How to connect with fans via Twitter with Tweet Binder

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Connect with fans with Tweet Binder

Twitter and Instagram are the perfect tools to connect with fans in a straightforward and simple way. Artists not only share information about their performances or concerts. They can also interact with their followers and what’s best, make them participate in funny challenges and competitions. Launching specific hashtags for your campaigns is very simple but you can easily follow hashtags thanks to Tweet Binder. Let’s analyze some of the latest hashtag campaigns on Twitter related to music artists and their fandoms.

Create your hashtag campaigns on Twitter to encourage your fandom

Most singers and music groups have a community of loyal followers. They always show their support and affection through social networks. All this content has a lot of value and it is advisable to channel it through hashtags campaigns on Twitter. For example, a while ago we analyzed the impact of the new tour of Demi Lovato with the hashtag #TellMeYouLoveMeTour. It is an example of how Twitter can be a very important way to communicate new concerts or tours. You can also launch specific hashtags to announce new albums or videoclips. One of the best artists using Twitter to generate expectation is Taylor Swift. Last year, Taylor Swift suddenly vanished from Social Media. She erased all the content from her Social Networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook even Tumblr) What was the purpose? She does not do anything unintentionally! Obviously, the announcement was huge! She launched her new album after a long period of time. If you want to read more about this campaign, you can read the following post.

Taylor Swift is back
Taylor Swift is back

Make them feel relevant: The Script

The Script broke the night yesterday in Madrid. A few hours before the concert, the group posted a tweet encouraging their fans. How do you get followers to be motivated for the show? The best way is to make them part of it. For this reason, they were looking for a fan to sing with them a song that night. Obviously, through Twitter and the hashtag #FreedomChildMadrid.

The outcome of the followers was amazing. It was all good words for the group. They make their fans relevant by launching this simple contest . During the following hours, some fans got to work. They showed their best musical talent under the hashtag #FreedomChildMadrid.

Freedom Child image
The Script releases a new album.

Follow hashtags with our reports

It is as important to create the campaign as its analysis. At this point, Tweet Binder starts working. As you know, we can analyze anything on Twitter and you will receive a full report of statistics in a few minutes. You will be able to analyze all the general stats, users rankings and valuable information to connect with the fans and valuate the marketing strategy. Discover the complete report of #FreedomChildMadrid. If you want to connect with fans, feel free to contact us!

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