Real time hashtag tracking

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How to track a hashtag on Twitter in real time

Learning to track hashtags in real time is a very important duty for community managers and social media managers. Nowadays every campaign is associated with a hashtag on Twitter where users and clients comment about the product, the image or whatever aspect of the campaign they want. We need to have immediate access to a dashboard or report that can trough some light on what’s going on.

Tracking twitter terms live with Tweet Binder
Real time tracking of hashtags will give us useful stats we can use to move our campaign in one direction or another.

We will learn in this post how to track terms on Twitter using the Tweet Binder hashtag tracking tool.

Tracking a hashtag and related keywords

The more important thing to track a campaign or event in real time is to know what to track. If we want to know everything about our campaign or event on Twitter we will need to analyze more than just the hashtag. Let’s imagine that the hashtag we want to track is #MyEvent2017 but we also have a Twitter account for the event called @MyEventRocks and some users might mention the account but not the hashtag. Also, some users will user #MyEvent17 instead of the official hashtag #MyEvent2017, so we’d need to track in real time that hashtag as well.

The query we will need to create and track will be: #MyEvent2017 OR @MyEventRocks OR #MyEvent17. To do that we access the “New collection” PRO site at Tweet Binder and set a tittle for the collection, we recommend to name it after the official hashtag of the event since it will be the visible hashtag when sharing the report.

Once there we will write a tittle for the collection (use here the official hashtag). And then we will add each of the terms in the “Tweets CAN contain ANY of these words” box and after we add each of them we press “add term” then we are ready to go!:

Twitter analytics from the PRO dashboard of Tweet Binder
We will need to write each of the terms we want to track on the “Tweets CAN contain ANY of these words” box and press “add term”

Checking the Twitter Stats of the hashtag

The tweets will start entering and the stats will update in real time. We will have to measure many aspects, not only the number of tweets. The main 5 stats on a campaign or event from Tweet Binder’s point of view are:

    • Number of original tweets: not only RTs
    • Number of contributors: the actual people who participate on the conversation
    • Difference between users who just RT and those who add original content
    • Number of tweets per user: that will give us an idea of the engagement of our action
    • Most mentioned and RTed users: you can identify here those who are really driving the conversation

Know what hashtag works better

Before we specified we will be tracking three terms on this collection: #MyEvent2017 OR @MyEventRocks OR #MyEvent17. The report will give us the aggregated stats of the 3 terms, we need to know which one of the is working better. To do that, we will go to the “classify” section and create three binders, one for each term. By doing this we will be able to know the exact stats of each one. In the next picture we show a very good example of it:

Tweet Binder unique way to create binders
By creating binders we will be able to know which of our terms is working better

Use the stats to get more engagement

Now we know how to track hashtags in real time on Twitter. Let’s use this analytics and show them to the audience of our event of campaign, the result is great. People love stats when they are participating, they like to see themselves being part of the event of campaign. Tweet Binder offers all kind of interactions for events and campaigns.

Tweet Binder stats wall at one event
Once you get the stats you should share them with your audience to increase the engagement.