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Twitter advanced search is an awesome tool

Twitter allows user to look for specific tweets using its advanced commands for search. We will be explaining in this post how to create an impact report on any hashtag or term on Twitter using these commands. Twitter advanced search is also a very unknown tool. Using it right can save us a lot of time when. For example when we want to analyze only tweets in a certain period of time. Or when we need to analyze tweets that not contain certain keyword. We will be using Tweet Binder for Twitter analytics and its search engine for tweets. Just follow this simple steps to start:

  1. Enter Tweet Binder’s web site.
  2. Log in using your Twitter account (so you can as Twitter for tweets)
  3. Type your search on the white box

Try now the Twitter advanced search in Tweet Binder

These simple steps will put you in the square one of the Twitter advanced search. In this post we will be focusing on the 3rd step.

Tweet Binder for Twitter
Tweet Binder search box will help us look for tweets using the advanced commands

What are the advanced commands

An advanced command of Twitter advanced search is a simple text that we write next to our query that will tell Twitter to send us only the results that we want. For example, we can insert an advanced command next to our hashtag to get tweets only from a specific period of time. Or also we can use these commands to get only tweets that are sent from one single user.

There are many advanced commands for Twitter advanced search, in these post we will see the ones we consider more useful. One important thing is to write these commands exactly as we show in this post, otherwise the search won’t work.

Looking for tweets from a specific period of time

In the Twitter advanced search, looking for tweets from a specific period of time one of the most useful command. To get those tweets we will use the commands SINCE and UNTIL. “Since” will indicate the beginning of the period and “until” the end. For example, let’s imagine we want to see tweets for the 6th of August 2018 that mention the hashtag #SocialMedia, the query we will have to write in the search box will be:

#SocialMedia since:2018-08-06 until:2018-08-07

The “until” command shows the day the search will stop giving results. If we want tweets from the 6th, we should set the 7th as “stop day”. So now go to Tweet Binder and insert your query in the search box, like this:

Twitter advanced search
Just type your query in the search box. Know that Twitter will give you results only from the last 7 days.

Getting tweets that mention a keyword excluding another one

This is a one of the most useful advanced commands for Twitter. It is very common wanting to get stats and tweets from a hashtag or keyword but excluding certain words. For that we will use the command “-“. Using the same example than before, let’s look for tweets that mention the hashtag #SocialMedia but do not mention the word Facebook. The query will be:

#SocialMedia -Facebook

It is important to insert the “-” next to the word we want to exclude without leaving any blank space.

Tweets in a certain language

Twitter advanced search lets us get the tweets from a hashtag written only in English for example. We will use the command “lang:” and then the code of the language we want. For example, let’s look for tweets in English from the hashtag #SocialMedia, the query will be:

#SocialMedia lang:en

Seeing the tweets sent by one particular user

Very useful command as well. This one will let us search for tweets sent by one particular user. This command is called “from:” We can combine it with a hashtag or not. For example, if we want to see all the tweets sent by @TweetBinder (without hashtag) we will write:


Notice that we don’t need to write the @ in the query. If you want to combine it with a hashtag, just add the hashtag to the query:

from:tweetbinder #SocialMedia

Other commands for Twitter advanced search

There are a bunch of other advanced commands in Twitter advanced search that we can use to create our Twitter report. The ones mentioned in this post are the most common ones. Find here a list of other useful ones:

  • Quotation marks – Using “” you can look for an exact phrase on Twitter. Just write it inside the quotation marks: “Social Media”
  • OR – These command will let you look for more than a keyword in your search. Type it in capital letters: Social Media OR #SocialMedia
  • To – mentions to a specific user. Look for tweets that mention one user on Twitter: to:tweetbinder

Try the Twitter advanced search