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How to Remove Followers on Twitte

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A Twitter follower audit gives insight into who to consider removing from your followers list on X. In this guide, we’ll explain how to remove followers on Twitter.

We’ll show steps to remove users with the help of the third-party tool Audiense Connect or directly on X. In addition, we’ll cover how to remove followers without blocking them.

How to Block or Remove Twitter Followers One at a Time

Can you delete Twitter followers? Yes. You can remove them or block them.

Remove Twitter Followers One at a Time With Audiense Connect

Managing followers on Twitter has a major downside. You can’t see much information about a user without visiting their profile. And it is impossible to analyse user segments.

For example, do you want to see the user’s follower vs. following ratio before deciding to remove or block them? Do you want to check how active the user is?

To see these numbers, you have to view the account directly. That makes finding and removing unwanted followers a slow process.

So how do you get rid of followers on Twitter faster? With a Twitter unfollow tool like Audiense Connect, the process is much faster.

From your dashboard, change the view to “My Followers.” You can see each user’s ratio, followers, followings and more without having to click through to view their profile.

In addition, you can use different filters on the left to sort out inactive or potentially spam accounts. For example, we used “less than 5 followers filters” and “Time since last tweet” more than 1 year. We got 2520 accounts we can consider removing. 

Audiense Connect - Inactive accounts filtering
Audiense Connect – Inactive accounts filtering

From this filtered view of Audiense Connect you can then click on a profile name to preview a profile. It opens on the left hand side. Then click on their name again to go to to remove a follower there.

Audiense Connect - Twitter user preview
Audiense Connect – Twitter user preview

Sign up for Audiense Connect for free.

Remove Followers on Twitter Directly From Their Profiles

Here’s how to remove a follower on Twitter in a web browser.

Click the three dots next to the “Following” button. From the menu, select “Remove this follower.”

Remove Twitter Follower
Remove Twitter Follower

This soft blocking workflow removes followers. Don’t worry: any accounts you soft block won’t get a notification.

But technically, this process doesn’t block users. These accounts can always follow you again. To prevent them from following you, choose “Block” from the list instead.

In addition to using Audiense Connect, you can use one of these options to find an account:

  • Search for it using the X search bar
  • Click the profile icon from a post on your X timeline
  • Select it from your list of followers
  • Open it from a Twitter list

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Make your Account Private to Prevent Unwanted Follows

Do you want more control over who follows you? Consider making your account private, which allows you to approve all followers.

You can do it from the “Settings and privacy” menu on desktop. Go to the “Audience, media, and tagging” tab and check the “Protect my posts” box to make your account private.

Twitter protect your posts
Twitter protect your posts

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Make a List to Delete Twitter Followers With Audiense Connect

In some cases, you may want to monitor users before removing them. For example, you may want to confirm if they’re fake followers or spam accounts.

What types of users should you consider deleting? Use the Audiense Connect filters to create a list. Here are some ideas:

  • Users with zero followers, which may be fake accounts
  • Accounts that haven’t tweeted in months or years, which may be inactive
  • Users with a lower follower to following ratio, which may be low-quality accounts

In this case, you can add users to a Twitter list. Then you can review the list when you’re ready to take action.

You can add followers to a list from your Audiense Connect Dashboard. Hover over the user, click “List,” and select the correct list. You also have the option to create a new list from here.

Audiense Connect add users to Twitter list
Audiense Connect add users to Twitter list

Vice versa, you can upload an existing Twitter list to Audiense ConnectThen review the list regularly and decide whether to delete any of the accounts.

Want to know how to remove the followers in Twitter lists? Read on to know how.

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Remove Users From Your List of Followers Directly on Twitter

You can remove (i.e., soft block) Twitter followers on desktop only, not in the mobile app.

Soft blocking is a way to force users to unfollow your account. It’s less harsh than blocking, which prevents them from following you again.

Do you want to clean up your Twitter followers? Soft block them directly from your followers list.

In a web browser, click the three dots to the right of any account. To apply a soft Twitter block, click “Remove this follower.”

Twitter - how to block a user from a follower list
Twitter – how to block a user from a follower list

When you see the popup below, click the red “Remove” button to complete the soft block.

