 

Twitter blue character limit

While the character limit stays the same for free Twitter users, it doesn’t apply to Twitter Blue subscribers.

Twitter blue character limit
Twitter blue character limit


X recently upgraded the limit to 4,000 characters for US Twitter Blue subscribers. However, the longer posts will be capped at 280 characters in feeds. Users can click on “Show more” to view the whole tweet. 

Remember, tweets that go above the basic 280-character limit can’t be saved as drafts on the web. 

What is a Twitter rate limit? How many tweets can be read per day?

The daily rate limit for unverified accounts is 1,000 tweets. Verified X users can view up to 10,000 tweets per day. However, if you are a new and unverified user, you are allowed to read 500 tweets per day. 

To bypass the viewing limit, you can use a Twitter viewer to view tweets without an account. 

Twitter rate limit bypass

You can add the OldTwitter extension (Chrome and Microsoft Edge) to your browser. It will restore the 2015 Twitter version, which lets you use the platform without the current restrictions.

However, it’s best to avoid it since attempting to bypass X’s rate limit can lead to temporary restrictions or limitations for violating Twitter’s policies. 

Here are some other steps you can take:

  • While the restrictions we’ve shared are for daily limits, Twitter also places hourly limits. So, should you exceed them, simply close your browser and wait for an hour. After 60 minutes, you should be able to continue using it as normal.
  • In case you still can’t access it, check the Explore page. If multiple people are facing the issue, it will show up here. Then, you will need to wait till their team fixes the problem.
  • If the platform currently has high traffic, they may reduce the limits. In this case, you may have to visit their support page to look for recent updates.
  • Finally, if nothing else works, you will have to wait 24 hours to continue using your account, 

Twitter tweet limit: Daily limit for sending tweets

Currently, Twitter lets users post 2,400 tweets daily, including reposts. If you hit the limit, wait till the specified API interval has passed before you post again. 

You can use the OldTwitter extension to bypass the tweet limit too. It will restore the earlier Twitter layout. 

Twitter DM limit: How many messages you can send on X per day

X allows up to 500 direct messages per day for unverified accounts. You can’t send DMs for the day once you reach the limit. To bypass this limit, consider subscribing to Twitter Blue. However, Twitter doesn’t specify the expanded limit.

Under Twitter DM limit header
Under Twitter DM limit header


What is Twitter’s follow ratio limit?

Twitter’s follow ratio limit (or the follower-to-following ratio) maintains the proportion of the number of accounts a user follows to the number of followers they have. 

Twitter followers limit

Twitter does not have any specific guidelines for follower limit. However, do a follower audit to remove fake, inactive, and bot followers.

Twitter follow limit

A single user can follow 5,000 accounts overall. However, you can’t do this in one go. You can only follow up to 400 accounts daily until you finally reach the limit. In addition, X won’t let you follow all 400 accounts at once in a day. 

Once you follow 5,000 accounts, you must get more followers to follow more accounts. If you follow too many accounts too quickly, you may get an alert saying “You are unable to follow more people at this time.” 

However, Twitter does not specify how many followers you should have to follow more than 5,000 people. 

Use a Twitter follower tracker to understand how your account is growing.

Twitter unfollow limit 

X has no cap on how many accounts you can unfollow in a day. However, certain unfollowing behaviours like mass unfollowing or automated unfollowing go against their policies, but still possible with third-party tools

It’s best to avoid unfollowing too many accounts quickly. Even though you use third-party tools to unfollow accounts automatically, don’t take abusive actions like unfollowing thousands of accounts in minutes. Be careful as Twitter may temporarily block your account for suspicious automated actions. 

Read this guide to learn how to mass unfollow on Twitter without violating Twitter policies.

Twitter video length limit: How long can a Twitter video be

X allows a maximum video length of 2 minutes and 20 seconds for free accounts. If you are a premium subscriber, the platform lets you upload videos for up to 2 hours with a 1080p resolution and file size of up to 8 GB. The length can be increased up to 3 hours for videos with 720p resolution. 

The platform will alert you if you exceed the limit or try to upload an unsupported format. 

Twitter age limit: How old do you have to be to use X?

