A letter from Mister Binder: Tweet Binder custom projects!

Hi everyone!

Mr. Binder here! Hope you all are doing great. I think I have never written a post in first person and it was about time for us to have a proper introduction! There is no one better than me, Tweet Binder‘s boss, to explain you how important it is nowadays to track hashtags and come up with the repercussion everything has on Social Networks. There are lots of things that can be built form scratch with a Twitter and Instagram analysis. Our custom projects can amaze you, let me clear.

At Tweet Binder we have three main areas: analytics, events and custom projects; but I am sure you already know all these. What I wanted to do is to show you specific examples of some of the most awesome projects we have developed these past months, which you could implement for some of your clients’ campaigns.

Do you have a sports team as a client and want to increase its interaction with the fans? Check out this great microsite!
A contest was thrown where kids could participate sending photos, videos or answering a quiz to win a great price and meet their football stars of the Atlético de Madrid.




Do you work at a TV program and want to engage with the audience letting them see they are being heard? Try our TV show slides!

Every week we work with a national TV channel in Spain and build some slides with all the info and stats the program has had on Twitter during the week. This type of action really increases the participation of users who see their opinions are being taken under account.



Do you have an awesome event and you want it to be even more awesome? Put a Social Wall on it!

Every event has its audience and it is great to see how they are enjoying it. But, wouldn’t it be great to know on real time what they are thinking and to display all that content on screen? With our Social Walls you can do it!

My great team at Tweet Binder has developed several prototypes so that each type of event has the Wall that fits perfectly with the type of data they want to display. Going further, my colleagues at Tweet Binder can customize the design of each wall so that it has the look and feeling of you event!

Havana7wall_redwings wall_deloitte


Do you want to test your audience to see which product they like better? Make those products fight with our hashtag battles!

With our hashtag battles you will be able to confront hashtags and make your customers “fight” on Twitter to see which one wins! This encourages people to participate even more at your event or presentation and gives huge exposure to it!

Hashtag BattleBallon D'or CR7 Messi


As you can see, there are lots of things that can be made from Social Network analysis. Do you want to try it? Do you want to rock it with Tweet Binder? Contact me or contact my great team an we will gladly help you!

I really hope we can start working together on creating these awesome things! Everything is possible with Tweet Binder’s team and its Social Media Analysis.

Kind regards,

Mister Binder