Real time tweets and statistics: #HaciaDóndeNosMovemos by Cabify

Real time statistics for Cabify

Cabify, a company which offers services related to transport, organized a debate this week #HaciaDóndeNosMovemos. Taxi drivers assure to be “fed up” of this type of alternative services. For that reason, Cabify wanted to solve the problem. They organized a debate and they decided to include Twitter tracking. Taxi drivers and politicians were invited to talk about the situation. Users had their own space because the company displayed real time tweets during the debate and real time statistics.

Real time twitter tracking for Cabify.
Real time tweets for Cabify’s debate.

Cabify trusted on Tweet Binder for their social wall. Different screens were set up behind the speakers. There, real time tweets and real time tweets were shown. Everybody could participate. That allowed our team to carry out twitter tracking and then, create real time statistics. From Tweet Binder we are really keen on developing display solutions for social events. This wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. Hopefully! 😉

Real time tweets: The best way to engage your audience

Engaging with our audience can be difficult sometimes but social wall can help. Attendees will be more active if their tweets appear on a big screen. Real time tweets. This can sound a bit scary, doesn’t it? But do not worry. Tweet Binder offers moderation too. Who will be in charge of the moderation? There are two options. On the one hand, you can do it yourself or, on the other hand, our team will do it for you.

Real time statistics thanks to Twitter tracking

Tweet Binder also offers the option of obtaining real time statistics. Our reports are able to track Twitter content in streaming. This means that our platform will collect all the tweets sent using the hashtag in the moment they’re posted. These stats are automatically updated. This fact will encourage the attendees to tweet and post much more.

Customized design for your social wall.

We know that every event is singular and different from the others. That is why Tweet Binder offers a customized design. You only have to contact our team. We will study your company and create the perfect design for you. We will make your dreams come true. A good social wall will assure people’s engagement.

In this case, Cabify did a very good job. They moderated their own content. Moreover, they collected people’s questions in order to answer them at the end of the debate. And that’s what they did! It is a very good way to make the most out of your social wall.

Are you thinking about creating a social wall for your event? We want to encourage you to take the plunge. It will give your event an extra value and will give you the possibility of obtaining real time statistics. You will also be able to show real time tweets with an spectacular design.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at our Showroom and find out many of the events we have participated in. We are sure that you will love them. They are all different and were really effective.

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