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What does it mean to create live reports?

These type of live reports collect information and include it in our report. This is done in the exact moment that the content is published. That means that the report is constantly being updated and the content is added in real time. It’s easy to understand, isn’t it? The best of it is being able to see the statistics anytime. We have already said that the report is updated every now and then. That is why, every time we open the stats panel, all the rankings, metrics and data from Twitter will be updated. 

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Creating this type of reports has always been possible at Tweet Binder. But, thanks to our new version, now it is easier than ever. In this post we will discover how to create these streamings and how to make the most out of our live reports. 

How to create live reports with the new Tweet Binder

If you have read some or our latest posts you will have discovered that creating reports is now easier than ever. The search box is always on the upper part of your screen. Furthermore, it is possible to purchase any type of report from there. If you own a free account you will be able to purchase four different types of reports: 

  • Advanced report
  • Live report or real time report
  • 30 days report
  • Historical report

You only have to go to the search box in order to create your live reports. There you will find a dropdown menu that will allow you to generate any type of the mentioned reports. If you want to create one there might be two possibilities.

There are two options to obtain data from Twitter

If you are not a PRO user yet…
It is possible to get this type of report! At the dropdown menu that we mentioned before you will find a button. It will allow you to purchase any type of report you need. However, if you want to create a live report you will need to go to the “Advanced search”. In this panel, you can introduce relevant information such as the starting and ending dates, the words that must and must not appear… Narrowing down your search is important in order to get the exact data from Twitter that you need. Once you’ve done this, your live report will start!

Dropdown to purchase live reports with data from Twitter
Advanced search panel for live reports on the new Tweet Binder.

If you are a Tweet Binder PRO user…

Good news! Your plan already includes live reports. That’s great, isn’t it? That’s why, in your case, we can skip one step. You don’t have to pay for your new report. Having them included in your plan enables you to create them in a very easy and fast way. The process is the same as if you were a free user; you enter the details and create the report. After creating it, all the content will start entering and being analyzed. Your report will be finished as soon as there’s no more activity around the hashtag or the time limit is over. You can also stop the collection whenever you need to.

What are Tweet Binder’s live reports for? 

They are useful for many different things. For example, during an event. Imagine that you have been organizing an event for weeks and you want to know your audience’s opinion about it. There’s nothing better than seeing it in real time! That’s what live reports can do for you. You can see what’s going on during your event, campaign, TV show, football match… It is possible to create a report about any topic and anytime. 

Obtaining data from Twitter has never been so easy. Live reports are now easier than ever to create. They are also really useful for our campaigns and events. Prove your effort is worth it  thanks to Tweet Binder reports

Create your report!

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