Twitter’s advanced search: how to make the most out of it

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Twitter’s advanced search

Twitter’s advanced search is one way of obtaining very concrete information. There are some basic search operators which are helpful if we are looking for hashtags, terms, accounts or links. But there are also many others which make it easier to find tweets by date, by type, by language, etcetera. This search operators can also be used when using Tweet Binder. This is a way of creating a very useful and concrete report. 

Search operators: how to use them

Search operators are a string of characters used in a Twitter query to narrow down the search. We have already spoken about this in some of our posts, they help us during our research and provide us exactly the information we are looking for. As we have mentioned before, there are many types of search operators that will guide us to different information. There are some basic search operators such as hashtags, terms, accounts or links. 

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Complete the gaps and create your advanced search

We can also use Twitter’s advanced search to look for content using search operators by date. There are three options. The first one allows us to get tweets sent since any date. For example: We can look for #Audi since:2018-04-23. The other option is to look for tweets sent until any day. #Audi until:2018-04-23. The last option is to choose the beginning and the end of the search. So, te example would be: #Audi since:2018-04-21 until:2018-04-23. 

Twitter’s advanced search also allows us to search by type of tweets. This means that we can choose what kind of the we are going to get. For example we can get retweets by writing #Hashtag RT. We can also get links (#Hashtag HTTP), images (#Hashtag PIC) or we can also avoid any of these kind of tweets. It is as simple as adding a minus in front of each type of tweet. For example: #Hashtag -RT, #Hashtag -HTTP or #Hashtag -PIC.

By entering #Hashtag lang:en / lang:es / lang:it or lang:fr we can also search tweets by language. In these cases we will get tweets in english, in spanish, in italian or in french. And, last but not least, we can combine all these search operators. This way we will obtain very concrete tweets. 

Tweet Binder and Twitter’s advanced search

All the search operators we have mentioned also work on Tweet Binder. What dos this mean? It means that your reports can be as concrete as you need them to be. If we want to get all the tweets sent using the hashtag #Audi since:2018-05-07 we just have to enter the search operator in Tweet Binder’s search box. 

Twitter's advanced search can also be used on Tweet Binder
How to enter our operator in Tweet Binder’s search box

Using all these types of search operators gives us the chance of getting really interesting reports. If you own a brand or a company they will be really helpful for you. You can make comparisons between your activity on social media and your competitor’s, for example. So, do not wait any longer and try our reports!

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