Let’s track in real time with Tweet Binder!

Real time hashtag tracking

Tweet Binder allows you to analyze any hashtag, term or account. It does not matter if the tweet was sent 4 years ago, 4 days ago or if it is a campaign that will last several weeks, we are not afraid of Twitter analytic reports. If you want to run a campaign in real time, the Live Twitter Campaign is the best option to cover your needs. It allows you to track any term in streaming for a month (or even more if your campaign includes a longer period of time). It offers complete data, rankings of users, images, general stats…

How to create a Live Twitter Campaign

1. Enter www.tweetbinder.com and log in using your Twitter account.

2. Click New Collection and complete the gaps with all your campaign information: Name and terms or hashtags to capture (you can add as much as you want in one report). Tick on “Start tracker” and “Create empty collection”.

New collection
3. Now, you are collecting all the tweets shared about the topic or hashtag on streaming. First tweets will start to appear in you collection and the stats will be constantly updated.

4. Finally, you have the complete report with all the statistics. Remember that you can access to potential impacts and reach, number of contributors, languages, ranking of users and a lot of new features.

Tracking on real time is really useful for campaigns because it will let you to execute smarter and quicker decisions according to its evolution.

Also, as every Tweet Binder report, this stats can be exported to an excel document. You can ask for this document at any moment of the campaign. This way, you can follow the evolution of what you are tracking.

If you are a Pro User, you can create the report by yourself following this steps. If you want a single report, you can purchase it through our Product & Pricing page.