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Twitter 30-day reports

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Why do I need a Twitter 30-day report?

Nowadays, many campaigns are developed at the same time on Twitter. It also happens if we talk about events. Maybe we work at an agency for several clients and we are used to manage several accounts. Of course, we will need several Twitter analysis at the same time. 99% of the cases we are always attentive but… What happens if we forget to analyze one hashtag? Nothing! Thanks to Tweet Binder and its Twitter 30-day data, we can obtain data from the last 30 days. Our tool not only offers free Twitter analytics reports but it also allows you to create 30-day reports easily. If you need Twitter historical data (older than the last 30 days) you can contact us now.

What is more, thanks to the new version, creating this kind of reports will be easier (and more effective) because you can select the advanced commands directly from the search box. Do not worry! We are here to explain how to create your 30-day reports and collect Twitter data.

How to create your 30-day reports with Tweet Binder

First of all, you have to be sure that you need Twitter data from the last 30 days. We also offer historical reports with no time limitation and Free Twitter analytics reports, so before purchasing a 30-day Twitter report be sure that you don’t need data from 2011 for example. If you need the 30-days period (or a small period of time within that time frame) you are at the correct place. The process to create the 30-day reports will be different if you are a PRO user of Tweet Binder or if you only want to purchase an individual report. Oh! Also remember that we offer reports packages for your hashtag analysis. It is possible to purchase several reports at the same time and enjoy competitive discounts.

I’m not a PRO user… Now what?

Keep calm! It is super easy to request your 30-day reports. You only have to type your hashtag in the main search box and expand the menu. Once you display the different options. You have to select the 30-day report. If you are analyzing a hashtag during the last 30 days, that’s all. You confirm it by purchasing the report. In case you need the advanced search operators, you will need to complete the form. It is possible to select a specific period of time within these 30 days. Moreover, you will be able to avoid certain terms or select the language. Finally, you will have to click on the Purchase button. You will receive the report in 5 minutes. These reports include up to 35,000 tweets.

Tweet Binder report
Create your 30-day report with Tweet Binder

The process is really similar. You also have to write the hashtag and display the advanced searches in case you need to edit the collection. You will have to create the collection once you have filled all the gaps. The system will create the collection for you (according to your search). It is important to remember that Tweet Binder generates the graphic with the hashtag activity in order to concrete the total amount of tweets needed. This report has no tweets limitation but the tweets you have in your balance.

Free Twitter analytics reports

As you know, the new version of Tweet Binder includes new stats (based on the original content) and user rankings. On the other hand, the 30-day reports also include the economic value of your hashtag. It is the newest metric! Thanks to all these stats you’ll be able to get to know your audience and rate your campaign. And, last but not least, our reports include three reports in one: The basic and advanced reports and the excel exportation.

Although we offer the 30-day reports we can not forget that the Free Twitter analytics reports are also available for small hashtags or campaigns. Thanks to our analytics tool you will be able to create unlimited Free Twitter analytics reports up to 2,000 tweets from the last 7 days. Feel free to contact us if you need more information. We can also schedule a Skype call.