Tweet Binder: A new Social Media measurement tool

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Social media measurement tool for your campaign

Lots of people have noticed that it is really important to track social media mentions. That is why lots of social media measurement tools have arisen. Since we started, we have changed a lot. Our main aim is to offer our clients the best service. That is why, from Tweet Binder, we ask everyone that uses our social media measurement tool how their experience was. Knowing their opinion is vital to us. 

Our homepage as a social media measurement tool
Tweet Binder: Our social media measurement tool’s homepage.

We needed to evolve as a better social media measurement tool

Tweet Binder is one of the best tools to track social media mentions. But that is not enough for us. We don’t want to be “one of the best” but the best. That is why we needed to change. But we didn’t want to just offer our clients a few more metrics or info. We wanted to create a complete new tool and that is what we have done. 

Don’t panic! Tweet Binder does the same things as usual. This means that you are still able to track social media mentions, analyze hashtags and terms and all the things you used to do. What we mean when we say “a complete new tool” is that we have worked very hard to change all the design. But we didn’t change the existent tool, we created a new one. We created a new design but we offer the same services. 

Is changing the design all we have done?

Not at all. Our team has been working very hard in order to offer all of you some new metrics. These are not found at any other social media measurement tool. So, this means that the new Tweet Binder will provide our clients lots of new information that will be really useful. We are not going to tell you what metrics we’ll give you: No spoilers! You will have to wait until the launching to see what we are talking about. 

Nowadays our PRO report is full of useful information. But we wanted to add some extra one. As a social media measurement tool we want to help our clients while they track social media mentions. Our new version will be able to do that thanks to its characteristics. It is faster, stronger and much more functional. This means that:

  • Our reports are generated in a shorter period of time.  
  • The information we obtain after tracking is tremendously accurate.
  • We have added new functions and metric that will help you making the most out of your report.

To track social media mentions has never been so easy

As we mentioned, to track social media mentions is now easier than ever. The new Tweet Binder will allow you to create reports in a very short amount of time. Then, you will obtain lots of analyzed information which will be presented in a new way. Completely new and adding new metrics. 

The new Tweet Binder is not available yet but it will be soon. Just keep an eye on us and reaach out if you need to know more about it!

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