2 min readTweet Binder is one of the best if not the best hashtag analysis platform!

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#SaludTues: a weekly Twitter chat that trust Tweet Binder

Our clients always surprise us with their campaigns and their creativity. And there are even times when they amaze us with remarkable initiatives. Tweet Binder is a hashtag analysis platform with no limits and our clients know it well. This is the case of the weekly chat held by @SaludToday where every Tuesday they engage with their followers on their Twitter shat with the hashtag #SaludTues and drive the conversation to raise awareness of healthy ways of life. We’ve asked Carlos Valenzuela, one of its responsables, about their chat and how they use metrics on their organization:

– Tell us about it, how long has it been active?

#SaludTues it’s a weekly tweet chat that focuses on Latino health issues such as Latino childhood obesity, diabetes, cancers and others. SaludTues has been active since September 2014.

– Which topics are the most commented? How have you built a solid community?
Our most popular topics tend to be those related to childhood obesity, but we’ve also had very successful tweet chats on Latinas and breast cancer and physical activity. One thing that’s extremely important when trying to build a community is trying to be consistent and that’s what we’ve done with our weekly tweet chat. It also helps to have access to great data provided by Tweet Binder.

– Can you give any advice on how to launch a Twitter chat or on how to drive the conversation to promote your values?

Tweet chats are a great way to build brand awareness and for organizations and/or individuals to become influencers. The first thing that I often tell newcomers is to participate in or two tweet chats before you launch one, just to get a feel for it. Then once you have a good feel for it brainstorm topic ideas, come up with a catchy hashtag and find other co-hosts who can help you promote the tweet chat and drive the conversation.

– Why do you think Tweet Binder is a tool to keep in mind? How does it help you on your Social Media strategy?

Tweet Binder is a great tool, especially when you want to track who are the influencers on each tweetchat, the number of potential impacts and reach. On a weekly basis Tweet Binder gives us valuable data that we’re able to translate to our monthly social media analytics.

– What data or information would you add or modify to what we already offer? I think having the ability to have hashtag network maps would be awesome!

– Tweet summary of your experience with Tweet Binder (less than 140 characters). Tweet Binder is one of the best if not the best hashtag analysis platform!