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Welcome top another Tweet Binder post, we hope we can help you in this case with your Twitter monitoring needs. To monitor a Twitter account is something that can seem easy, and we must say, it is easy if you count with the right tools (not trying to sell you anything here don’t worry) but there are many things and KPIs that we must know. As you can see from our posts, Tweet Binder is a very useful tool (again, don’t trying to sell you anything) and it can be used to monitor Twitter accounts.

From Twitter analysis to custom projects and many other functionalities. According to this, we will refer to a post we recently shared about the advanced search on Twitter and how to use it in Tweet Binder. There is no limit if we talk about analytics. On the one hand, we can analyze any term or hashtag with no time limitation. We can go back to 2006 if you need to or activate a real time analysis. On the other hand, we can monitor a wide variety of searches: links, hashtags, terms, accounts… Now, we will see how to monitor the activity of a Twitter account.

Monitor the activity of a Twitter account using the advanced search

Imagine that we want to know absolutely everything that is shared related to our account. In this case, we will use the example of @TweetBinder. If we want to monitor the activity, we will have to use one of the advanced search commands on Twitter. The command that we will use is the following: from:TweetBinder. Remember! It is important to know that we do not use the @ symbol. This type of search is really useful to know the history of an account. This way, we will have all the tweets sent by an account in a single report. Please, keep in mind that we offer a free version of Tweet Binder. This version allows you to create as many reports as you need to of up to 500 tweets from the last 7 days. You will always be in time to upgrade your report and obtain complete stats and rankings.

Tweet Binder
Tweet Binder allows you to create Twitter impact reports

The Tweet Binder report will be done in 1 minute. It is exactly the same as those we created to monitor the activity of a hashtag or term. We’ll obtain the same rankings and data. However, if we want to monitor the activity of a Twitter account 7 days ago is a very short time, isn’t it? Perhaps we are more interested in making a more complete report with all the stats an main rankings. A Twitter account is active from the day it is created, maybe since 2006. And we may be interested in having a report showing the activity since that day. How do we do that?

How to search someone’s tweets (old tweets too)

Well, at this point we must say that this is something that you only have to do if you really need it, it can be a bit creepy. Monitoring someone’s tweets can be useful to check past trends or events. You can search someone’s tweets in a very easy way and you have to use the same commands we used in the Twitter Advanced Search and follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Tweet Binder
  2. Log in (it is mandatory by Twitter)
  3. Write this in the search box if for example you want to see the tweets from Katy Perry: from:katyperry (do not include the @)
  4. Check the results

Tweet Binder will give just the last 7 days for free, you can purchase a PRO report to have all that info, but if you just don’t want to pay and you need to search someone’s very old tweets you can follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Twitter Search page
  2. Log in if you are not already.
  3. In the search box write the same command we did before: from:katyperry (do not hit “search” yet)
  4. Also in the search box, write the dates. If you need tweets from the 4th of Feb. 2014 to the 3rd of April add this to your query: since:2014-02-04 until:2014-04-04 (hit “search” now)
  5. Check the results

As you can see, the final query would be: from:katyperry since:2014-02-04 until:2014-04-04. The final result will be a Twitter analytics report with her tweets and the public RTs to those tweets.

How to monitor the activity of a Twitter account from the beginning

You will need to check the types of reports that Tweet Binder offers in order to know the differences. If you are a free user you will have the option to choose between four different types of Twitter reports. The first one, it is an advanced Twitter report that allows you to analyze up to 10,000 tweets during a 7-day period. We also have the option of creating reports in real time; this would allow us to analyze what happens from now on. But it doesn’t allow us to go back in time. We also have the 30-day reports. This option gives us data from the last 30 days up to 35,000 tweets (if you need more tweets, you can purchase them). If the account we want to monitor is that old, then it’s perfect for us 😉. Tweet Binder is here to help you with all your stats. We also have historical Twitter reports that collect analytics with no limits so you only have to choose the perfect report for you. If you have any doubt about what report will cover your needs, one of our agents will be more than happy to help you.

Tweet Binder Twitter historical data are available in our plans and they also can be purchased separately. Either way, once you run your Twitter historical search, Tweet Binder includes two online reports: an advanced and very complete one and the basic one to get a quick glimpse of the Twitter statistics.

Tweet Binder reports
Discover the reports that cover more than 30 days

Twitter Historical data

However, the best option is the historical report of Tweet Binder. This type of report will allow us to obtain up to 140,000 tweets without a time limit. However, if that is not enough, the number of tweets in our report can also be increased. Thanks to this report, you will have all the tweets stored. You will be able to investigate everything any user has shared on Twitter, for example a politician or a music artist. You will be able to analyze all that information directly in the Excel document. In the Excel document, you will have all the transcripts sorted by the date and time.

How to calculate the real engagement o a Twitter account

Well, time now to talk about Twitter engagement. Engagement in Twitter can be expressed in three different ways or by three different metrics: Retweets, Likes and Replies. Tweet Binder created a tool that combines all of those in something we called Twego (it is free, do not worry, not trying to sell you anything again). To calculate the real engagement of a Twitter account follow this steps:

  1. Go to Twego.tweetbinder.com
  2. Log in (again, mandatory by Twitter)
  3. Insert the user name in the search box you want to check the engagement from and hit “search”
  4. You will see two results:
    1. Economic Value
    2. Engagement Value (this is the metric we will be focusing on)

The engagement value will give us a economic valuation and there are two scenarios that will tell us if the engagement of the account is ok or not:

  • If the engagement value is higher than the market value it means the engagement of that account is higher than expected, it is a very good thing actually.
  • If the engagement value is lower than the market value it means the engagement of that account is lower than expected, it is not good.

The engagement value is a figure that comes from one algorithm we developed at Tweet Binder, it is a very complex formula that combines many factors. If you want to know more check our post on how to valuate Twitter accounts.

How to monitor a Twitter account
In the case of @BonJovi, the engagement value is higher, that means that BonJovi is getting more engagement in its tweets than expected

How to create our historical report

You will have to choose the option of the Historical Tweet Binder Report and click on the “Buy” button. After paying, a new screen will be opened. You will have to indicate the Twitter account you want to monitor and the time period. All this information will be sent to both of us via a confirmation email.

After this, a member of our team will contact you to let you know that we are working on your report. It will take a while to get the report ready because a lot of data will probably have to be analyzed. This time will depend on the volume of tweets the report has. You can analyze a very interesting case study that we released analyzing all the tweets sent by Donald Trump. However, as soon as it is ready we will send the complete report. Finally, you will have your historical Tweet Binder report available and you will be able to take advantage of it as much as you want. You will also receive the excel document. It is the best solution to make out the most of the tweets.

Now it is your turn to create your own report. You can choose between the tweets sent mentioning an account, hashtag, term or maybe a combination of many criteria. It is free and it is really useful so feel free to contact us if you need more information or you need your own quote. Tweet Binder is open 24/7 so contact us!

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