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Real-time data for big events

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The importance of real-time data

Social networks are always synonymous with immediacy and novelty. The news, trending topics and polemics arise in a blink of an eye. Most of the time we get caught by surprise and we have to act immediately and on the go. Fortunately, we also know programmed events. Those cases can be analyzed in streaming. Tweet Binder is a powerful tool to pursue this purpose. On the one hand, our real time investigation is really useful to follow the evolution of any event. On the other hand, you will be aware of any important issue or high activity by analyzing real-time data.

Real time investigation for big events

Big events and fairs are the perfect example of real time investigation that can be anticipated and programmed. Normally, we know the dates of the event in advance. For this reason, it is in our hands to be one step ahead and create the streaming before. In case you need to collect Real-time data, you are in the correct place. Not only are you analyzing the stats but also creating the most complete Twitter report.

Thanks to Tweet Binder you will be able to immediately know how your campaign is doing. Our streaming investigation provides useful stats that are able to be accessed as they come into the system. As a result, you can use them to redirect the campaign in one way or another. What is more, we will display the whole conversation on a single Twitter report so you will be able to check the complete list of users, tweets and pics. All this information will help you to make smart and quick decisions while the event is taking place.

Real-time data powered by Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder works really hard on Real-time data. Our tool allows you to analyze any term, hashtag or account in streaming. For that reason, our real-time analysis is the best option to cover your needs if you need to track any event in real time. This report analyzes any term or combination of terms up to 35,000 tweets. Are you expecting a huge activity? Do not worry. You can purchase extra tweets in the case your event rocks Twitter!

If you are a PRO user, you only have to follow these steps to create your real time investigation. It is very easy and you can also create the collection by choosing advanced commands. On the other hand, if you are not a PRO user, you have to purchase the report directly from here. You will receive the report right away but we need to know the details of your investigation: Hashtag, term or account to analyze and the period of time. We will send you the report once we receive your email.

Create your own report

The coverage will be amazing because you will receive two versions of the report: infographic and advanced report. The infographic version will be perfect for presentations. It includes the general statistics, the main pics and user rankings. Moreover, you will get the advanced report. If you want to go deeper and learn more about your event you should take a look at our PRO version. This report provides an exhaustive analysis of the hashtag and the users who have participated. Finally, we will send you the excel exportation once the event comes to an end.

Do you want to discover the power of Real-time data? Create your real time report in 5 minutes with Tweet Binder. We will be more than happy to help you!