To create a Twitter account, you must be 13 years or older. If you signed up before you were 13 but now meet the age requirement, you can reaccess your account by removing some data.

When you restore your X account, you’ll notice the following have been removed from your account:

  • Posts and likes before you were 13 years old
  • Direct messages you sent and received before you were 13
  • Moments, lists, and collections
  • All profile details except your name and date of birth

All Twitter (X) limits explained

Twitter limit title What will happen if exceeded How to bypass
Character limit The real-time character count will turn red and the post button will be disabled Subscribe to Twitter Blue or use the OldTwitter extension for the 2015 (or 2018) Twitter layout with chronological posts
Tweet limit  The platform alerts you that you have exceeded the limit. You must wait for a few hours till the interval lapses before posting again.  Use Old Twitter extensions
DM limit You won’t be able to send more than 500 messages that day Subscribe to Twitter Blue
Followers limit No specified limit
Follow limit You won’t be able to follow more than 400 accounts until your follower count increases There is no way to exceed this limit
Unfollow limit Bulk unfollowing may result in a temporary account block or other consequences for X policy violation Avoid unfollowing accounts in bulk abusively
Video length limit You won’t be able to publish a video that exceeds the 2 minutes and 20 seconds  limit Subscribe to Twitter Blue to bypass the 140 seconds of video length
Age limit You won’t be able to create an account

FAQ about Twitter limits

Is there a Twitter word limit?

Twitter counts characters instead of counting words. The tweet length for free X accounts is 280 characters including text, emojis and symbols. However, it is 25,000 for X Premium subscribers. 

Does Twitter still have a rate limit in 2024?

The Twitter rate limit has been increased to 10,000 posts for verified accounts, and 1,000 for unverified accounts. Meaning that you can not view more than 1,000 and 10,000 posts daily as a free and paid user respectively. In addition, the rate limit for new unverified accounts is considerably lower, at 500. 

How many accounts can you follow on Twitter?

The follower limit varies for each account since it’s automatically calculated according to your unique ratio of followers to following. Every X user can follow up to 5,000 accounts from their handle. If you reach that limit, wait until you gain more account followers to follow more accounts. However, they do not specify the exact number of followers needed. Instead, they calculate it based on a user’s unique followers to following ratio.

How many people can I follow per day on Twitter?

The follow limit for unverified Twitter users is up to 400 accounts per day. If you have a verified account, you can follow up to 1,000 accounts per day. 

How many people can I unfollow per day on Twitter?

You can unfollow as many accounts as you want. However, while there’s no limit for accounts you can unfollow daily, ensure the actions aren’t automated and done manually. Don’t unfollow aggressively since Twitter may consider your account a bot.

How many followers can you have on Twitter?

Twitter doesn’t put a cap on the number of people who can follow your account.

What is Twitter’s follower ratio and why is it important?

Twitter’s follower ratio or the follower-to-following ratio considers a user’s number of follows and followers. For example, if someone follows 500 accounts and has 1,000 followers, their follower ratio would be 2:1.

Accounts with a bigger follower ratio have better reach and higher engagement rates, reaching a larger audience, and growing your Twitter presence further

What is Twitter’s character limit?

The Twitter character limit defines how many characters a tweet can contain. Currently, it’s 280 characters for free accounts and 25,000 characters for X premium users.

What is the daily Twitter post limit?

The daily Twitter post limit is a curb X placed on daily tweets you can post. Currently, you can tweet 2,400 posts per day, including reposts. This limit is further divided into smaller semi-hourly intervals. 

How many characters are in a tweet?

You can tweet up to 280 characters with a free account. However, with Twitter Blue in the US, you can post a tweet of up to 4,000 characters. Still, you can’t save longer tweets in drafts or schedule them to be posted later. However, longer X posts will be capped at 280 characters on the feed. You can click the “Show more” button to read the whole Tweet.

What is the length of a tweet?

The maximum length of a tweet for free accounts is 280 characters, which includes all text, emojis, symbols, and spaces. However, you can attach images, videos, GIFs, and polls to your tweet since it won’t be counted in the character limit. For Twitter Blue subscribers, the limit is 4,000 characters.