How to get historical data from Twitter with Tweet Binder

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Historical data from Twitter, why is so important?

The speed at which information is shared on Twitter is countless. Social networks give a lot of dissemination with maximum speed. A lot of campaigns, hashtags and news become trends everyday. Analyze all this information has become very important for agencies and marketing experts. Thanks to Tweet Binder, the period of time to analyze is not a problem. We can analyze Twitter historical data and create historical reports from Twitter to analyze any hashtag used during the past 30 days.

Tweet Binder analyzes any hashtag, term or account. This kind of historical report from Twitter has to be made from the site if you have a plan subscription with us. You can also purchase single historical reports for special campaigns.

Twitter Historical Data
Analyze any hashtag since 2006

Premium historical reports since 2006

We know the importance of having stats form a campaign that took place months or years ago. Can I analyze hashtags that go that far in time? It is a very common question among our users and the answer is yes. Thanks to the agreement that Tweet Binder has with Twitter, you can create reports with no date limit and receive your personal quote for their execution.

The cost of these reports is higher than on 30-day historical reports but they can be ready on the same day of payment (the higher number of tweets, the longer it will take). You can purchase them directly from here depends on the number of tweets and the period of time. That’s why we can not set a fixed price from the beginning.

How to create historical reports with Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is a really intuitive and easy to use tool. The process for historical reports keeps these strengths. Thanks to our tool, we can analyze any hashtag and create historical reports from Twitter in few steps. If you need a single report, you may have to purchase it directly from our site. You will receive an email asking for the information in few minutes.. This reports include up to 35,000 tweets from the past 30 days.

Our team will send the report (advanced and infographic version and the excel exportation). If you need extra tweets, you can purchase them separately. On the other hand, if you have a subscription with us, the process to get all the historical data from Twitter is super easy. You only have to follow this steps.

Historical reports in few steps

– New collection > Twitter: Firstly, you have to click on New Collection. This historical panel will appear to create the report. You only have to fill in the gaps with the information in case you have to run a simple report (one hashtag). You have to mark the “last 30 days” option and insert the hashtag. Finally, you have to click “add term”.

Tweet Binder panel
Tweet Binder allows you to analyze any hashtag from the last 30 days

When the search is a combination of terms it is necessary to open the advanced mode. In this case, you have to fill in the fields with the information that you want to include and the ones you want to avoid. You can also choose the language of the search.

– Get the graph: Tweet Binder creates the graph with all the stats from the past 30 days. You have to choose the period of time or approve the full graph.

Tweet Binder
Get the graph and get all the historical data.

– Create the report: Once we have chosen the time frame, the historical report is created. The tool elaborates the report with all the historical data from Twitter. You will have the advanced and infographic report as well as its excel exportation.

If you want to analyze any hashtag and create historical reports, you should contact Tweet Binder. If you are a PRO user, it is your time to try it and collect all historical Twitter data.

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