1 min readDealing with small agencies: give and receive

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Tweet Binder  has been working side by side with agencies since our firsts steps. We wrote about our experience with big agencies and today is the turn of the small ones. Actually, we’ve learnt a lot with them as we also know how hard is to try to succeed surrounded by big “obstacles”. Here at Tweet Binder we work hard to converse every mail from an agency into a friend more than a client. Account manager, Community Manager, Social Media Manager… labels are ok, but we do our best to make all of them feel like they are part of our family since the first contact.

Here are some reasons that have helped us when working with agencies:

Reasonable Plans. We changed our Plans thinking on covering all the needs, no matter how big or small you are we want to work for you.

– We are persons. Although we offer a tool that it’s amazing by itself, we have to make the experience unique and do our best to offer confidence and total support.

Honest agreements. We all want to be known but we don’t always have the resources to spread our word. You have to be determined to contact the right person to make valuable your idea or product.  Sometimes you have to give to receive, even if you think you are gonna ending up losing,  and there’s nothing wrong with it. We always say “we are here to help” and we mean it.


Customized solutions. There are a lot of kind of campaigns and analysis, every agency work with different planning or budgets, that’s why we and keen to offer accurate options depending on the details proposed.

Yes, we work with big and small agencies and there’s an irrefutable fact, the most valuable thing that we’ve learnt is to work with empathy. Working side by side with clients and helping them analyze their Twitter campaigns have made us feel devoted enough to consider that their clients are our clients too.