This is Tweet Binder

We are more than a Twitter monitoring tool

Some of you may be wondering what it is exactly what we do. Well, the truth is that Tweet Binder is able to do many things, much more than you can even imagine. We have put Mr. Binder to work to explain you what you are able to do with Tweet Binder. Tweet Binder offers its clients three mayor features: Analytics, Social walls for events and Custom Projects.

  • Analytics (Twitter and Instagram reports, Real time analysis, Historical reports, Excel exportation)

Our analytical feature is able to track any hashtag, term, keyword or account on Twitter and any hashtag on Instagram. Reports are made with all that information and provide all the info you need in order to have an overview of what you are analyzing. These reports offer complete stats and rankings that allow you to see who is your audience, who is talking about you and what exactly are they saying.


Our Instagram reports give you a really complete view of the effect and reach of your campaign on that social network:

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  • Events: Tweet Walls, Photo Walls, Rankings, All-in-one…

Tweet Binder allows you to take your event to the next level! Our events’ features are one of the major reasons our clients work with us. We are able to display all the content sent via Instagram or Twitter under a certain hashtag or term. We do this trough our Tweet Walls. The design of each Tweet Wall is 100% customizable and its content is 100% moderable. Each week we work with major companies all around the world and help them make the most of their event.


There are lots of ways to have people talking about your event on Twitter or Instagram, but we can assure you that our Tweet Walls are the best option. You can get your audience to sent pictures to see themselves on the big screen or you can incentivize their participation by having walls with user rankings.



  • Custom Projects:

What we can say about this feature is “The sky is the limit”. Custom projects are where most of the magic happens. With all the info that Twitter and Instagram provide, we are able to develop huge projects. Here are some examples:
(click on the upper images to see the microsites)

What do you think? Feel free to contact us if you have any project, hashtag, term or event!