The New Tweet Binder – #SeeYouOnTheSearchBox

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Social Media changing world

The world is changing day by day. Social Media is one of the main reasons of these changes. It is difficult to think about a time when Twitter or Instagram did not exist. Some people like to point out just the bad things about Social Media. And some people say that there is nothing bad about Social Media. Let’s be honest, Twitter and Instagram have their pros and their cons. Nothing is just black or white, and there resides the essence of everything. We have to adapt to all these new changes, we have to change as the world is changing. Tweet Binder is no exception here, we are always adapting to the advances of Twitter and Instagram. And now, we are glad to announce that a new Tweet Binder is just around the corner. But first, let’s recap our latests changes. Here you can check out the new version (July 2018).

Free reports tweets limit

We are always saying that we want users to make the most out of our Twitter reports. Our Free Twitter reports first gave up to 300 tweets from the last 7 days. We saw that this was not enough to have a good idea of everything you could get with Tweet Binder so we decided to increase that limit. Since that day, users are able to create free reports of up to 2,000 tweets from the last 7 days.

#WelcomeToHawkins Twitter Stats
#WelcomeToHawkins Free Twitter Report

Instagram real time API

When Instagram changed its algorithm one of the worst things was how it affected to real time data. However, out development team was able to overcome that obstacle. We changed our system and we were able to collect Instagram posts on real time. At this moment, we are able to provide this service for custom projects. This way we can insert an Instagram gallery or Instagram analytics in any site we create. We are also able to give access to the API so that you just have to insert the code into your own site. This feature comes in very handy for marketing campaigns were users are encouraged to upload content in order to win something.

Tweet Binder Solution
Instagram real time feed

A new Tweet Binder

All these changes are big, but they can not be qualified as major. Those changes were made to adapt some parts of Tweet Binder. But now we are about to make some major developments. In order for our clients to have a better experience at Tweet Binder we are going to change the interface. In the following days Tweet Binder will experience some redesign that will allow its users to easily create reports and run analysis. These adjustments are made for our clients. We conducted a survey in order to discover what we were missing at Tweet Binder.

How do you feel about changes? We are eager to listen to what you have to change. Visit in the next days to discover the changes we are making. Tweet Binder is an analytics tool that revolves around its clients. Stay tuned to our latest news and discover how we have changed!