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Twitter historical report – all the activity from more than a month ago

The NBA Playoffs take place each year in order to close the season. The past April 14th the #NBAPlayoffs began. They will end when the 2018 NBA finals are played. Tweet Binder is one of the best social media monitoring tools. That is why we provide our clients many types of reports which can fit any kind of event. In this case, we needed a Twitter historical report in order to collect all the tweets sent using the #NBAPlayoffs hashtag.

Defining the period of time analyzed in the Twitter historical report

The #NBAPlayoffs hashtag is frequently used. In fact, people use it every year when the event takes place. This is the main reason why it is important to correctly define the period of time that will be included in our historical report. This way we assure that we will include exactly what we are looking for. Twitter historical report, we can find many different types of metrics which include data from those specific dates. Throughout these metrics we will obtain lots of information related to the activity our hashtag has generated. We can classify and manage the information as want to. As a result we will be able to make the most out of our report.

Why choosing a historical report for the #NBAPlayoffs?

It is an event which generates lots of activity. Many basketball fans share their opinions, information, experiences or media via Twitter. The Tweet Binder reports collect all the activity. But, what should we be aware of in order to choose the perfect report? At Tweet Binder we offer many options but first, it is necessary to know all the details about our hashtag. This is helpful in order to choose correctly the type of report that we will use. In this case the #NBAPlayoffs hashtag was very used and over a large period of time. So, lets see the characteristics of all de reports we can choose between to see which one is the best for us. 

Do you need a Twitter historical report to analyze huge amounts of tweets? Follow the #NBAPlayoffs example.
Do you need a Twitter historical report to analyze huge amounts of tweets? Look at the #NBAPlayoffs example.
  • A free Twitter report: analyzes up tu 2,000 tweets in a 7 days period.
  • PRO Twitter report: analyzes up to 6,000 tweets in a 7 days period.
  • Last month report: analyzes up to 35,000 from the last 30 days.
  • Twitter historical report: allows us to get data from any hashtag without time limit.
  • Live report: analyzes tweets in real time allowing us to see the stats whenever we need to. 

In this case the perfect option is the Twitter historical report. It allows us to analyze the #NBAPlayoffs hashtag since the beginning until the end. This type of reports are perfect for those events which last for a long period of time, which have lots of activity or both situations. 

Discover all the activity behind your hashtag with our reports. If you already know which one is the best for you, go ahead! If not, our team is willing to help you.

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