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Do you want to connect your own dashboards to Tweet Binder? Now you can do it using our API. Clients

who need more than just a web report or have the means to develop their own designs can activate

the API access to get raw data and stats.


Tweet Binder’s API has all the features of Tweet Binder: stats, tweets, likes, followers, raw data, reports, etc.

Connect your own software to Tweet Binder and let us do the hard work, you can go limitless and get advantage of

all the new features we develop.


You can either start working with our API now or contact us to get more info, we can teach you how to implement it although it’s quite easy!


API Documentation


The Tweet Binder API allows its users to keep track of the likes a Twitter account does. This means that the client can know when a user he is tracking has liked or unliked a tweet.


The API plans can include any type of reports in the Tweet Binder suite. From the API the clients can run searches in real time or historically for keywords and terms.


Accounts and followers can be analyzed with the Tweet Binder API. Detect when an accounts has started following another account or when they have unfollowed someone.


Tweet Binder’s API can track mentions to accounts as well as the evolution of those accounts in terms of followers, lists or mentions.

Raw data

The API plan provides raw data. The information is served by Tweet Binder without being processed allowing users to process the data in any way they need to.


The Tweet Binder team will provide its users with documentation about the API. This documentation includes information about all the end-points included in the API plan.

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