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Twitter and Instagram are the favorite social media platforms nowadays. Most users choose these platforms to share their content and opinions. Twitter offers the best stage to interact, engage and turn users into clients. On the other hand, Instagram is the most attractive tool for brands thanks to the power of influencers. Tweet Binder has been working for more than four years in three main areas in order to create the perfect social media experience. Why is Tweet Binder the best Social Media Tool? Because we offer social walls for events, analytics and custom projects in just one platform.

The best Social Media tool for analytics

Most people in this day have realized the importance of social media analytics. Any campaign  must be analyzed. Tweet Binder is the Social Media Tool chosen by many companies and agencies to analyze Twitter and Instagram campaigns. We can track any hashtag, term or account on Twitter. Besides, we analyze any hashtag on Instagram. Get your report and show all your campaign’s information with the best design. Our reports include general stats and rankings of users and a lot of information about users, sources, engagement… What is more, you will be able to analyze with no limits. Our historical reports can gather data since 2006 and the real time reports will give you the complete coverage on streaming.

Twitter report
Twitter report powered by Tweet Binder

Social Walls for events: make your attendees feel connected

Thanks to a Social media tool, the events can go further than the venue. Our Social Walls turn your audience and followers into an essential part of your event. Furthermore, the Social Walls always help you to gain impact and exposure. People love to see that their voices are being heard. It doesn’t matter if the attendees to your events are not very active. When they see that they can make it to the big screen with just sending a simple tweet, they will start posting. These solutions display Twitter and Instagram content and can be fully moderated and customized.

Display solutions
Show your social content on big screens with Tweet Binder

Custom projects powered by Tweet Binder

Our microsites and landing pages are the best solution to turn campaigns into interactive tools. The Custom projects powered by Tweet Binder will integrate all the Twitter and Instagram content in a new space. Furthermore, this content will perfectly fit in any kind of web: microsites, landing pages, iframes and widgets.

Tweet Binder Custom Projects
Hashtag Battle for Vans

Thanks to this kind of Custom projects users will be able to interact with the shared content and feel an essential part of your campaign or event. You can also spread the conversation by installing social buttons or a voting system. Tweet Binder also gives you the opportunity to go further and develop your own site. You will be able to create your own site. In order to display Twitter and Instagram content we will give you access to the API or provide you the information in any kind of file.

We are convinced that you have amazing ideas on your mind. Now, it is time to make them real with Tweet Binder. We will be more than happy to help you, so feel free to contact us and chat!