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Tweet Binder is a great place to create Twitter reports, there is no doubt about that. You can run from free reports to historical reports with no date limit. You’ve heard right, Tweet Binder has a free version. Instead of offering demos we let you create your own free Twitter reports to see how our they look like. These Twitter impact reports give you up to 2,000 tweets from the last 7 days. They can be easily created from our home page www.tweetbinder.com. But our free features do not end there. You can run advanced searches or even create binders. This last feature comes in very handy in order to classify the info inside a report.

Tweet Binder #HeathowBears
#HeathowBears Twitter impact report by Tweet Binder

Creating binders in free reports

Free users are also able to classify the information inside a report. This feature is distinctive of Tweet Binder. Once you have generated your free report you can start creating binders from the classify panel. The process is very simple, you just have to type a title for the binder and then apply as many filters as you need to. For example, lets imagine that you have analyzed the hashtag of a marketing campaign. You could create a binder containing as a filter the Twitter handle of the brand. This way, you will be able to know how many tweets mention the account with the official hashtag. At Tweet Binder you can create a Twitter impact report about almost anything.

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Classify your stats in binders

Browse info inside your Twitter impact report

Looking for any specific user? If you don’t need to create a binder and you just need to have a quick look about something specific, you can use the search box. Each classify panel has its own browser placed in the upper right corner. This search box allows you to look up for any combination of words of tweets sent by specific users. Some advanced commands can also be used here. For example, you could type from:twitteruser (without @). This way you will have a quick view of those tweets inside your free report. Personally, we prefer to create binders, but when you need something quick, this is a good option.

Advanced operators for free reports

Our Twitter impact reports let you use the advanced operators for free! In order for you to make the most out of your free report we included these operators as a free feature. How can you use them? Well, it is very simple. You can filter by type of tweet, by date, by language or a combination of filters. So, for example, lets imagine that I need to exclude the retweets from my report as I only want to see original content. For that, I will type in the search box #MyHashtag -RT. This way I will only see original tweets. You can also look for tweets sent by specific accounts. To learn more about this feature, read this post.

Two Twitter reports in one

Our free reports have two versions as well. You get the infographic report, which gives you a general overview of the hashtag; and the advanced report, which allows you to run a deeper analysis on the hashtag. On the paid version you are able to see much more stats that you miss in the free report. This upgrade has a cost of 21,77€ and also has excel exportation of the report. Do you have any questions? Contact us now and our team will help you!

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