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Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder reports and pricing

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Tweet Binder is a very complete analytics tool. The perfect solution to track Twitter data and Instagram hashtags. There are several blog post that describe what we do with data. Besides, we write about why is it important to analyze data and we blog case studies to prove it. However, we consider that not only analyzing data is important but also so offer competent products. That’s why this post about Tweet Binder reports and its prices is so necessary. We want you to get the most out of Twitter and Instagram. For you and for your clients.

How many Tweet Binder reports are there?

First of all, we need to distinguish between Twitter and Instagram. We can analyze Instagram hashtags for now. We are aware that clients request Instagram Stories analytics and account data. We are working on it. But for now, our Instagram reports for hashtags are really complete. The data that they provide contains users rankings, media rankings, geolocation of the publications…

Instagram posts ranking
Instagram ranking – Tweet Binder report

So, apart from that report, there are four different Twitter reports. Tweet Binder reports can be separated based on the tame spam you need to analyze. Meaning that we track old tweets and current tweets. Let’s see the different report:

  • PRO Report: it allows to analyze the tweets from the last seven to ten days up to 10,000 tweets. The best option to get a glimpse of a recent event or campaign.
  • 30-days Report: it’s the most complete option to analyze data from the last month. Starting from the day you purchase it, you can track up to 35,000 tweets from the last 30 days.
  • Special Historical Report: with no date range limit and up to 140,000 tweets it’s the best option to monitor old tweets from anytime back.
  • Live Reports: if your are going to analyze an event or you want to know how your campaign is doing minute bye minute, this is your report. It includes up to 35,000 tweets to analyze during maximum 30 days.

Those reports are part of the Tweet Binder Plans. So if you want to have the chance to create more than one of them, you should consider buying a plan.

Actually, there are five reports. Those free ones are available just logging in the Anyone can create as many free reports as needed.

What do I get with a Tweet Binder report?

We have mentioned before, when you create a Tweet Binder report you receive not one but two reports. The advanced one and the basic one. Both are available for the free and the paid reports. However, there are more metrics accessible for those who purchase a plan or a report.

In one hand, the basic report contains the most important data of the search. It’s complete enough to get to know the performance of the hashtag or term analyzed.

On the other hand, the advanced report is the most complete source of Twitter information. It’s hard to get more data than with this report. It includes: statistics, complete users rankings, economic value of a hashtag…

And last but not least important, you can download all the data in Excel. That way, not only you have the reports but also a file to “play” with the data.

Not sure about which report suits your need? Do not worry!