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Stay On-trend Through a Real-time Hashtag Tracker

real time hashtag tracker

Real-time data today

Would you be surprised to know that there are more than four billion internet users in the world right now? That’s more than half of the world’s population, and that number is quickly rounding up on five billion. As you might guess, many of these internet users are used to having access to content 24/7. Most are actively seeking it out, whether that be over social media, via RSS streams, or simply by visiting websites, but for all of them, the content is always there and always evolving. It makes sense then that real-time content is a treasure trove. Marketers who don’t, or can’t, acknowledge this, live in the past.

With our smart phones, we’re always online. We crave information, constantly looking for the latest news, the most up-to-date products, and the newest trends. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is real, and none of us want to experience it. No one wants to be the person at the water cooler with no idea about what anyone is talking about. Take for example TV shows, especially those that everyone seems to be watching. The fans are always ready to talk about it, and they’re knowledgeable too. All you need to do to convince yourself of this fact is to hop onto Twitter during a specific show’s premiere or specially advertised episode (and sometimes even a regular night). Chances are that show’s hashtag is trending. The fans are expected to tweet about it, though. Therefore, the need of real-time hashtag trackers!

Marketing and real-time hashtag tracker

However, another phenomenon that seems to happen is that the people who don’t watch it feel the need to talk about the show too. For every “I love this show!” tweet, there’s at least one “I don’t understand why people like this show, and I would never watch it!”. Funnily enough, these people feel the need to be part of the conversation even if they’re not taking in the content. They wedge themselves in. In a way, they’re trying to stay on trend too, just the lazy way around. It all goes to show how much we crave to be a part of everything. Besides, we bet that the marketing teams behind these popular TV shows are fine with any real-time content social media users generate about their shows. It gets the word out either way!

As a social media marketer, you should focus as much as you can on providing real-time information. This information could be important news, event updates, or information on new product details. Events especially are key. You want to keep track of what’s happening as it’s a great gauge of attendee satisfaction. Your social media team should definitely be posting about the event throughout the day as it happens. Your attendees don’t have to be limited to the people actually at the event. Through social media, they can be people from all over the world, those who may not have been able to make it. A real-time feed will share your event with everyone and could guarantee you future attendees from the world over.

What’s more, those that are actually in attendance are sure to post about the event on social media. They want to be seen as being there, and they want to share their thoughts about it, too. And you as the event coordinator can be clued into what attendees (present and future) might like or dislike about the event from minute to minute. If something negative comes up and can be fixed right away, you can do instant damage control, which will increase attendee satisfaction. And if something shows to be positive, you can jot it down as something to repeat the next time around. In other words, with real-time feedback you can make instant improvements, which will only lead to your followers and fans to appreciate you more.

Knowing all this, it should go without saying that any modern marketing strategy, especially one that includes social media, should not miss out on including real-time social media analytics.

What is a real-time hashtag tracker?

A real-time hashtag tracker is a system for collecting tweets or publications immediately after they are published. It is also a reliable source for fetching data. A real-time hashtag tracker should be part of your daily routine. It is a vital source of information in the age of the internet.

You do not have to use a real-time hashtag tracker to just track your own hashtags. You can use it for whatever hashtag you find relevant to your brand, or you can even track topics that are trending. If there’s a hashtag out there that you can capitalize on because it relates to what you do, why not give yourself the ability to take advantage of it? The best way to take advantage is to be able to track it. Without tracking tools, you may miss it—and so then miss your opportunity to use it for the betterment of your brand.

Using a real-time hashtag tracker will improve your marketing strategy in several ways. Through tracking hashtags as they happen, you will be able to:

  1. Check up on data as it evolves
  2. React on time and with proper data in case of a crisis
  3. Analyze your campaign or event as it happens
  4. Compare your current data with old information
  5. Easily detect the most relevant content and the top accounts sharing it

As in the event example provided above, real-time hashtag tracking can also help with major news items that may be related to your brand. Say, for example, you’re about to introduce a new CEO. You’re building the hype by mentioning their appointment in a press release, and then you begin a social media campaign with a specially created hashtag. This new CEO is a big deal. She’s done great things in your field while she was heading other companies, and now she’s about to head yours. Your hashtag blows up, and soon everyone is talking about it. However, some people don’t really like this CEO and there’s a mixed bag of reaction to the news. By tracking your hashtags in real-time, you can see what people are saying and you can gauge early on whether this will be a good move for your company.

How to set up a real-time hashtag tracker

There are many different social media tools out there that allow users to analyze hashtags in real-time. They provide reports and valuable data that you can use to better market your brand. One of these social media tools is Tweet Binder. It offers Twitter and Instagram real-time hashtag trackers, so if your brand is on these platforms, considering setting up hashtag tracking. If you’re not on them yet, don’t worry. It’s easy to sign up and get familiar with these two of the most popular social networks.

To set up a real-time hashtag tracker, simply create an account on Tweet Binder. Once logged in, you will see all the options the tool offers. From there you can easily find real-time tracking.

Case Study: Development of a custom website with Twitter stats

The Next Web (TNW) was looking to develop a website. They needed some help, so they came to us at Tweet Binder. After taking the time to get to know one another better, as well as share ideas and knowledge from both sides, we developed a custom website that included different modules. The TNW team is known for being very innovative and creative, so we took the time to design an intuitive and attractive site that is 100% responsive. On this site, we made sure to include all of the statistics TNW was interested in displaying, as well as the most important rankings to reach out to their audience and encourage their participation in real-time. We also created two different layouts in order to speed up the stats’ display via Twitter or Instagram.

Real-time hashtag tracker
Tweet Binder and The Next Web event

The last module included the most popular speakers according to the number of mentions. This module also proved to be popular in itself. The audience at the event was keen on getting their favorite speaker to the top of the leaderboard, so they were constantly tweeting to make sure that would happen. Any time the audience participates and interacts with your social media in such a way is a success, so it was great to see it happen—in real-time as it were.

Get tracking

If real-time hashtag tracking isn’t already part of your marketing strategy and encompassed with every campaign, then today’s a great day to make it one. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to begin analyzing real-time social media data, but the pay-off is great. Through analysis, you can always be on top of trends, which you can use to your advantage.

Successful companies are only successful because they adapt and constantly try new things. With social media so intertwined with our lives, making sure you’re using it wisely, especially if you’re using it for marketing, is, well, a wise choice.