Remove follower on Twitter confirmation

As you can see above, it’s also possible to block users from this workflow. Remember, blocking prevents them from following you again.

Note that you can block users on both desktop and mobile. But you can remove users on desktop only.

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The Top Questions About Follower Removal on Twitter

Here are answers to some of the most popular questions on how to get rid of a Twitter follower.

How do you delete Twitter followers all at once?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a possibility to do it. You’ll need to remove each unwanted follower individually. To restrict future follower access, make your account private from your account’s settings menu.

How do I get rid of followers on Twitter fast?

When you need to quickly remove followers, there is the only option to remove followers on Twitter one by one. In the app or on the desktop site, you have to remove them one at a time.

How do you remove followers from Twitter other than blocking?

You can choose whether to remove or block a follower directly on Twitter. If you block a user, you prevent them from following you again. 

Do you have to block and unblock users to soft block them?

No, this is no longer the case. In the past, the only way to soft block an account was a two-step process. First, you had to block the user. Then, you had to complete the Twitter blocking removed step. Now, there’s an easier way to soft block. When you use Twitter on desktop, you can remove users to soft block them.

How do I remove a follower from Twitter without unblocking them?

If you don’t want to add an account to your block list, Twitter lets you remove users. Visit Twitter in a web browser, and then remove (i.e., soft block) the account. In this case they might follow you again.

Can I unblock a Twitter account?

Yes, you can unblock a Twitter account at any time. Either visit the user’s profile directly or find it in your block list.

To access your Twitter block list, open your “Settings and Privacy” and click “Privacy and Safety.” Go to “Mute and Block” and select “Blocked Accounts.”

Then scroll through the list to review the accounts. To unblock any of them, click the “Blocked” button.

Why can’t I remove a Twitter follower?

If you try to remove a Twitter follower in the mobile app, you won’t succeed. The mobile app doesn’t have this option. To soft block a user on mobile, you have to block and unblock the account.

Need to know how to remove a follower in Twitter with one click? Use Twitter in a web browser instead. From there, you can remove any user who follows your account.

How do I mute users on Twitter?

If you don’t want to remove or block a user, you can mute them to stop seeing their tweets or replies. To mute a user, tap or click the three dots next to their tweet (on the timeline) or next to their name (on their profile).

From the menu, select “Mute.” You can opt to “Unmute” a user from their profile at any time. If you do, you may begin seeing their posts and replies on your timeline again.

How do I make my Twitter account private?

To make your Twitter account private, log into your Twitter account. On desktop, click “More” in the left menu. Then choose “Settings and privacy.”

Click on the “Privacy and Safety” tab. Choose “Audience, media and tagging.”

Check the “Protect my posts” checkbox and confirm. Now your posts and other account information are only visible to people who follow you.

The process is similar in the mobile app. In the left menu, open the “Settings & Support” menu. Select “Settings and privacy.”

Tap “Privacy and safety” and then “Audience and tagging.” Switch on “Protect your posts” and confirm.

Can I see who unfollowed me on Twitter?

Yes. But you can’t see it directly on Twitter. Instead, you need a third-party tool like Audiense Connect to track Twitter unfollows.

Why remove a follower?

You won’t want to remove followers often when you want to grow on Twitter. Yet even when growth on Twitter is the goal, keeping your follower list clean is important.

So how do you remove a Twitter follower and when should you do it? Use these tips to help you decide:

  • Does the user have zero followers? It could be a spam account.
  • Has it been months or years since the user tweeted? It could be an inactive account.
  • Does the user have a low follower to following ratio? It could be a fake or low-quality account.

Does deactivating Twitter remove all followers?

No, if you opt to close account, Twitter hides your followers and the users you follow. If you reactivate your account, your followers will still be there.

You can also use Audiense Connect to mass unfollow accounts on Twitter

How do I report users for abusive tweets?

If a user is harassing you, blocking them may not be enough. You can take it to the next level by reporting users or posts.

To report a post, click or tap on the three-dot menu. Select “Report Post.”

To report a user, go to their profile. Open the three-dot menu and select “Report.”